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29. This guy is really stupid
Sun Mar 29, 2015, 12:51 AM
Mar 2015

Apparently, it only just dawned on him that this is indeed something many people won't take kindly to, whether they be gay or not, and that perhaps in his zeal to kowtow to all the bigots and racists that elected him he failed to take into account that Indiana isn't an island, that they have to deal with the rest of the country, who may not want to deal with them anymore because of this horrible law. DUH.

He's only concerned about the potential loss of $$$$'s, doesn't give a shit about LGBT and RKP5637 Mar 2015 #1
Kinda stepped in some deep nasty stuff, didn't they? mpcamb Mar 2015 #39
"to clarify the intent of the law" Botany Mar 2015 #2
The legislature may "clarify" the law to the point of being MORE explicit about the discrimination! George II Mar 2015 #13
Seeking a do-over without actually . . . MrModerate Mar 2015 #3
Clarification: "Democrats in the General Assembly tried several times to add language Zorra Mar 2015 #4
Yes. Pence is lying again because the lazy and timid media let him do it, seldom asking the tough questions. Fred Sanders Mar 2015 #6
Indeed he has an impossible task. lark Mar 2015 #52
They did today Scairp Mar 2015 #53
+1 Sienna86 Mar 2015 #36
Hopefully this will sink his career instead of springboard it. His delusional silvershadow Mar 2015 #5
Weak central scrutinizer Mar 2015 #7
It's really sad when it becomes an issue about Indianapolis's economy, and not rights. YOHABLO Mar 2015 #8
Capitalism is a pathetic system for civil rights. Only money has civil rights, people, not so RKP5637 Mar 2015 #18
sweet irony The Jungle 1 Mar 2015 #42
Well said!!! n/t RKP5637 Mar 2015 #43
Nothing less than total repeal of that law and it's replacement with a law that totodeinhere Mar 2015 #9
Amen to that! cheapdate Mar 2015 #10
Agree !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! n/t RKP5637 Mar 2015 #45
So what happens when.... Lobo27 Mar 2015 #11
I was wondering this, too. Perhaps Pence will seek more "clarification." n/t Beartracks Mar 2015 #26
why doesn't he say exactly what rights he is giving to religious freaks Skittles Mar 2015 #12
Seriously! Where does it say in the bible that providing smirkymonkey Mar 2015 #50
Post removed Post removed Mar 2015 #14
I'm sure it's only to make sure Muslims can't discriminate n/m ProudToBeBlueInRhody Mar 2015 #15
Or, if you don't like someone wearing a hijab, murielm99 Mar 2015 #16
It sure looks that way. Looks like it's open discrimination on anyone, just take your pick and RKP5637 Mar 2015 #46
Please proceed, Governor. swimboy Mar 2015 #17
Dude, shut up shenmue Mar 2015 #19
Boycotts can work Gothmog Mar 2015 #20
Indiana needs to be punished otherwise other states will try the same thing. McCamy Taylor Mar 2015 #21
Kicking & recommending hoping that he is not blowing smoke up our asses. William769 Mar 2015 #22
Indiana now equals a waste of gasoline on my way to Chicago. roamer65 Mar 2015 #23
Push all you want Gov. Hate... SoapBox Mar 2015 #24
Ready, Fire, Aim DallasNE Mar 2015 #25
We have people even on this board spreading LIES like Illinois has the same provisions alcibiades_mystery Mar 2015 #27
"Clarification" as defined in the Indiana Republican dictionary: DFW Mar 2015 #28
haha... dhill926 Mar 2015 #49
This guy is really stupid Scairp Mar 2015 #29
Asa Hutchinson Set To Sign Same Bill In Arkansas DallasNE Mar 2015 #31
He is genuinely stupid caraher Mar 2015 #40
Allow me to try rpannier Mar 2015 #30
whats discrimination ? father founding Mar 2015 #32
Keep digging, sh**-for-brains Lifelong Protester Mar 2015 #33
Intent? Cryptoad Mar 2015 #34
He is trying to fool people captainarizona Mar 2015 #35
Yeah, that was my first thought. NT Trillo Mar 2015 #44
However he is too mind-numbingly stupid to pull it off. smirkymonkey Mar 2015 #51
That was fast. He's not gonna "stand up for his principles"? BumRushDaShow Mar 2015 #37
Kiss your presidential ambitions good-bye, Pence. Paladin Mar 2015 #38
I always love it maindawg Mar 2015 #41
Apparantly he's on ABC's "This Week" and totally muffing it. bigworld Mar 2015 #47
Controlling you is the main issue tomsaiditagain Mar 2015 #48
If he can fix it I'm all for it. goldent Mar 2015 #54
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