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350. Exactly, this is Democratic Underground
Wed Jun 1, 2016, 08:15 PM
Jun 2016

A place for Democrats, liberals, progressives, Greens, anybody who supports the goals of the Democratic Party.

Democratic goals, rules, policies, laws, platforms, candidates and office-holders are subject to CHANGE. Progressives are ready, willing and able to fight for that change.

Thanks for the post. TransitJohn Jun 2016 #1
I told people there would not be mass bannings RobertEarl Jun 2016 #44
The question is not going to come up. The question is: Can everyone unite and get out voters, so L. Coyote Jun 2016 #117
The political revolution is to change the status quo in the Dem Party, not to accept it. n/t JimDandy Jun 2016 #198
This is Democratic Underground louis c Jun 2016 #328
Exactly, this is Democratic Underground JimDandy Jun 2016 #350
Ultimately, this is whatever place Skinner decides it is. barrow-wight Jun 2016 #369
As long as you don't bash the Dem Party in order to harm it. Suggestions should be welcome. kerry-is-my-prez Jun 2016 #443
"underground" with respect to what, though? yodermon Jun 2016 #360
Democrats who are for the party and for the nominees to be elected. I don't think Dino is a term kerry-is-my-prez Jun 2016 #445
louis cI've seen what election ballots look like. CobaltBlue Jun 2016 #611
Tiny demurrer. IMO, the revolution is to change the status quo in the US merrily Jun 2016 #557
Skinner knows that Hillary is going to be our nominee, there was no headline about Bernie in the GE. dubyadiprecession Jun 2016 #429
Like that picture and your attitude. kerry-is-my-prez Jun 2016 #439
Pass it around. L. Coyote Jun 2016 #483
You can discuss it if you're not trashing her in the process. kstewart33 Jun 2016 #244
I think the post above makes it crystal clear. barrow-wight Jun 2016 #368
Still get elected? marions ghost Jun 2016 #516
I would prefer to cross that bridge when we come to it. barrow-wight Jun 2016 #517
You made the projection... marions ghost Jun 2016 #522
It's irrelevant how I see it at this point. barrow-wight Jun 2016 #527
You brought up the hypothetical of an indictment marions ghost Jun 2016 #530
He has addressed it. barrow-wight Jun 2016 #536
Where has Skinner said marions ghost Jun 2016 #539
Until such a thing actually happens, barrow-wight Jun 2016 #548
No One Indicted Can Win Let Alone Keep Running billhicks76 Jun 2016 #534
Well then I guess we shall see what happens. barrow-wight Jun 2016 #537
I'm Assuming She Won't Be Indicted billhicks76 Jun 2016 #545
The only fairytale barrow-wight Jun 2016 #549
Weapon? billhicks76 Jun 2016 #667
Why do fictional "indictments" always come up in discussions like this? George II Jun 2016 #609
It's last hope house. The very last chance. Laser102 Jun 2016 #624
K & R BootinUp Jun 2016 #2
It will be nice to focus on Trump, for sure n/t Godhumor Jun 2016 #3
Hear hear. christx30 Jun 2016 #73
Thank you, christx! NastyRiffraff Jun 2016 #256
... BooScout Jun 2016 #288
Amen! Loki Jun 2016 #381
Mahalo, christx! Cha Jun 2016 #491
+1 Starry Messenger Jun 2016 #495
Thank-you christx still_one Jun 2016 #498
Best make that June 16th instead, TexasTowelie Jun 2016 #523
Yes, indeed. I agree completely. maddiemom Jun 2016 #666
If he is the nominee., I still think that won't happen, too demented and all. L. Coyote Jun 2016 #485
Will those of us who have been purged from the jury rolls Blue_In_AK Jun 2016 #4
Yes. Skinner Jun 2016 #15
I could never figure out why I was purged after the middle of March. Blue_In_AK Jun 2016 #38
Your profile says 100% chance of serving on juries mnhtnbb Jun 2016 #220
I get a jury notice every other day LastLiberal in PalmSprings Jun 2016 #296
I sometimes get multiple jury requests in the same day! femmedem Jun 2016 #357
I get two a day every day because I sign on in the middle of the day when people are at work hollysmom Jun 2016 #366
I've wondered about this, also. enlightenment Jun 2016 #292
I went from one every day, sometimes even 2 arikara Jun 2016 #411
WoW! This happens? we want people to feel confident that they aren't being judged by trolls who" Her Sister Jun 2016 #41
Everything Seems Fair To Me billhicks76 Jun 2016 #214
Any say on what's going on with people who have racked up dozens of hides? Scootaloo Jun 2016 #456
Since the amnesty they've really felt free to rack up the hides Capt. Obvious Jun 2016 #590
Here's the problem. Will "both major party nominees" really become clear on June 16? highprincipleswork Jun 2016 #5
It's clear now. wyldwolf Jun 2016 #13
No IT IS NOT CLEAR>>> As The Convention Is When And Where ALL Will Become CLEAR, NOT Before! CorporatistNation Jun 2016 #294
It's very clear now wyldwolf Jun 2016 #316
Some People Can Foresee Problems When Others Cannot... Here Is One "Collection" Of Problems... CorporatistNation Jun 2016 #324
Mika is not part of the nominating process wyldwolf Jun 2016 #336
LOL! Plucketeer Jun 2016 #392
LOL! wyldwolf Jun 2016 #551
Enjoy your fantasy eom Plucketeer Jun 2016 #588
It appears it's the Bernie followers living in a fantasy world. wyldwolf Jun 2016 #614
OK....... Plucketeer Jun 2016 #618
This isn't your website. Skinner gets to decide. n/t pnwmom Jun 2016 #541
Quit Trying To Frame Reality For Us billhicks76 Jun 2016 #535
Someone needs a frame reality for you wyldwolf Jun 2016 #552
As Long As It's Not You billhicks76 Jun 2016 #671
Perhaps wyldwolf Jun 2016 #678
I'll Be Voting Democrat in Nov No Matter What billhicks76 Jun 2016 #697
Good. Because it doesn't really matter how little you know about the process... wyldwolf Jun 2016 #699
I Easily Know As Much As You billhicks76 Jun 2016 #702
Be careful with that chip on your shoulder Cary Jun 2016 #586
Typical Threats billhicks76 Jun 2016 #669
Threats? Cary Jun 2016 #696
Over People Saying Better Be Careful billhicks76 Jun 2016 #701
Wow. Cary Jun 2016 #704
And when you own the website, you can determine that. barrow-wight Jun 2016 #374
It says the 17th, NOT the convention. If you aren't happy, you may want to go to a Sanders site. kerry-is-my-prez Jun 2016 #450
It's CLEAR as far as DU is concerned. Bobbie Jo Jun 2016 #712
+1!!!! n/t baran Jun 2016 #14
Jury: My 3yo alerted in this while playing with my iPad. Quackers Jun 2016 #82
lol Renew Deal Jun 2016 #107
Message auto-removed Name removed Jun 2016 #146
Would your 3 year old.... HeartoftheMidwest Jun 2016 #346
Yes. Skinner Jun 2016 #17
Only to Hillary supporters. But the ACTUAL nominee can not be known until the convention. pdsimdars Jun 2016 #62
