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Yep n2doc Dec 2017 #1
Excellent! kentuck Dec 2017 #4
My father (83) is direct and concise when he says, BigmanPigman Dec 2017 #9
If the rest of the country not fooled Dec 2017 #17
That sounds delightful. Corvo Bianco Dec 2017 #18
I always liked you. mahina Dec 2017 #27
It IS nice being able to agree and discuss BigmanPigman Dec 2017 #31
So, the point is Bob Loblaw Dec 2017 #20
Goddam jesus, that is hands down the greatest post of the week! Iggo Dec 2017 #22
+1000! dchill Dec 2017 #24
excellent. myrna minx Dec 2017 #28
The Foxbot GOP will snatch up anything to make their "bias" case. oasis Dec 2017 #2
The public understands a demotion of one agent for naughty texts many months before the Fred Sanders Dec 2017 #5
I don't understand what's going on here at all. maddiemom Dec 2017 #14
Yes, it shows the opposite of bias to demote someone as soon as you know. Not mention Fred Sanders Dec 2017 #16
In general,most Wellstone ruled Dec 2017 #3
"f*cking moron" Vs. "f*cking idiot" ? Tuff call Achilleaze Dec 2017 #6
Nonsensical argument? LakeArenal Dec 2017 #7
Rex Tillerson is a Soros mole inside the tRump administration! . . . . . nt Bernardo de La Paz Dec 2017 #8
one difference is that, officially, Tillerson does not admit to having said that. (n/t) thesquanderer Dec 2017 #10
But, weren't there reported witnesses? kentuck Dec 2017 #11
Tillerson didn't deny it, either PJMcK Dec 2017 #19
According to the IQ Scale an idiot has a lower intelligence level than a moron. jalan48 Dec 2017 #12
Graham called him a "kook", too. George II Dec 2017 #13
From a Dictionary spike jones Dec 2017 #15
When does an American citizen not have a right to a free opinion and speach? randr Dec 2017 #21
K&R. dchill Dec 2017 #23
Umm, the real point about it is.... garybeck Dec 2017 #25
They are just following their lead from the RW media underpants Dec 2017 #26
Apparently, FBI agents are sworn to tell the truth. Martin Eden Dec 2017 #29
Yes this whole thing is orchestrated. The leaking of the texts - which were not supposed to Kirk Lover Dec 2017 #30
You dont get it. "Timing" is what makes Ferrets are Cool Dec 2017 #32
add effing imbecile to the list Motley13 Dec 2017 #33
Everything is so blatantly obvious. It makes me nuts. Must make most of the country nuts. N/T SleeplessinSoCal Dec 2017 #34
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