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242. Woohoo!
Wed Nov 23, 2016, 03:55 PM
Nov 2016

so glad it's back
Thank You Skinner and administrators

Welcome back! [View all] Skinner Nov 2016 OP
Many thanks for the work restoring DU. panader0 Nov 2016 #1
Second, third and fourth this sentiment (nt) question everything Nov 2016 #100
GUYS: About that Election Day hacking... PLEASE BE ON ALERT. calimary Nov 2016 #190
WOOT! K&R fleabiscuit Nov 2016 #2
So glad to be back!! Siwsan Nov 2016 #3
Thank you so much, BlueMTexpat Nov 2016 #4
You may not hear this enough but thanks for all your effort! It is appreciated! randome Nov 2016 #5
Not sure how I feel about this William769 Nov 2016 #6
I plan to hide those. greatauntoftriplets Nov 2016 #11
... William769 Nov 2016 #14
... greatauntoftriplets Nov 2016 #15
That was yesterday, Bill ornotna Nov 2016 #77
Well, it's a good thing we had the "Don't rehash the last Presidential primary" rule. Hissyspit Nov 2016 #205
You're not alone friend. harun Nov 2016 #236
bitter, but not broken DonCoquixote Nov 2016 #241
Thank you! DesertRat Nov 2016 #7
You didn't let anybody down. It wasn't your fault. LeftofObama Nov 2016 #8
It's good to be back. greatauntoftriplets Nov 2016 #9
That was a rude awakening for me.. mountain grammy Nov 2016 #88
I'd never much read the Facebook page before. greatauntoftriplets Nov 2016 #90
A friend added me last Thursday. mountain grammy Nov 2016 #97
I'm also enjoying the Joe Biden memes. greatauntoftriplets Nov 2016 #99
Me too! mountain grammy Nov 2016 #108
I love those. Agschmid Nov 2016 #110
It was very ugly Yo_Mama_Been_Loggin Nov 2016 #122
Yeah, I'm on Pantsuit Nation, tavalon Nov 2016 #187
Yes, it was no substitute for DU mountain grammy Nov 2016 #188
I belong to a transatlantic mutual-support Facebook group LeftishBrit Nov 2016 #200
You were missed, thanks for your efforts babylonsister Nov 2016 #10
Thanks for the very hard work over the last week, I am very grateful we are back and.... steve2470 Nov 2016 #12
You make a great point about increased vigilance and DUers needing to step up in LuckyLib Nov 2016 #172
Thanks. It's a small miracle this site has not been hacked or DDos'ed before this..... steve2470 Nov 2016 #204
Glad we're back. Ms. Toad Nov 2016 #13
But it won't take Trump 4 years to destroy our nation. kentuck Nov 2016 #16
You were sorely missed. Sorry this happened but so glad the site is back. justhanginon Nov 2016 #17
Sigh of relief splat Nov 2016 #18
Thank you for everything! In_The_Wind Nov 2016 #19
Glad to be back Ken Burch Nov 2016 #20
glad to have the site back. thanks. Kali Nov 2016 #21
I am SO RELIEVED to be back among my DU friends again! CaliforniaPeggy Nov 2016 #22
Thank you thank you thank you! bmpbmp Nov 2016 #23
its been hard without you yuiyoshida Nov 2016 #24
Missed you all LostinRed Nov 2016 #25
Thanks for the restoration effort, and for suspending that rule ... JustABozoOnThisBus Nov 2016 #26
We don't choose the Democratic Leadership. MADem Nov 2016 #217
Thanks drh Nov 2016 #27
On the bright side, DU is most certainly not irrelevant... Phentex Nov 2016 #28
You said what I was going to say... Blanks Nov 2016 #147
yea for real. bdamomma Nov 2016 #149
It didn't really harm anyone to go through the cooling off period without a chance to explode Judi Lynn Nov 2016 #29
Kudos BumRushDaShow Nov 2016 #30
Best birthday present ever wryter2000 Nov 2016 #31
OMG! I missed DU so much! DippyDem Nov 2016 #32
Thank you. Liberal Jesus Freak Nov 2016 #33
It's been a long time TimeChaser Nov 2016 #34
What a week you must have had! Yonnie3 Nov 2016 #35
I know you guys have been busy SCantiGOP Nov 2016 #36
Thank you guys so much for all your hard work. KatyaR Nov 2016 #37
Maybe not connected to the hack, I've been getting Malicious Page Blocked during the hack period UTUSN Nov 2016 #38
Thank you! And thank goodness we're back! Greybnk48 Nov 2016 #39
Thank You...missed You...Wish You The Best, Today and Everyday... Stuart G Nov 2016 #40
Thanks for all the hard work getting us back up. GentryDixon Nov 2016 #41