It seem to me Eko Jun 2016 #96
Your post reminds me of anti-vaxxer argument Renew Deal Jun 2016 #111
Your post reminds me of your hosting skills. AtheistCrusader Jun 2016 #147
Skinner pretty much gave you guys everything you want vdogg Jun 2016 #118
The post is wrong. Renew Deal Jun 2016 #159
Juror 7 has an opinion. AtheistCrusader Jun 2016 #145
Thank you juror #7. There seems to be a lot of censorship on this "democratic" site. pdsimdars Jun 2016 #200
This is a privately owned site that promotes Democrats barrow-wight Jun 2016 #377
How is this privately owned and run forum "democratic"? Perhaps a review of the About DU page is in uppityperson Jun 2016 #390
It's OK, if you want to make this a fantasy site, no problem. I don't own it. But I do own my pdsimdars Jun 2016 #603
I'm not sure you put that in the right place uppityperson Jun 2016 #632
I have NEVER said you can't set up the rules. You have made that up out of thin air. pdsimdars Jun 2016 #654
Again, wtf? I can't set up rules because I'm not Admin. Again with the snarky insults without uppityperson Jun 2016 #655
You're not interjecting thought, you're clinging to irrational bias Corporate666 Jun 2016 #688
All 7 jurors rightly said LEAVE IT ALONE.. Therefore you weren't "censored." emulatorloo Jun 2016 #627
Amen to that!! Glad to see a 0-7 smackdown. 7962 Jun 2016 #254
Just about every complain jane Jun 2016 #286
You can add me to your count. Stonepounder Jun 2016 #315
Look, I just posted what the standard is. If you want to rationalize or make excuses, that is pdsimdars Jun 2016 #594
The fat lady doesn't sing until the convention next month Omaha Steve Jun 2016 #629
Authoritarian? barrow-wight Jun 2016 #375
Anyone who thinks they can start an equivalent site, best of luck! L. Coyote Jun 2016 #487
I don't imagine it did. barrow-wight Jun 2016 #518
Ahem.... Adrahil Jun 2016 #430
Heh heh.... kjones Jun 2016 #596
That's the thing. The writer of that article lied about how the process works. Lord Magus Jun 2016 #500
You obviously didn't read with comprehension. The authore never asserted that. pdsimdars Jun 2016 #593
The vote of delegates ALWAYS determines the nominee. Lord Magus Jun 2016 #674
And they do not vote UNTIL THE CONVENTION. pdsimdars Jun 2016 #681
Hence the the term PRESUMPTIVE nominee. Lord Magus Jun 2016 #683
Your analysis is wrong-based on history Clinton will be the presumptive nominee on June 7 Gothmog Jun 2016 #583
Reality is good enough for me! yallerdawg Jun 2016 #610
If they come around DU criticizing the Democratic candidate, I'll invite them to Free Republican... Jeffersons Ghost Jun 2016 #76
I assume you mean Free Republic, truebluegreen Jun 2016 #352
I actually meant another place; but this isn't a religion discussion... Jeffersons Ghost Jun 2016 #405
No, it hasn't. "Apparent" or "Presumed"... ChisolmTrailDem Jun 2016 #105
Skinner thinks that's a good reason. And he gets to decide. n/t pnwmom Jun 2016 #322
+100! DemonGoddess Jun 2016 #351
What part of that don't they understand?? This is Skinner's site, for chrissakes. And he's being BlueCaliDem Jun 2016 #423
Yawn billhicks76 Jun 2016 #538
And hence the problem. seekthetruth Jun 2016 #137
"it's been a nasty experience being a member of DU AND being a supporter of Sanders." tarheelsunc Jun 2016 #308
+1000 barrow-wight Jun 2016 #378
+ 2000 eom BlueCaliDem Jun 2016 #424
I know, right? They have the majority of the board, ruled the jury pool.. "85%" .. we got Cha Jun 2016 #511
I thank the heavens for the Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama Groups. I'd otherwise not come to BlueCaliDem Jun 2016 #569
I wouldn't be @ DU if it weren't for The BOG, Hill's Gr, or the AA GR, either.. Cha Jun 2016 #571
The pretend or real misunderstanding of both "Democratic" and "Underground" betsuni Jun 2016 #576
Oh, it sinks in all right. Make no mistake and think otherwise. eom BlueCaliDem Jun 2016 #591
++++++1000~ sheshe2 Jun 2016 #663
It's only the past 2wks to a month that Clinton supporters were not being beat up on, alerted kerry-is-my-prez Jun 2016 #453
Been banned, ignored and had a few hidden posts. seekthetruth Jun 2016 #464
That's the way it's been with my few "hides"... MrMickeysMom Jun 2016 #682
Well said, tarheelsunc.. We're tough enough! Cha Jun 2016 #501
+30000 treestar Jun 2016 #564
Ain't that the truth George II Jun 2016 #608
Thank-you. still_one Jun 2016 #613
+1...nt SidDithers Jun 2016 #625
+3,000. nt MADem Jun 2016 #626
+10^10^100 It's hard to imagine how some folks can be so unaware of what's happening around them stevenleser Jun 2016 #645
Yeah shenmue Jun 2016 #657
this is how i see it too, seekthetruth. nt hopemountain Jun 2016 #449
In the end, there's always one candidate who wins and the rest who don't. Lord Magus Jun 2016 #496
Superdelegates vote at the convention. Not over till then. highprincipleswork Jun 2016 #502
All delegates vote at the convention. Lord Magus Jun 2016 #507
Exactly, as you say, it ain't over till it's over, and this looks like a mighty long game from where highprincipleswork Jun 2016 #509
There's 13 days left until all primaries are concluded. At that point there's no more "game" left. Lord Magus Jun 2016 #514
As if DU was the only game in town, first of all. Secondly, the feelings and expression of at least highprincipleswork Jun 2016 #521
It's so unfair that the majority didn't vote for Sanders Cary Jun 2016 #575
What majority? seekthetruth Jun 2016 #641
I don't have "a candidate." Cary Jun 2016 #648
It's not a question of whether I like the Party or not.... seekthetruth Jun 2016 #687
Things change. Cary Jun 2016 #695
Doesn't matter. Cranking down the ambient bile is all for the good... JHB Jun 2016 #178
Thats exactly right. If neither candidate has the requisite number of pledged delegates to bjo59 Jun 2016 #224
That's not how it works and that's never been how it works. Lord Magus Jun 2016 #494
It's clear to the person who owns the website. barrow-wight Jun 2016 #372
Yes, it will be. Lord Magus Jun 2016 #490
It is very clear now who will be the nominee of the Democratic party Gothmog Jun 2016 #582
Thanks! I'm looking forward to the new jury system ... NurseJackie Jun 2016 #6
Do you still think that I abused the jury system? PufPuf23 Jun 2016 #427
I honestly have no idea what you're talking about ... NurseJackie Jun 2016 #434
For your recollection. PufPuf23 Jun 2016 #441
You make many assumptions... NurseJackie Jun 2016 #559
I told you I made an alert and your post was hidden. PufPuf23 Jun 2016 #601
