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15. One candidate is On The Record: *Corporations are More Trustworthy than Governments*
Tue May 12, 2015, 08:11 PM
May 2015

"We" all know this, it's on the record:

"Economic Statecraft" = it's how the Secretary of State makes other nations safe for people like the Koch Brothers.

She warns against "state capitalism", says private boards and investors offer more transparency and accountability:

"Now, state-owned or state-supported enterprises... ...often lack the transparency and accountability that come with private boards and investors."

And finally, the resurgence of state capitalism, a challenge at once economic and strategic. Now, state-owned or state-supported enterprises are not necessarily problematic in all cases. But they do often lack the transparency and accountability that come with private boards and investors. And then, diplomatic challenges arise when states abuse their economic advantage to bully their neighbors or box out competitors, like when we see countries cut off gas flows in the middle of winter over a political disagreement. So, the State Department, working with seven other U.S. Government agencies, launched a comprehensive study on state capitalism. And in the coming weeks, we should see a final report with detailed recommendations for how we engage on the challenges posed.


Check it out at the 25:54 mark in this recording:

Scott Walker will be the republican candidate, the Koch Bros have decided. randys1 May 2015 #1
And they have their favorite for the Democratic ticket, as well. NYC_SKP May 2015 #6
Who is the Koch brothers 'favorite' on the Democratic ticket? onehandle May 2015 #14
One candidate is On The Record: *Corporations are More Trustworthy than Governments* NYC_SKP May 2015 #15
Good to know. onehandle May 2015 #17
If Hillary is on the ticket, the Kochs will win either way. Or did you have some links or proof.... NYC_SKP May 2015 #18
JEB Bush should skip the entire presidential race notadmblnd May 2015 #2
I am amazed that he is taking the chance. Gore1FL May 2015 #19
The straw poll is both unwinnable and inconsequential Renew Deal May 2015 #3
I believe there is a strong correlation between Jackpine Radical May 2015 #7
He's skipping it so he has an excuse for not doing well in it. Chemisse May 2015 #4
He is expecting not to do well in it, murielm99 May 2015 #8
iowa GOP straw poll is the kiddie pool for rigging elections IADEMO2004 May 2015 #5
Romney skipped it too. Doesn't matter. The money men have spoken and they want Bush. OregonBlue May 2015 #9
Ditto, its Bush by several billions including, but not limited to foreign cha ching as well Iliyah May 2015 #11
nothing says Racist than starting out in GA PatrynXX May 2015 #10
Wow, there's something you don't read everyday Jack Rabbit May 2015 #12
You guys do remember who won last time, don't you? hatrack May 2015 #13
Carrie's mom? Spitfire of ATJ May 2015 #20
crazy eyes. Terra Alta May 2015 #22
I'm not a pundit but somehow I don't think it's going all that well for Jebbie. nt LiberalElite May 2015 #16
Message auto-removed Name removed May 2015 #21
The Iowa Straw Poll 47of74 May 2015 #23
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