I hope you find their IP and nail that Trumper asshole to the wall. Feeling the Bern Nov 2016 #42
The hack was not you fault. musicblind Nov 2016 #43
Dance of Joy radical noodle Nov 2016 #44
We had the wind knocked out of us. tavernier Nov 2016 #45
Not familiar with the laws--so I ask this question: Kingofalldems Nov 2016 #46
illegal yes, info below steve2470 Nov 2016 #48
Thank you, thank you, thank you! femmocrat Nov 2016 #47
I know this was a hard week for you. Vibes on all applegrove Nov 2016 #49
Interesting anomaly/bug perhaps? A HERETIC I AM Nov 2016 #50
Glad to be back. Gidney N Cloyd Nov 2016 #51
BUG? Kali Nov 2016 #52
Most likely those are posts that were scrubbed Elad Nov 2016 #54
Hey Elad. sheshe2 Nov 2016 #59
that seemed to be about the timing of it, just wanted to let you know Kali Nov 2016 #65
Wow, what a time y'all must have had! cry baby Nov 2016 #53
Thanks To All Three Of You ProfessorGAC Nov 2016 #55
Thank you shenmue Nov 2016 #56
Thank you all for all the hard work to get back on livetohike Nov 2016 #57
Thank you! GoCubsGo Nov 2016 #58
.... bench scientist Nov 2016 #60
So glad to be back in the fold ailsagirl Nov 2016 #61
Thanks for all the work required to bring DU back! MineralMan Nov 2016 #62
Thanks to you all. sheshe2 Nov 2016 #63
Some thread numbering seems to have gone off Maeve Nov 2016 #64
Glad DU is back workinclasszero Nov 2016 #66
Thank you so much. callous taoboy Nov 2016 #67
It's so good to be home. The world has changed since last we talked but our hearts have not. The Wielding Truth Nov 2016 #68
I missed you all deeply! herding cats Nov 2016 #69
It's so good to be back! I have really missed everyone. Arkansas Granny Nov 2016 #70
Thanks for all your work! octoberlib Nov 2016 #71
Please don't apologize--you certainly did NOT let us down! You were the victim of a malicious attack Tanuki Nov 2016 #72
Thank you, Admins. Granny M Nov 2016 #73
Thanks, and got starstruck for your effort localroger Nov 2016 #74
Thank you all for bringing DU back from the evil control Fresh_Start Nov 2016 #75
So glad to have DU back! emmadoggy Nov 2016 #76
Thank you, Skinner, Elad and EarlG gademocrat7 Nov 2016 #78
Thanks ... Good to be back. SaveOurDemocracy Nov 2016 #79
Thank-you for working so hard to get DU back up and at it! Chemisse Nov 2016 #80
Thank you, thank you, thank you! Dakotacrat Nov 2016 #81
At long last, DU is back online! Thank you! CottonBear Nov 2016 #82
Thank you gentlemen Sedona Nov 2016 #83
Yeah! Great to see this. Thanks for R B Garr Nov 2016 #84
Glad to be the 101st rec. glad to be here. mountain grammy Nov 2016 #85
Ohhhh it feels so good to be home again.... FarPoint Nov 2016 #86
I've missed my virtual haven AC_Mem Nov 2016 #87
I could cry with relief that I'm back in and DU is up and running n/t RayOfHope Nov 2016 #89
And, just in case you missed it.. mountain grammy Nov 2016 #91
Thanks tinymontgomery Nov 2016 #92
OMG - this was like getting locked out of your house! chimpymustgo Nov 2016 #93
DU being down left a hole in my heart Ghost of Tom Joad Nov 2016 #94
Skinner, EarlG and Elad, thank you, thank you, thank you. democrank Nov 2016 #95
Kudos to the DU Administrators who worked so hard! Greywing Nov 2016 #96
Thank you, thank you, thank you....... a kennedy Nov 2016 #98
Thank you. Great to be back. Huge catharsis needed! NRaleighLiberal Nov 2016 #101
I am glad you guys are all back rbrnmw Nov 2016 #102
Tears in my eyes Generic Other Nov 2016 #103
Glad we're back. I suggest you ask the FBI to investigate it but it appears that they are in on OregonBlue Nov 2016 #104
FBI? Comey's FBI? bermudat Nov 2016 #197
Yeah, I guess we can't expect the FBI to do their job. They are too busy playing politics. OregonBlue Nov 2016 #199
WB, I am wondering though if the FBI has been contacted about this and are they investigating? cstanleytech Nov 2016 #105
Glad to be back. obnoxiousdrunk Nov 2016 #106
So glad DU is back! Thank you so much! montana_hazeleyes Nov 2016 #107
OMG I MISSED YOU ALL SO MUCH!!!!! Lisa0825 Nov 2016 #109
It was not your fault. I'm so glad to be back. Hekate Nov 2016 #111
