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10. Hehe!
Thu Dec 29, 2011, 12:49 PM
Dec 2011

Chavez sees the US's hand in every shadow, and perhaps one day he will be right.

Just because you are paranoid doesn't mean they aren't out to get you!

We did this AND caused cancers in South American leaders? JustABozoOnThisBus Dec 2011 #1
You beat me to it! MADem Dec 2011 #14
A little close for comfort for the minor Mussolini. nt onehandle Dec 2011 #2
paranoid vminfla Dec 2011 #3
Prensa Latina posted that 18 hours ago dipsydoodle Dec 2011 #4
Nice way to diss the Russian people, Hugo. Adsos Letter Dec 2011 #5
It bothers me how widespread the attitude is, too Posteritatis Dec 2011 #18
What bothers me more is that the US is getting credit for it! joshcryer Dec 2011 #28
yes, correct. the US gov is NOT responsible for these worldwide popular movements Bacchus4.0 Dec 2011 #38
No, you don't understand, Trotskyites don't believe protest is legitimate. joshcryer Dec 2011 #24
He's starting to lose his mind treestar Dec 2011 #6
Starting? Freddie Stubbs Dec 2011 #8
:) treestar Dec 2011 #9
It's the CIA's fault DissedByBush Dec 2011 #16
Dang, he's making fun of us again! nt bemildred Dec 2011 #7
Hehe! CJvR Dec 2011 #10
I think the US-backed 2003 coup attempt made him neurotically paranoid. Odin2005 Dec 2011 #13
Nah, it's a common theme among "anti-imperialists." They need something for their... joshcryer Dec 2011 #25
Chavez seemed quite reasonable until the coup attempt. Odin2005 Dec 2011 #31
Heck, a good portion of DU sees the US's hand in every shadow as well. PragmaticLiberal Dec 2011 #15
Gosh, he must have read McCain's tweet and believed it. tabatha Dec 2011 #11
I think he needs some antipsychotic meds. Odin2005 Dec 2011 #12
¿Por qué no te callas, Hugo? (nt) Posteritatis Dec 2011 #17
Waiting for the Chavez apologists to show up in this thread. n/t totodeinhere Dec 2011 #19
They seem to be late....I'll fill in for them till they show up... EX500rider Dec 2011 #20
Hasn't social media been leveraged by the Pentagon and the like? Boston_Chemist Dec 2011 #21
Massive difference between this: joshcryer Dec 2011 #27
Wouldn't surprise me one damned bit. Another American-financed regime change. Same bullshit/ Sarah Ibarruri Dec 2011 #22
I don't know what's funnier, Chavez playing the clown and ridiculing the USA, bemildred Dec 2011 #23
All the people buying it. Chavez has always said crap like this. joshcryer Dec 2011 #26
Yes, he clearly gets a kick out of it. nt bemildred Dec 2011 #29
And you can tell he's not serious. It's even more amusing to read Venezuelan's... joshcryer Dec 2011 #30
Yeah, them too. nt bemildred Dec 2011 #34
You know what's funnier? Thinking that US follows strict policy of non-interference Fool Count Dec 2011 #35
Who thinks that? USAID does what the CIA did, only openly. joshcryer Dec 2011 #36
That's just stupid and contrary to simple observation nt bemildred Dec 2011 #37
We had a hand in it, when we created the Friedman "free market" design for the Russia economy in the pam4water Dec 2011 #32
"Yo culpo a los Estados Unidos para el intestinos flojos" nt Dreamer Tatum Dec 2011 #33
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