If what you say is true, then you've likely been eliminated from jury service because ... NurseJackie Jun 2016 #612
I served on juries impartially and fairly. PufPuf23 Jun 2016 #644
Obviously this is of great importance to you, but I feel compelled to let you know ... NurseJackie Jun 2016 #650
Actually I do not miss jury duty. I have no case to make to Skinner. PufPuf23 Jun 2016 #659
Jury voted 2-5 to LEAVE IT. fleur-de-lisa Jun 2016 #617
Thank you. I see in this thread that others have been removed from jury pool PufPuf23 Jun 2016 #622
Very welcome clarification. A little good will and common courtesy will go a long way. Surya Gayatri Jun 2016 #7
This message was self-deleted by its author cyberpj Jun 2016 #205
Oops!! Must mean "From NOW on...." 7962 Jun 2016 #262
Actually she meant Doctor_J Jun 2016 #379
A description of your candidate's increasingly trail-worn appearance is no proof of ill-will, Surya Gayatri Jun 2016 #488
He would have had a shit fit if someone said that about Hillary. demmiblue Jun 2016 #568
Sounds fair. JimDandy Jun 2016 #8
Oh thank you so much bravenak Jun 2016 #9
HEY sis... yuiyoshida Jun 2016 #313
I moved across town and have had so much stuff to do bravenak Jun 2016 #373
Having fun, sis... yuiyoshida Jun 2016 #685
What criticism of Bernie Sanders will be permitted? (nt) w4rma Jun 2016 #10
We don't want people to tear down Bernie Sanders either. (nt) Skinner Jun 2016 #21
Thank you. -none Jun 2016 #208
Thank you! klook Jun 2016 #376
I don't think Bernie Sanders Demsrule86 Jun 2016 #455
Since Bernie will endorse Hillary around that point, there won't be much incentive to attack him. nt stevenleser Jun 2016 #647
Thanks for the clarity. LP2K12 Jun 2016 #11
Message auto-removed Name removed Jun 2016 #12
Advocating for him here would not be permitted. wyldwolf Jun 2016 #20
Of Course It Will billhicks76 Jun 2016 #540
We were referring to him as a third-party candidate hypothetically wyldwolf Jun 2016 #550
Semantics billhicks76 Jun 2016 #668
"advocating" as defined by the site owners. They won't argue semantics wyldwolf Jun 2016 #679
You Definitely Have An Attitude Problem billhicks76 Jun 2016 #700
Then he wouldn't be the DEm nom obamanut2012 Jun 2016 #23
Message auto-removed Name removed Jun 2016 #134
So what? You can't advodate him on here obamanut2012 Jun 2016 #155
I'd think/hope that any advocacy of him in that case would be treated the same as... Tarc Jun 2016 #26
I agree advocating for Bernie would be advocating for someone other than the nominee Demsrule86 Jun 2016 #448
He's made clear that he's not going to do that. (nt) Skinner Jun 2016 #31
Message auto-removed Name removed Jun 2016 #124
We don't permit people to support third-party spoilers. (nt) Skinner Jun 2016 #141
Post removed Post removed Jun 2016 #157
Not happening TeamPooka Jun 2016 #32
Post removed Post removed Jun 2016 #123
Did you not read Skinner's comments about civility? eom charlyvi Jun 2016 #158
Well, I believe that answers my question about what constitutes a "named removed" post. nt fleabiscuit Jun 2016 #327
Whoop, whoop, whoop, civility failure! Whoop, whoop.... FSogol Jun 2016 #191
I like Bernie. christx30 Jun 2016 #94
Very happy and excited about moving on. PeaceNikki Jun 2016 #16
GOTV people! The White House and Senate can be ours! Maybe even The HOR! nt TeamPooka Jun 2016 #18
And don't forget Supreme Court appointments! Fla Dem Jun 2016 #37
SCOTUS for our POTUS! nt TeamPooka Jun 2016 #50
This would be so great if we could take back Congress Karma13612 Jun 2016 #42
I don't think anyone would disagree with you, Karma NastyRiffraff Jun 2016 #271
+1000!! eom Karma13612 Jun 2016 #289
You and me both! nt fleabiscuit Jun 2016 #333
Fair enough. (eom) oasis Jun 2016 #19
What are the implications of groups like Socialist Progressives & the Populist Reform? JonLeibowitz Jun 2016 #22
You can't advocate for third parties anywhere on DU. (nt) Skinner Jun 2016 #34
Of course, but that is not the point of my question. I am talking about reform inside the party. JonLeibowitz Jun 2016 #55
Only my reading from above, if the critisicm is presented helpful way to help the nominee and still_one Jun 2016 #108
You are mistaken. The general election does not arrive until AFTER the convention. pdsimdars Jun 2016 #24
Well y'know, the Democratic Underground is not, in fact, a democracy Tarc Jun 2016 #40
The Democratic Underground Terms of Service state that we transition to the general election... Skinner Jun 2016 #45
Only if one of the candidates concedes. passiveporcupine Jun 2016 #86
Yes, I want to stick with my rules. (nt) Skinner Jun 2016 #138
What if the FBI recommends that Hillary be indicted after the D.C. vote but before the convention Uncle Joe Jun 2016 #173
Obviously our policy would change if the nominee changes. Skinner Jun 2016 #181
Yes but how should we treat such articles or newscasts as they would no doubt have the effect Uncle Joe Jun 2016 #185
I'm sure you can figure out a way to do it... Skinner Jun 2016 #194
I know you have great expectations for Hillary and you don't believe she will be indicted, Uncle Joe Jun 2016 #206
I posted a reply to myself in error, so I'll post it again passiveporcupine Jun 2016 #276
fair enough passiveporcupine Jun 2016 #148
It's "his" site. barrow-wight Jun 2016 #385
The majority are more Clinton supporters or people who are able accept the reality Of this race. kerry-is-my-prez Jun 2016 #466
Well, as I posted above, according to the rules, the Democratic nominee will NOT be clear pdsimdars Jun 2016 #88
Wrong. The nominee will be clear when one of them concedes. nt ChisolmTrailDem Jun 2016 #129
Please see comment #62 . . . those are the facts, as opposed to your opinions. pdsimdars Jun 2016 #196
Eggs and Chickens, Dude hootinholler Jun 2016 #226
Clinton will be nominated on the first ballot. MADem Jun 2016 #97
"Clinton will be nominated on the first ballot." Your exact statement explicitly says that there... ChisolmTrailDem Jun 2016 #136
She is the "presumptive nominee." She has been for some time now. MADem Jun 2016 #197
She is the "presumptive nominee." TimPlo Jun 2016 #425
Excuse me, but the phrase means the same thing it has meant for over a half century. MADem Jun 2016 #532
The AP will call her the presumptive nominee when she has the "magic number" pnwmom Jun 2016 #542
"Presumptive nominee" is nothing new. TwilightZone Jun 2016 #676
There has never been a nominee before a convention...by definition. You are not making news. tritsofme Jun 2016 #251
