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46. Either that, or he thought he should get a cut of the profits.
Mon Feb 2, 2015, 12:38 AM
Feb 2015

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When rapper Rick Ross displayed Gangster Disciple insignia on one of his albums, the Gangster Disciples made a diplomatic, courteous request that they be compensated:

Uh-oh shenmue Jan 2015 #1
Guy can't stay out of trouble. brush Jan 2015 #2
He's trash .. throw the book at him? Boo hooo throw his ass in jail. YOHABLO Jan 2015 #3
He's Done! ariesgem Jan 2015 #4
Put his ass in JAIL!!! bravenak Jan 2015 #5
That is what is so messed up about it. The cops go after innocent kids Jamastiene Jan 2015 #34
They get to turn themselves in after running a man over. bravenak Jan 2015 #35
Absolutely. Jamastiene Jan 2015 #36
Reminds me of that Dave Chapelle skit JonLP24 Jan 2015 #37
I just watched that again the other night on Comedy. bravenak Jan 2015 #39
This clown has been out of control for years Egnever Jan 2015 #6
It was a friend that was coming to his car and he leaves ??? lunasun Jan 2015 #7
It sounds like he hit his friend accidentally. But he injured someone else as well. C Moon Jan 2015 #8
Litmus test? slumcamper Jan 2015 #9
Yet you took the time to craft this reply. arcane1 Jan 2015 #10
Yes, you did fail the hiphop portion of the cultural literacy exam. kwassa Jan 2015 #12
Why should I care? Manifestor_of_Light Mar 2015 #58
A statement that's been pre-ordained for decades: NBachers Jan 2015 #17
Yeah ... Suge Knight is a pretty huge name in the world of 90's hip-hop ... brett_jv Jan 2015 #19
Please do not use the "T" word FrodosPet Jan 2015 #25
is it racist to call a white person a thug? bigwillq Jan 2015 #38
If "Young Buck" is racist, then the "T" word is racist FrodosPet Jan 2015 #40
is the site below run by racists? Mosby Feb 2015 #47
I smoked a bowl this morning too but I'm not wondering that much LOL snooper2 Jan 2015 #24
Any particular reason why anyone would care whether you've heard of him? HERVEPA Jan 2015 #28
Sometimes using the google machine is HappyMe Jan 2015 #29
"I sometimes wonder if DU is a giant right-wing distraction machine. Anyone else??" zappaman Jan 2015 #30
Wait ... 1StrongBlackMan Feb 2015 #51
How many chances does this POS get?? nt 7962 Jan 2015 #11
Anger issues JohnnyRingo Jan 2015 #13
"irreversible action" PaddyIrishman Jan 2015 #22
Sounds like he was mad at the way he's portrayed in the new NWA movie coming out. craigmatic Jan 2015 #14
How is he portrayed in the movie? zappaman Jan 2015 #31
Well if the movie sticks to the facts JonLP24 Jan 2015 #33
Either that, or he thought he should get a cut of the profits. rocktivity Feb 2015 #46
A good lawyer would probably be able to get that down to involuntary manslaughter. MADem Jan 2015 #15
Leave Go Vols Jan 2015 #16
Police treating it as homicide muriel_volestrangler Jan 2015 #18
In THAT case ... buh-bye, scumbag ... brett_jv Jan 2015 #20
From what I can find, he hasn't made his $2M bail rocktivity Jan 2015 #42
If this is correct, it's not manslaughter but murder wordpix Jan 2015 #26
Probably came up to beef with the set and crew. Jesus Malverde Jan 2015 #21
I find it difficult to believe that guys who have pretty much stayed out of any trouble PersonNumber503602 Feb 2015 #48
Update: Knight has been arrested. per CNN brooklynite Jan 2015 #23
Now THIS is a THUG... Anansi1171 Jan 2015 #27
About that film project... rocktivity Jan 2015 #32
More from TMZ (after all, they'll print ANYTHING) rocktivity Jan 2015 #41
Update: Does Tam's have video surveillance of its parking lot? rocktivity Jan 2015 #43
From what I hear, he tried to back up & hit sloan JonLP24 Feb 2015 #44
Sheriff's officials confirm with TMZ...they are in possession of a video rocktivity Feb 2015 #45
Knight's Bail Revoked rocktivity Feb 2015 #49
After Entering Not Guilty Plea, Knight Enters A Hospital rocktivity Feb 2015 #50
Isn't he the guy that held Vanilla Ice by his ankles over the edge of a balcony to get a $4m payment? Calista241 Feb 2015 #52
Vanilla Ice denies it now rocktivity Feb 2015 #53
Well, for that, he should have gotten the Congressional Medal of Honor KamaAina Mar 2015 #57
UPDATE: TMZ has parking lot video rocktivity Mar 2015 #54
Knight's Bail Set at $25 Million -- He Collapses In Courtroom rocktivity Mar 2015 #55
I saw the video. romanic Mar 2015 #59
I still cannot believe Tupac took a bullet for that slimeball KamaAina Mar 2015 #56
4/14 UPDATE: Cle "Bone" Sloan Testifies -- somewhat rocktivity Apr 2015 #60
This message was self-deleted by its author rocktivity Jan 2018 #61
Thanks JonLP24 Feb 2018 #62
MARCH 2018 UPDATE: Knight's Ex-Lawyers Indicted For Witness Tampering rocktivity Mar 2018 #63
SEPTEMBER 2018 UPATE: Suge Cops 28-year Plea Deal rocktivity Sep 2018 #64
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