Thank you for your hard work to restore this place thecrow Nov 2016 #112
Frankly I was glad I couldn't see DU blue sky at night Nov 2016 #113
Thank you Uponthegears Nov 2016 #114
OMG,OMG,OMG, Thank you, thank you,thank you.... prairierose Nov 2016 #115
Not a bug, but many posts on First Posts page are missing. uppityperson Nov 2016 #116
It's good to be back Renew Deal Nov 2016 #117
It could be a problem on my end but ... lpbk2713 Nov 2016 #118
At least we now can face this nightmare together!!! winstars Nov 2016 #119
Thank you!!!!! Little Star Nov 2016 #120
Glad DU is up again!!!!! burrowowl Nov 2016 #121
I didn't realize how dependent I'd grown on DU as a kind of newsfeed BlueProgressive Nov 2016 #123
I feel like I'm back home again. I really appreciate being back with my fellow DU'ers. NBachers Nov 2016 #124
Thank you for your continued service to the progressive community. Mike Niendorff Nov 2016 #125
THANK YOU!!! Silver Gaia Nov 2016 #126
You're reopening "don't rehash the last presidential primary rule"? Gee, I am still_one Nov 2016 #127
For what it's worth DFW Nov 2016 #129
Frankly, I'm disappointed that this once-great-website got massively censored in a way it never was Hissyspit Nov 2016 #206
yeah it was awful that they frowned upon people calling Hillary the "c" word and President Obama a " still_one Nov 2016 #207
Bwahahahahahahaha!! sheshe2 Nov 2016 #211
Thanks for proving my point. Hissyspit Nov 2016 #215
Thanks for proving my point. Hissyspit Nov 2016 #214
There are other, less specialized forums than DU where Hortensis Nov 2016 #208
They are part of the reason and they should own it treestar Nov 2016 #212
I miss that open and courageous time of ours --- are we getting old and tired? kgnu_fan Nov 2016 #235
I'm definitely tired. Hissyspit Nov 2016 #240
Plus 1 chknltl Nov 2016 #250
Post removed Post removed Nov 2016 #219
Yes, there are a lot of reasons awoke_in_2003 Nov 2016 #231
Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat their mistakes... McCamy Taylor Nov 2016 #128
Thanks for all you do! I REALLY MISSED this Page! I felt homeless.... n/t secondwind Nov 2016 #130
It's good to see DU back up DFW Nov 2016 #131
Great to see DU up and running again. And thanks to you guys and Lithos for all yr work... Violet_Crumble Nov 2016 #132
took me awhile to log back in but BOY am I glad to be back! annabanana Nov 2016 #133
Thank you! mia Nov 2016 #134
BIG Thanks... handmade34 Nov 2016 #135
Welcome back, boys and girls!! DinahMoeHum Nov 2016 #136
Thank you DU. terip64 Nov 2016 #137
Thank you! gypsy11 Nov 2016 #138
Thank you so much Skinner! redstatebluegirl Nov 2016 #139
So glad to be back etherealtruth Nov 2016 #140
Thank you thank you thank you hertopos Nov 2016 #141
missed this place...feels good to be back! Roland99 Nov 2016 #142
Thank you so much for getting us back online! LiberalLoner Nov 2016 #143
I will double my contribution this year randr Nov 2016 #144
Skinner lonestarnot Nov 2016 #145
If the DU blackout was hard on us, it must have been insanely harder on you three. Thanks for FailureToCommunicate Nov 2016 #146
Hey Skinner bdamomma Nov 2016 #148
Yes, thank you! turntxblue Nov 2016 #150
Thank you! blueseas Nov 2016 #151
This election has been more mysterious then Scott Walker's receding hairline Ellipsis Nov 2016 #152
I'm so glad you're back! gollygee Nov 2016 #153
Thanks, Skinner! I missed DU so much. Very glad you're back! highplainsdem Nov 2016 #154
Finally! budkin Nov 2016 #155
Home again... Guilded Lilly Nov 2016 #156
Back with my tribe angel823 Nov 2016 #157
Thank you to Earl G, Elad and Skinner. Did not realize how much this community meant to me Fla Dem Nov 2016 #158
Thank you and FTR, YOU guys did not let the DU Community down. desi Nov 2016 #159
I am thankful DU is back and I hope that it continues to be a thriving positive community. seaglass Nov 2016 #160
From my OP: Skinner Nov 2016 #162
Between the election and not having all your shoulders to cry on, I am just glad I survived to world wide wally Nov 2016 #161
I'm back at last! I've missed you all and hope we can stand together. nolabear Nov 2016 #163