The nomination does not depend on pledged delegates alone. charlyvi Jun 2016 #150
Please see comment #62 . . . those are the facts, not your opinions. pdsimdars Jun 2016 #192
It's not my "opinion". It's how every election has gone since supers were introduced. charlyvi Jun 2016 #246
Did you even bother to read what THEY say about it? Not that we don't all think your opinion pdsimdars Jun 2016 #259
The Associated Press is going to call it for Hillary when she has the majority pnwmom Jun 2016 #543
Like they say, we can have our own opinions but not our own facts Read #62 pdsimdars Jun 2016 #265
blah, blah, blah, excuse, excuse, excuse. . . . . . make up your own little fantasy world, but pdsimdars Jun 2016 #605
fact puffy socks Jun 2016 #298
Just read what they have to say. I put it in post #62 pdsimdars Jun 2016 #261
It is unclear ... barrow-wight Jun 2016 #383
You're mistaken too. The nomination has never needed to be secured with pledged delegates alone. Lord Magus Jun 2016 #503
Well, that's not what the DNC has said about it. pdsimdars Jun 2016 #597
That IS in fact what the DNC has said about it. Lord Magus Jun 2016 #675
Do you read? pdsimdars Jun 2016 #680
An opinion piece is not "what the DNC says officially." Lord Magus Jun 2016 #684
June 15 will be like the movie The Purge Renew Deal Jun 2016 #25
DU posts will drop in half without the RW smears and sources. LonePirate Jun 2016 #27
I'm totally fine with that. (nt) Skinner Jun 2016 #48
They will pick back up. wildeyed Jun 2016 #210
Yup. Agschmid Jun 2016 #435
"Glorious." You keep using that word; I do not think it means what you think it means... petronius Jun 2016 #28
Criticism of Hillary Clinton will only be permitted OnyxCollie Jun 2016 #29
I think you should start a site called Helping The Public Underground. Demit Jun 2016 #100
If you think being anti-Dem for the GE is "helping the public" bettyellen Jun 2016 #116
That's right. This site is to help the Democratic nominee, and all Democrats win in the November still_one Jun 2016 #188
Change the name to Establishment Echo Chamber OnyxCollie Jun 2016 #199
Then why hang around? The TOS is clear and has been clear for years. MH1 Jun 2016 #386
Democratic National Convention, July 25-28, 2016 the nominee will be known Omaha Steve Jun 2016 #300
Yeah, change the name to "establishment echo chamber" from BS echo chamber.. lol Cha Jun 2016 #497
KICK & REC!!! still_one Jun 2016 #499
well take comfort azurnoir Jun 2016 #228
That is straight forward. This site will serve to promote her. "Presumptive glinda Jun 2016 #504
Should Sanders manage the biggest comeback of all time and win the nomination the same rules apply. Lord Magus Jun 2016 #505
Then the problem isn't this site, OnyxCollie Jun 2016 #553
I hope that the "right-wing source" rule will be enforced Cooley Hurd Jun 2016 #30
It will be enforced. Skinner Jun 2016 #51
Awesome! Cooley Hurd Jun 2016 #57
Thank you Skinner. riversedge Jun 2016 #233
Excellent! Thanks Skinner n/t NastyRiffraff Jun 2016 #273
that's great Skinner. OKNancy Jun 2016 #280
What if the source is critisizing Trump. I've seen red state have anti Trump articles. DLCWIdem Jun 2016 #365
I totally agree. n/t demmiblue Jun 2016 #59
It's not logical to lump together all right-wing sources. Jim Lane Jun 2016 #67
It is if you've been monitoring them for 20 years... Cooley Hurd Jun 2016 #89
IMHO there is no scenario where WND needs to be a source Renew Deal Jun 2016 #92
Do you oppose quoting WND in the specific circumstance I mentioned? If so, why? (n/t) Jim Lane Jun 2016 #110
Look for other sources... Cooley Hurd Jun 2016 #120
It's not my call but i don't have an issue with true mockery of exposure. Renew Deal Jun 2016 #121
I would say if it is a news story from the WSJ ,it really should be fine. However, if it is an still_one Jun 2016 #213
I'd be more permissive than that. Jim Lane Jun 2016 #240
I feel sorry for people who think the WSJ is "right wing" 7962 Jun 2016 #269
The editorial/opinion page is for the most part right wing. emulatorloo Jun 2016 #631
Precisely. And we couldnt link editorials on LBN anyway. 7962 Jun 2016 #651
Are you aware of who owns the WSJ? TwilightZone Jun 2016 #639
The news reporting is not the same as the op-ed page. 7962 Jun 2016 #653
DUers routinely use the WSJ op-ed page as a source. TwilightZone Jun 2016 #665
Thats why I dont post opinion pieces. I can write my own opinion! 7962 Jun 2016 #677
Agree Renew Deal Jun 2016 #85
As soon as I see those URL's, I will go looking for a more mainstream source... Cooley Hurd Jun 2016 #115
global research. greatauntoftriplets Jun 2016 #238
Infowars Renew Deal Jun 2016 #243
I missed that one. greatauntoftriplets Jun 2016 #248
Yeah, using those as sources used to get you half-way to a tombstone Maeve Jun 2016 #255
And they're still terrible sources. greatauntoftriplets Jun 2016 #258
OMG, I'm so with you on that one!!! Amimnoch Jun 2016 #133
Could we have a list of unacceptable sources? femmocrat Jun 2016 #135
It would be helpful, but just googling them will show their slant... Cooley Hurd Jun 2016 #177
Not to mention Breitbart News! Breitbart! eom charlyvi Jun 2016 #169
Yep! One of the worst of the worst! Cooley Hurd Jun 2016 #183
100% Agree LP2K12 Jun 2016 #236
sounds fair to me. zappaman Jun 2016 #33
Would that extend to more local politics. Bad Dog Jun 2016 #35
This announcement is about the presidential. Skinner Jun 2016 #56
There will be an exception for those races with no Democrat running, correct? MohRokTah Jun 2016 #229
Will there any special cases? Bad Dog Jun 2016 #533
100% for the Democratic Nominee and Party. 100% against the Republican Nominee and Party. onehandle Jun 2016 #36
I really do hope that you come down hard on The Yellow Button Brigade. demmiblue Jun 2016 #39
We are going to insist that people follow our rules. Skinner Jun 2016 #75
Yes it was a slap in the face and changed my attitude about this forum. Purveyor Jun 2016 #142
Godspeed. Mosby Jun 2016 #252
That post is as appropriate today as it was the day I posted it. eom Purveyor Jun 2016 #331
I can live with this however I have a question about down jwirr Jun 2016 #43
Why not? joshcryer Jun 2016 #58
That is what I do. I did it last election season, and I am still here. ScreamingMeemie Jun 2016 #70
as long as they are dems, why not? larkrake Jun 2016 #77
As long as they are running in Democratic primaries: Go for it. Skinner Jun 2016 #78
Good stuff. joshcryer Jun 2016 #46
Thank you for your announcement and the promise of more guidelines. I do have a couple of questions. FourScore Jun 2016 #47
