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27. This is kinda familiar
Sat Dec 9, 2017, 10:18 AM
Dec 2017

I like Nance, and I like Claude.

Nance's tweet is what DEMS often do, though. We let perfect stand in the way of good.

When Charlie Crist was running for Governor against Rick Scott in '14, DU was ballistic. We hated Crist because there was no way we'd endorse a former republican and opportunist. Mind you, there was never an alternative DEM candidate offered - we just didn't want Charlie Crist.

Well, eight years, two vote purges, and a Red State later, we have Gov. Rick Scott.

(At least we didn't get Crist, though, right?)

KICK Angry Dragon Dec 2017 #1
Huh? greeny2323 Dec 2017 #2
I like the idea of publicly shaming these mofos bathroommonkey76 Dec 2017 #4
++++ agree iluvtennis Dec 2017 #16
Too bad he has no credibility. Need another source JI7 Dec 2017 #3
Maybe you should start a new crowd fund with this idea. bathroommonkey76 Dec 2017 #5
Hahahaha !!! Super riposte ! OnDoutside Dec 2017 #25
Follow his tweets - you will see he does have credibility!! womanofthehills Dec 2017 #20
The number of followers someone has doesn't necessarily equate to credibility. PunkinPi Dec 2017 #30
Agree, JI7. OP's dead wrong as far as I'm concerned. Hortensis Dec 2017 #23
DUIs in Florida are like mosquito bites. VOX Dec 2017 #6
His goal seems to be moving bathroommonkey76 Dec 2017 #7
Hey, if it works... VOX Dec 2017 #8
Aren't his drunk driving records public? Why speculate? Just state them on BB. The Wielding Truth Dec 2017 #9
I think these's a big difference in something being of public record that most folks Upthevibe Dec 2017 #10
i'm not giving money to clause taylor so he can tell me a rethug is a scumbag Takket Dec 2017 #11
Another gofundme? melman Dec 2017 #12
Sorry, I only know of this one started by Claude. bathroommonkey76 Dec 2017 #13
He's had several fund schemes melman Dec 2017 #14
He is not a grifter - womanofthehills Dec 2017 #18
He absolutely is melman Dec 2017 #21
IYHO WhiteTara Dec 2017 #24
Show me proof of the crowd funds started by Claude bathroommonkey76 Dec 2017 #22
Let's hope he tweets the exact location of the billboard after it's up. ancianita Dec 2017 #15
Why would he not???????? womanofthehills Dec 2017 #19
An anti Obama Republican Fake 9/11 responder is financially backed by Claude Taylor & Louise Mensch greyl Dec 2017 #17
Wow! Duppers Dec 2017 #26
This is kinda familiar UncleTomsEvilBrother Dec 2017 #27
#TeamPillowForts demmiblue Dec 2017 #28
Just as troubling mercuryblues Dec 2017 #29
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