grateful to have DU back...Like many, I have had few to talk with hlthe2b Nov 2016 #164
Is there any criminal investigation into the hack? Justice Nov 2016 #165
thanks for being back MFM008 Nov 2016 #166
I missed this place so much! Delphinus Nov 2016 #167
It's great to be back. Thanks oasis Nov 2016 #168
Good to be back..... bobGandolf Nov 2016 #169
You guys are awesome! On the bright side, it shows how much liberals flock to DU. AgadorSparticus Nov 2016 #170
Thank you! LuvLoogie Nov 2016 #171
Oh dear! 2naSalit Nov 2016 #173
So glad we're back! Political_Junkie Nov 2016 #174
Thank you so much!! Lifelong Protester Nov 2016 #175
WOW thanks must have been one hell of a hack... Historic NY Nov 2016 #176
thank you Dogbert22 Nov 2016 #177
Thank you for all of your hard work! PossiblePasts Nov 2016 #178
good to be back proud patriot Nov 2016 #179
Thank you for all the work senegal1 Nov 2016 #180
Great to have the site back footinmouth Nov 2016 #181
Thanks for your hard work DuckBurp Nov 2016 #182
Honestly kind of a good time for me to take a break zz-la Nov 2016 #183
Thanks grantcart Nov 2016 #184
So glad you're back. argyl Nov 2016 #185
You carry none of the blame. The hackers did this. tavalon Nov 2016 #186
Yay!! Amaril Nov 2016 #189
Dollar signs don't work in subject lines. There are three here: Renew Deal Nov 2016 #191
The tilde character doesn't either. Probably other non-standard characters. randome Nov 2016 #194
THANK YOU for working so hard to bring us back together. (FBI?) Ilsa Nov 2016 #192
It was a horrible day... ReRe Nov 2016 #193
Thank you tavalon Nov 2016 #195
Whew! I am so glad to be able to get on DU bermudat Nov 2016 #196
Thank you! nt chowder66 Nov 2016 #198
Tapping Ruby Red Slippers three times...... Dem2theMax Nov 2016 #201
I have had problems with some of Obama's policies JonLP24 Nov 2016 #202
It's so goood to be baack! silverweb Nov 2016 #203
I Love you guys sammcgee68 Nov 2016 #209
Viva la Rsistance! silverweb Nov 2016 #210
Thank-you Skinner... Blue_Roses Nov 2016 #213
Thank you for being here! Cadfael Nov 2016 #216
Thank you!!! Laf.La.Dem. Nov 2016 #218
"the DU Admins feel terrible that we let you down on the most important day of the year" Bill USA Nov 2016 #220
Thank you DU Dopers_Greed Nov 2016 #221
There's no place like home... ThingsGottaChange Nov 2016 #222
thanks Union Label Nov 2016 #223
Thanks for pulling it all back together Achilleaze Nov 2016 #224
First thought as the numbers rolled all in Trump's favor for key states: Russia. ffr Nov 2016 #225
I've been missing the DU. chopper050 Nov 2016 #226
Yay! LyndaG Nov 2016 #227
Thank you for all your hard work. Boldine Nov 2016 #228
I am back. Lyric Nov 2016 #229
Doing the happy dance. So GLAD to have DU back. Thank you, Skinner, for getting us back on. sueh Nov 2016 #230
Mystified Lotusflower70 Nov 2016 #232
Good to be back at long last. n/t BlueStater Nov 2016 #233
I am so glad you're back online. LittleGirl Nov 2016 #234
Post removed Post removed Nov 2016 #237
Another thank you DeminPennswoods Nov 2016 #238
Thank you for the hard work Gothmog Nov 2016 #239
Woohoo! lovuian Nov 2016 #242
THis hack happened about the same time we in WI lost our progressive talk programming day after Kashkakat v.2.0 Nov 2016 #243
Thanks for restoring the site. It is important that we rladdi Nov 2016 #244
Ie been here since Day 1 (Bush's inauguration) kskiska Nov 2016 #245
This is good. PatrickforO Nov 2016 #246
Very happy to be back on DU HockeyMom Nov 2016 #247
A point on the final point Wibly Nov 2016 #248
I quit reading here years ago because of the Obama haters and arbitrary "forum hosts" Kolesar Nov 2016 #249
Thank you for your hard work lapucelle Nov 2016 #251
Thank gawd this haven is back! So cruel that a sadist had to further add to our pain. kerry-is-my-prez Nov 2016 #252
I was lost without you appacom Nov 2016 #253
Yet another thank you from a DU junkie qwlauren35 Nov 2016 #254
So happy you are back online Freethinker65 Nov 2016 #255
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