The primaries end on DU when the voting is done... Skinner Jun 2016 #81
But some of the Hillary supporters still REALLY believe she will be the nominee, FourScore Jun 2016 #125
Thanks Grassy Knoll Jun 2016 #49
Tks Skinner. Hoping for the best of DU. 7wo7rees Jun 2016 #52
I appreciate your clarification passiveporcupine Jun 2016 #53
Everyone knows who the nominee is going to be. (nt) Skinner Jun 2016 #84
No they don't. pdsimdars Jun 2016 #102
Patience, Grasshopper. n/t FourScore Jun 2016 #140
I posted the how the Democratic party makes the decision in post #62. And it won't happen pdsimdars Jun 2016 #202
It is also a FACT that in every election since 1984, that the winner has been called pnwmom Jun 2016 #314
Yes, they do. barrow-wight Jun 2016 #399
Schmooze Much? billhicks76 Jun 2016 #544
Even if he wins every remaining contest, barrow-wight Jun 2016 #547
Hillary Should Of Course Offer Bernie The VP Slot billhicks76 Jun 2016 #555
I don't hate that idea. barrow-wight Jun 2016 #556
Omg! Go to another site if you can't deal with the rules. Isn't there some Sanders site? kerry-is-my-prez Jun 2016 #457
I'm just saying. . . if you want to keep this site firmly rooted in the REAL WORLD, you might pdsimdars Jun 2016 #599
No. The majority of your revenue-generating membership on DU disagrees with your... ChisolmTrailDem Jun 2016 #162
The rules were stated very clearly when general election mode goes into effect. June 16th. Lets still_one Jun 2016 #250
That's not "how it works" here. Bobbie Jo Jun 2016 #260
There is the AP tracker that shows Hillary only needs 71 pledged delegates pnwmom Jun 2016 #317
Please stop arguing with the owner of this site. So disrespectful. kerry-is-my-prez Jun 2016 #461
Uuummmmm...no. Just because he is the owner, that doesn't make him immune to... ChisolmTrailDem Jun 2016 #615
There are a lot of Bernie supporters who still believe he will be the nominee. totodeinhere Jun 2016 #460
Huh??? Not everyone "knows" that (including me)! n/t baran Jun 2016 #493
No they don't. You said so yourself, with this: bvf Jun 2016 #525
I, for one, can't wait until this primary is over... MrScorpio Jun 2016 #54
And you gave no indication as to what happens to the website if Bernie wins the contested convention retrowire Jun 2016 #60
Actually you're wrong. We know exactly what would happen. Skinner Jun 2016 #90
I would hope it's that simple. retrowire Jun 2016 #122
It is not arrogant for me to say I know what the DU policy would be under that circumstance. Skinner Jun 2016 #131
My comment about the arrogance was about anyone knowing the outcome retrowire Jun 2016 #144
My two cents. The TOS is stating the convention is just a formality because after the still_one Jun 2016 #270
There won't be a contested convention. Lord Magus Jun 2016 #529
OK, but... SandersDem Jun 2016 #61
Hillary Clinton is almost certain to be the nominee. Skinner Jun 2016 #95
Thank you SandersDem Jun 2016 #109
I think what many on this thread are pointing out LiberalLovinLug Jun 2016 #329
Are you "almost certain" that you will survive till dinner time or is it definite? Renew Deal Jun 2016 #589
I never took it to a life and death question LiberalLovinLug Jun 2016 #692
So it's just going to be an all in for Hillary from June 16 until Bernie clinches the nomination in Dont call me Shirley Jun 2016 #406
You are tired of people bashing each other. Curmudgeoness Jun 2016 #63
+1 demmiblue Jun 2016 #66
That horse has left the barn. Skinner Jun 2016 #99
Who opened the barn door? bvf Jun 2016 #546
Yes, I did. And I am responsible. Skinner Jun 2016 #558
Yes please, that was a huge mistake Duckhunter935 Jun 2016 #174
Why? Because the jury hunters lost their effectiveness? onehandle Jun 2016 #279
No because a lot of people with 10 plus hides Duckhunter935 Jun 2016 #380
Thank you Skinner redstatebluegirl Jun 2016 #64
Works for me Warpy Jun 2016 #65
Woohooo! Agschmid Jun 2016 #68
This will not end well without a purge. AngryAmish Jun 2016 #69
Not needed. Once Hillary get's protected status we have plenty of other sites to choose from. harun Jun 2016 #634
I've posted before that I didn't believe in any so-called "purge." cwydro Jun 2016 #71
No bashing, trashing, undermining, or depressing turnout for our candidates during election ! Her Sister Jun 2016 #72
Well stat3d laserhaas Jun 2016 #74
Just Want to Say That On the Road Jun 2016 #79
You are very kind. Skinner Jun 2016 #106
Don't know how you do it..... kerry-is-my-prez Jun 2016 #468
I appreciate learning the historical facts of all political leaders, including the bad and the ugly. lindysalsagal Jun 2016 #80
You will probably be disappointed then because "historical" postings pnwmom Jun 2016 #319
The way I read it, they will be if the posts stick to the facts lindysalsagal Jun 2016 #442
No -- and I've been here through other campaigns. You will learn otherwise. pnwmom Jun 2016 #478
No, they won't, sorry obamanut2012 Jun 2016 #619
Thanks so much. Cannot wait till communit standards mean something again! bettyellen Jun 2016 #83
Thank you Skinner. sheshe2 Jun 2016 #87
K&R nt ProudProgressiveNow Jun 2016 #91
Good post. Very reasonable. MariaThinks Jun 2016 #93
It's great to hear this will all be over soon. Chemisse Jun 2016 #98
Good work, Skinner. It I a appreciated. floriduck Jun 2016 #101
So I guess we will not be allowed Cryptoad Jun 2016 #103
No, it won't. (nt) Skinner Jun 2016 #112
OK,,,,,, I'll be glad to see DU get back to its old standards.....nt Cryptoad Jun 2016 #126
...says the person with (at least) TEN recent hides. Please find a mirror and re-read Skinner's FailureToCommunicate Jun 2016 #330
But we can be thrilled as F about HRC clinching it without fear of nasty attacks! bettyellen Jun 2016 #156
*Points at Cryptoad and looks at Skinner* retrowire Jun 2016 #128
Like skinnner said,,,,,, Cryptoad Jun 2016 #149
Just stop making comments like we Bernie supporters deserve our noses put in dog shit retrowire Jun 2016 #153
u seem to have tunnel vision..... Cryptoad Jun 2016 #170
*facepalm* nt retrowire Jun 2016 #171
Why say it at all? I mean really. JEB Jun 2016 #337
Is it really that hard not to be a jerk? Marrah_G Jun 2016 #179
breath deep,,,, let all come out,,,,,,,,! Cryptoad Jun 2016 #182
Whichever candidate you support, I assure you that you can find many jerks among your allies. Jim Lane Jun 2016 #215
Agreed Marrah_G Jun 2016 #216
Not often is there a post where I can say SCantiGOP Jun 2016 #104
Thanks. HuckleB Jun 2016 #113
K&R PatSeg Jun 2016 #114
Aww. You're no fun pscot Jun 2016 #119
Clear enough and sounds fair. Duval Jun 2016 #127
The Convention occurs in July. The Nominee is not chosen until the Convention actually votes. Ford_Prefect Jun 2016 #130
Issues are different than attacking our candidate, or other DUers..... bettyellen Jun 2016 #163
Evidently you don't read my posts. You assume animosity where none exists. Ford_Prefect Jun 2016 #264
"Some of us" are on a pretty high horse and if they continue to denigrate others here.... bettyellen Jun 2016 #285
Thanks, I cannot wait ghostsinthemachine Jun 2016 #132
Thanks, Skinner PJMcK Jun 2016 #139
Sounds good to me. Thank you. yardwork Jun 2016 #143
So will neo-Nazi websites still be valid? angrychair Jun 2016 #151
neo-Nazi websites will not be permitted. (nt) Skinner Jun 2016 #154
Thanks, Skinner. The 16th can't come quickly enough! greatauntoftriplets Jun 2016 #152
I think most of the Hillary Bernie bashing has been done by GOP rent a trolls who joined in the last Monk06 Jun 2016 #160
Post removed Post removed Jun 2016 #161
This message was self-deleted by its author Gomez163 Jun 2016 #165
This message was self-deleted by its author Gomez163 Jun 2016 #166
Lol Skinner Jun 2016 #167
I'm feeling a lot better about this place. Gomez163 Jun 2016 #172
This message was self-deleted by its author retrowire Jun 2016 #184
Post removed Post removed Jun 2016 #201
he doesn't "require" voting for anyone specifically charlyvi Jun 2016 #217
Read it your self SusanLarson Jun 2016 #230
You have to be smarter than that charlyvi Jun 2016 #268
"must support". Did not say "Must vote for.." 7962 Jun 2016 #283
If you want to associate with this website, that is Skinner's requirement. But pnwmom Jun 2016 #304
I think we should encourage the poster to go the FBI still_one Jun 2016 #408
Only if I can be there to see the look on the faces of the FBI agents who have to respond mythology Jun 2016 #447
HAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHahahahah! barrow-wight Jun 2016 #412
.. Cha Jun 2016 #604
This message was self-deleted by its author steve2470 Jun 2016 #628
You are being silly Marrah_G Jun 2016 #221
This message was self-deleted by its author Amimnoch Jun 2016 #257
Under the constitution we all have a right to Freedom of Association and Skinner pnwmom Jun 2016 #303
SOP/ TOS sheshe2 Jun 2016 #338
Hell to the yeah! JustAnotherGen Jun 2016 #343
Some posters are just dying to proclaim: "Armen Tamzarian's reign of terror is over!!" (eom) StevieM Jun 2016 #354
Some have their own "special" rules I guess. I'll throw in a donation to DU on that post just for still_one Jun 2016 #397
"If get banned for who I support or will not support I personally will file a complaint with the Cha Jun 2016 #531
This is a private site, you have no "rights" here Marrah_G Jun 2016 #175
Gee, now I hope you don't get banned. NanceGreggs Jun 2016 #186
I hope it will not be necessary SusanLarson Jun 2016 #218
No one is holding a "banning" over your head. NanceGreggs Jun 2016 #263
I'll be waiting for the indictment! LOL charlyvi Jun 2016 #272
I wonder if Skinner ... NanceGreggs Jun 2016 #290
ROFL OKNancy Jun 2016 #307
I'll start a GoFundMe for his bail and legal fees. greatauntoftriplets Jun 2016 #325
BaJeysus. sheshe2 Jun 2016 #342
Oooooohhh!! bravenak Jun 2016 #370
ROFL! "Disgruntled Member Brings DU to it's Knees - Seeks One Million 'RECs' in Compensation!" Cha Jun 2016 #472
Hey Susan... sheshe2 Jun 2016 #320
I think she should be encouraged to go to the FBI on this one. still_one Jun 2016 #410
Skinner's rules are for the DU forum, not for the voting booth. You can, of course, vote for whom uppityperson Jun 2016 #332
"I hope it will not be necessary" barrow-wight Jun 2016 #416
Lol La Lioness Priyanka Jun 2016 #419
Ooooh! The FBI! missingthebigdog Jun 2016 #211
If it happens we will see. SusanLarson Jun 2016 #227
I am an attorney. missingthebigdog Jun 2016 #234
I really think she should be encouraged to go to the FBI on this still_one Jun 2016 #413
I know, right? missingthebigdog Jun 2016 #426
me too, because it was classic still_one Jun 2016 #440
I bookmarked that comic gem rbrnmw Jun 2016 #479
if for nothing else, these are gems. Thanks still_one Jun 2016 #482
Hmmm. I wonder if anyone has heard from diabeticman lately. . . . missingthebigdog Jun 2016 #649
Freedom of association is a constitutional right.... Skid Rogue Jun 2016 #281
This site is about supporting Democrats. sheshe2 Jun 2016 #367
I so would like to see the FBI's response to your complaint. cwydro Jun 2016 #577
CALL CONGRESS RIGHT FUCKING NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! uppityperson Jun 2016 #326
KICK & REC!!!!!!!!! still_one Jun 2016 #415
WILL SOMEBODY PLEASE THINK OF THE CHILDREN!!!!!11!!!2 NobodyHere Jun 2016 #673
Wow, that was quick still_one Jun 2016 #414
Um, that US code does not apply to the rules of this site. MohRokTah Jun 2016 #247
Not long before your grave dancing gifs have to go. Gore1FL Jun 2016 #355
If my gifs have to go, your bug gifs have to go. eom MohRokTah Jun 2016 #359
My bug gif isn't grave dancing (for months) in celebration of losing a long-time DUer. Gore1FL Jun 2016 #384
Your bug gif celebrates a long time disruptor banned for violations of TOS MohRokTah Jun 2016 #387
Nope. but thanks for playing. nt Gore1FL Jun 2016 #388
We;ll see how Skinner lets it play out. MohRokTah Jun 2016 #398
I'm pretty sure he won't allow grave dancing. Gore1FL Jun 2016 #407
I'm pretty sure he won't allow Troll celebrating MohRokTah Jun 2016 #409
Not celebrating a troll. Countering Grave dancing. Gore1FL Jun 2016 #454
The troll celebrating started after the troll was banned. MohRokTah Jun 2016 #462
If you supported the admins, you wouldn't actively try to make DU suck Gore1FL Jun 2016 #467
i dance on no graves. I swat the flies of troll celebrators. MohRokTah Jun 2016 #476
Good grief. Cary Jun 2016 #249
Overheated melodrama. Weak grasp of law, history or reality. Let me guess.... Sanders supporter? Number23 Jun 2016 #287
'bye, Walt. n/t winter is coming Jun 2016 #293
LOL, good one. nt MH1 Jun 2016 #401
LOL - I've been here since 2001 and I don't think I've ever read anything so hilarious OKNancy Jun 2016 #301
This is either hilarious deadpan Walt-Starr-evoking humor, or quite simply nuts. Nye Bevan Jun 2016 #310
Thanks for the update RockaFowler Jun 2016 #164
My suggestion to those who do not support the nominee is this: Marrah_G Jun 2016 #168
I hope that "support" means, essentially, "not oppose" Jim Lane Jun 2016 #176
You're alright, Skinner ejbr Jun 2016 #180
Thanks again, Skinner! Maeve Jun 2016 #187
Hmmm..... Fine. desmiller Jun 2016 #189
OK Dad, we will try to do better and stop bickering like three year olds. wildeyed Jun 2016 #190
If people here want to vote for Jill Stein, then say hello to President Trump NYCButterfinger Jun 2016 #193
That depends on how many vote for Gary Johnson. Jim Lane Jun 2016 #431
DU is a great site. Kang Colby Jun 2016 #195
Personally, I can live with most of that. Ken Burch Jun 2016 #203
If whoever wins is not the person I want, I'll remove myself from that election. PatrynXX Jun 2016 #204
But... the primary ends at the Convention... modestybl Jun 2016 #207
Thanks for the update and keep up the good work. FSogol Jun 2016 #209
DU without standards lost the very unique qualities that make it worthwhile. Bluenorthwest Jun 2016 #212
It would be wiser to wait until the July 25 convention chooses nominee. /nt philly_bob Jun 2016 #219
I welcome the end of the Fight Club silliness herding cats Jun 2016 #222
First, thank you for the return of courtesy as a community standard. IdaBriggs Jun 2016 #223
Up thread Skinner already said no how, no where. bettyellen Jun 2016 #492
Any post about a candidate (and if only positive) goes out into cyberspace. glinda Jun 2016 #513
It will be interesting to see if this site can be the haven that it was after "W"'s election... Walk away Jun 2016 #225
Acknowledged. PatrickforO Jun 2016 #231
Sounds good. MineralMan Jun 2016 #232
Incidentally, Dr Strange keeps leaving the toilet seat up. Orrex Jun 2016 #235
What if you want to help Bernie and not Clinton to succeed in winning the nomination? imagine2015 Jun 2016 #237
Skinner thanks for being so fair, I am hard-core Bernie supporter but your rules make sense n/t davidlynch Jun 2016 #239
focus on Trump. stonecutter357 Jun 2016 #241
Goodbye Democratic Underground McKim Jun 2016 #242
Later! wysi Jun 2016 #358
And your observation of Trump is that he's a hippie peace freak MH1 Jun 2016 #404
You won't have to worry Reter Jun 2016 #418
get ready to be shocked AntiBank Jun 2016 #578
that you for the cool head..... chillfactor Jun 2016 #245
I look foward to the day the vitriol here ends. I know i had my part in making DU suck and i hope DU hrmjustin Jun 2016 #253
Glad there will be no purges. zentrum Jun 2016 #266
I promise... ReRe Jun 2016 #267
I am looking forward to June 16 Gothmog Jun 2016 #274
Good stuff, and right at the heart of what has become a patisanship emphesis on bashing .... marble falls Jun 2016 #275
Thanks, Skinner and DU Admins tandot Jun 2016 #277
Thank you, Skinner. Very much appreciated. ((nt) Paladin Jun 2016 #278
My only concern is biased juries liberal N proud Jun 2016 #282
I know it'll all be ok annabanana Jun 2016 #284
Thanks for putting up with us! complain jane Jun 2016 #291
In a year when there is bound to be questions up until the convention, why would you start this... Joe the Revelator Jun 2016 #295
YAY! Mike Nelson Jun 2016 #297
I feel that way, too. It's difficult. Skid Rogue Jun 2016 #422
It doesn't really matter if the nominee "isn't clear" by the 16th... JHB Jun 2016 #299
Can I get unbanned from the Hillary group? I will support the nominee. ALBliberal Jun 2016 #302
You need to reach out directly to the person who blocked you JustAnotherGen Jun 2016 #349
I guess I will reach out again ALBliberal Jun 2016 #382
Why? JTFrog Jun 2016 #508
I was banned unfairly with a waving.smiley face. That's not a jab. That ALBliberal Jun 2016 #607
You were banned for your disparaging remarks. JTFrog Jun 2016 #686
Oh and who spent hours lined up here in Albuquerque to get her signature ALBliberal Jun 2016 #698
This message was self-deleted by its author MerryBlooms Jun 2016 #305
This might clear up the mystery. pnwmom Jun 2016 #340
This message was self-deleted by its author MerryBlooms Jun 2016 #345
The problem here is I lost jury duty and was no where near guilty of what was described. PufPuf23 Jun 2016 #438
If you've actually been removed from the jury pool ... NurseJackie Jun 2016 #566
On April 27 we exchanged two PMs. PufPuf23 Jun 2016 #595
Yes ... I am all powerful. :-P NurseJackie Jun 2016 #598
Evidenly so. I'm done. eom PufPuf23 Jun 2016 #602
I think that's a smart decision ... NurseJackie Jun 2016 #606
I continue to think the place needs fumigation. I hear TrollAway works wonders. Stinky The Clown Jun 2016 #306
Nice post Adolph. I'm alerting this! progressoid Jun 2016 #309
OK guys. TBF Jun 2016 #312
Thank you and question tammywammy Jun 2016 #318
Based on this thread, it has never been more apparent... wyldwolf Jun 2016 #321
Nail. ----> Head. AwakeAtLast Jun 2016 #391
^^^This!^^^ Surya Gayatri Jun 2016 #512
Thanks for laying it Wibly Jun 2016 #323
I think we should wait until something is official at the convention mvd Jun 2016 #395
You're a good soul, Skinner. Thanks and best of luck. Hekate Jun 2016 #334
Heh! flying rabbit Jun 2016 #335
My favorite post is #82. rug Jun 2016 #339
You sre a good man, Skinner libodem Jun 2016 #341
What about Pro-Sanders avatars and sig lines? They will still be permitted right? liberalnarb Jun 2016 #344
For some reason I think they will be gone as well as the Bernie Group? If that is how the die falls. glinda Jun 2016 #519
My expectation is that it will get truebluegreen Jun 2016 #347
^^That^^ onecaliberal Jun 2016 #421
Well spoken, Skinner. Adsos Letter Jun 2016 #348
This is excellent but you didn't address the real problem postatomic Jun 2016 #353
As one who has been here almost since the beginning Loki Jun 2016 #356
But what if.... Doctor Jack Jun 2016 #361
Cool. Hey can you tell me why my profile page says the Hillary Clinton Group is my favorite? cherokeeprogressive Jun 2016 #362
Uh, your profile page shows that UtahLib Jun 2016 #437
Here are your posts in the Hillary Group tammywammy Jun 2016 #465
K&R... spanone Jun 2016 #363
Thank you Skinner! DemonGoddess Jun 2016 #364
I'm in MFM008 Jun 2016 #371
I am looking forward to this. It's the way it should have been all along. stevenleser Jun 2016 #389
Thanks for the update Dem2 Jun 2016 #393
Thanks for the clarification and for letting us use your forum. uppityperson Jun 2016 #394
The divisions are deep and fundamental zeemike Jun 2016 #396
Will advocating that super-delegates vote for Bernie be allowed? jg10003 Jun 2016 #400
I think it's clear from the above announcement that it is not. barrow-wight Jun 2016 #471
advertising glinda Jun 2016 #520
I don't recall anyone caring about any of them since Nader. barrow-wight Jun 2016 #526
This is the Democratic Party. A little something called democracy also matters. Lord Magus Jun 2016 #528
Skinner: If Hillary Clinton has trouble with the law i.e., investigation, FBI, DOJ and she is bkkyosemite Jun 2016 #402
okay, so I have one week left to bash people here. Bucky Jun 2016 #403
I would hope so. rug Jun 2016 #420
Generally speaking, I think the terms of service are not well understood... CBHagman Jun 2016 #417
Agreed. Or "the other post is worse so I'm not hiding this one" which just leads to the escalation seaglass Jun 2016 #562
Its like herding cattle. Go Vols Jun 2016 #428
This sounds very reasonable to me. k&r DesertRat Jun 2016 #432
Thank you for the time... deathrind Jun 2016 #433
cool blogslut Jun 2016 #436
Thank you, Skinner! R&K nt longship Jun 2016 #444
Thanks Demsrule86 Jun 2016 #446
Thanks for spelling it all out! ucrdem Jun 2016 #451
My prediction.... Gary Johnson and Jill Stein alittlelark Jun 2016 #452
Well Jill Stein should not be discussed in the GE Demsrule86 Jun 2016 #459
As I read it, advocacy for Stein is barred but that doesn't mean she can't be discussed. Jim Lane Jun 2016 #473
Advocated for here... no. mwooldri Jun 2016 #474
I agree nt Demsrule86 Jun 2016 #489
Your fatal flaw like most anti Hillary people here is that you think your opinion is matched by a upaloopa Jun 2016 #486
Not going to happen. Johnson got 1% in 2012, Stein got a total of 450k votes TwilightZone Jun 2016 #630
Message auto-removed Name removed Jun 2016 #458
This is very disappointing, I feel that you are trying to direct the discussion in favor of Hilary. DrewFlorida Jun 2016 #463
How is it possible for Bernie to win? kerry-is-my-prez Jun 2016 #470
pretty much the only way he can is for the FBI to recommend an indictment before the convention AntiBank Jun 2016 #585
Nope, Skinner and DU always try to direct discussion in favor of the Democratic nominee. stevenleser Jun 2016 #584
Sounds good ismnotwasm Jun 2016 #469
Very Reasonable Oixi1993 Jun 2016 #475
hi newbie! glinda Jun 2016 #524
That leads to a question. RandySF Jun 2016 #477
I'm looking forward to general election on DU. bobGandolf Jun 2016 #480
Looking forward to seeing how this works out on DU goldent Jun 2016 #481
Thank you, Skinner, I'm rooting for a better and stronger DU. eom UtahLib Jun 2016 #484
I'm calling Congress and the FBI RIGHT FUCKING NOW!!111!! zappaman Jun 2016 #506
Like I've said in responce to every other thread that has announced Clinton prematurely Lordquinton Jun 2016 #510
Excellent proud patriot Jun 2016 #515
Great! Now we can all get down to the real business of totally trouncing Trump. In_The_Wind Jun 2016 #554
Why Not Wait Until The Convention When It Is Finally Decided? I'm an Old Fart Land of Enchantment Jun 2016 #560
It'll definitely be interesting Dorian Gray Jun 2016 #561
June 16 is too soon. GE mode should be for when we have a nominee - which will be in July. Betty Karlson Jun 2016 #563
The AP will call the election by June 7, when Hillary wins the majority pnwmom Jun 2016 #565
superdelegates will not be committed until July. If the AP wants to presume a lot, Betty Karlson Jun 2016 #623
Superdelegates are committed whenever they decide that they're committed. TwilightZone Jun 2016 #662
The AP doesn't "lean" any way. They'll be following their STANDARD procedure. pnwmom Jun 2016 #664
Maybe I will come by more often. JNelson6563 Jun 2016 #567
And that would be a GOOD thing! Maeve Jun 2016 #573
Hi Maeve! JNelson6563 Jun 2016 #710
Guidance on prohibited "meta-discussions" anyone? Not sure I understand. n/t MrModerate Jun 2016 #570
Meta-discussions are those about the board Maeve Jun 2016 #572
Ah, I was afraid it was a prohibition against . . . MrModerate Jun 2016 #709
i hope everyone reads and takes this to heart. barbtries Jun 2016 #574
Sounds about right... The_Commonist Jun 2016 #579
So, at what point can Bernie supporters tell Hillary supporters, 'told you so'? Dawgs Jun 2016 #580
But I really, really, REALLY wanna purge! MoonRiver Jun 2016 #581
All I ask is that the targeting of black DUers end. Liberal_Stalwart71 Jun 2016 #587
YES. betsuni Jun 2016 #592
Yup, Hillary supporters in General, black DUers in particular. nt stevenleser Jun 2016 #642
So if it's "support Hillary or else" here at DU nyabingi Jun 2016 #600
"unfortunate enough for her to become president" Maven Jun 2016 #620
I'd be happy to explain nyabingi Jun 2016 #707
"if we're unfortunate enough for her to become president" obamanut2012 Jun 2016 #621
It would be unfortunate for either to be president nyabingi Jun 2016 #706
Yeah, that isn't what that statement means obamanut2012 Jun 2016 #708
You sound like a Trump supporter Democat Jun 2016 #637
I put Hillary and Donald on about the same level nyabingi Jun 2016 #705
wise choice considering the other responses stupidicus Jun 2016 #643
Message Received lpbk2713 Jun 2016 #616
I hope you are going to do something about the repeat offenders you keep allowing back Rex Jun 2016 #633
Do we have any more flexibility in what we can say within the Bernie Group? JudyM Jun 2016 #635
Point Taken colsohlibgal Jun 2016 #636
Looking forward to the changes. LynneSin Jun 2016 #638
Perhaps you can add an appropriate check box to the alert? The Green Manalishi Jun 2016 #640
That's actually a really good idea! obamanut2012 Jun 2016 #646
We are completely changing the way we run the site. Skinner Jun 2016 #656
Thanks The Green Manalishi Jun 2016 #693
So sad to see the Freepers go. ffr Jun 2016 #652
You mean people who want universal healthcare, less war, no torture, no capital punishment, Doctor_J Jun 2016 #689
I'm ok with Hillary and I will vote for her. DocMac Jun 2016 #658
Glad to see this happening, Skinner. hamsterjill Jun 2016 #660
thank you and I love you! renate Jun 2016 #661
Why is there no paragraph about what criticism will and will not be allowed for Bernie? cui bono Jun 2016 #670
Interesting. H2O Man Jun 2016 #672
The tos say that we're allowed to be liberal. That will conflict starkly with Mrs Clinton's views Doctor_J Jun 2016 #690
I'm complete down with and looking forward to the transition SaschaHM Jun 2016 #691
So when Clinton loses the General Election RoccoR5955 Jun 2016 #694
Skinner, please see my OP, "What about an "anyone but Clinton or Sanders" scenario? Peace Patriot Jun 2016 #703
Congratulations, I think this beat even Kudzu uppityperson Jun 2016 #711
Message auto-removed Name removed May 2017 #713
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