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I Agree. I have a thread just below Yours. Ccarmona Nov 2017 #1
We hope such a person exists. elleng Nov 2017 #6
My vote for party head or next prez candidate is Ted Danson rwsanders Nov 2017 #54
I thought there was somone from Indiana, not well known question everything Nov 2017 #55
South Bend mayor? elleng Nov 2017 #60
Pete Buttigieg question everything Nov 2017 #61
LOTS of good things about him, elleng Nov 2017 #63
Yes. Ignorance and contempt based on it just shouldn't Hortensis Nov 2017 #165
Uuuhm no Glamrock Nov 2017 #130
This message was self-deleted by its author LovingA2andMI Nov 2017 #96
Time to throw awat the "purity test" in general if we ever want to win question everything Nov 2017 #108
Let me guess... he said Dems win when we lead with our values. InAbLuEsTaTe Nov 2017 #42
Who is "the Right Person to Lead the DNC"? George II Nov 2017 #64
Dean Me. Nov 2017 #89
Someone with more political and/or fundraising experience like virtually all of the past DNC Midwestern Democrat Nov 2017 #100
Someone with a better media presence, more commanding speaking style. Sorry but it's important. SharonAnn Nov 2017 #101
THIS Atman Nov 2017 #120
He hasn't much charisma, but being charismatic isn't his job. The Velveteen Ocelot Nov 2017 #2
How do you see that happening? Atman Nov 2017 #5
Hey, I wanted Keith Ellison to be the chair. The Velveteen Ocelot Nov 2017 #10
+1 n/t jaysunb Nov 2017 #19
It's time to let KE take the reigns... he rocks! InAbLuEsTaTe Nov 2017 #43
Perez did a great job...can you never be happy about a win? WE WON. Keith had his chance and lost Demsrule86 Nov 2017 #146
My comment was on Monday... wish I had your psychic powers!! haha InAbLuEsTaTe Nov 2017 #153
When is the next election for DNC chair? mfcorey1 Nov 2017 #154
No idea... guessin not before the 2018 mid-terms... InAbLuEsTaTe Nov 2017 #155
Sorry...should have looked at the date...mea culpa mea maxima culpa...the polls were Demsrule86 Nov 2017 #157
No worries Dem, we all make mistakes... InAbLuEsTaTe Nov 2017 #158
Amen...let's kick some GOP butt and thanks for your gracious response. Demsrule86 Nov 2017 #159
Does anyone even know, without going to google, who the RNC chairman is? I don't. George II Nov 2017 #110
Ok well maybe he should stay off the TV then. woolldog Nov 2017 #7
Howard Dean had the 50 states strategy that brought the win by Obama question everything Nov 2017 #58
Being on TV requires good TV presence to be effective. SharonAnn Nov 2017 #102
Agree. Agschmid Nov 2017 #3
I echo your sentiments. InAbLuEsTaTe Nov 2017 #46
Yeah, I tuned out when he came on woolldog Nov 2017 #4
Did he talk about values? Because I never get tired of that one. nt Guy Whitey Corngood Nov 2017 #8
We must LEAD with our values!!! Usually says that in the first sentence. InAbLuEsTaTe Nov 2017 #48
What is the opposite of bold and dynamic? Chasstev365 Nov 2017 #9
Somebody must have liked him. jalan48 Nov 2017 #11
That someone was President Obama, I thought? n/t DonaldsRump Nov 2017 #14
Obama liked DWS too as I remember. jalan48 Nov 2017 #16
It was decided that Perez and not Ellison should be the chair because The Velveteen Ocelot Nov 2017 #23
It "was decided?" "They" wanted a full time administrator. shanny Nov 2017 #26
What a lame conspiracy. R B Garr Nov 2017 #45
I was objecting to the framing in the previous post, bucko shanny Nov 2017 #71
Your framing was the tired rigged conspiracy in response. R B Garr Nov 2017 #75
Whatever you say. Clearly you know what is in my head better than I do. shanny Nov 2017 #80
Okay, sorry. The post you responded to was very clear and there wasn't any framing, R B Garr Nov 2017 #82
There was a vote, majority picked Perez. Perez signed up Ellison to help run the DNC emulatorloo Nov 2017 #62
See my response to the previous post shanny Nov 2017 #72
Could use more clarity I guess. You're assuming people are following your thought processes emulatorloo Nov 2017 #77
Thanks. shanny Nov 2017 #81
Will edit my post emulatorloo Nov 2017 #84
Thank you again. shanny Nov 2017 #103
Instead of a competent executive you'd rather have a tv star to FSogol Nov 2017 #12
Yep. joshcryer Nov 2017 #13
No, but thanks for playing. Atman Nov 2017 #17
Yes, the two concepts are NOT mutually exclusive. InAbLuEsTaTe Nov 2017 #51
Hello. cilla4progress Nov 2017 #86
LOL, I forget, when did Obama run the DNC? FSogol Nov 2017 #99
President is titular head cilla4progress Nov 2017 #105
That doesn't make him the head of the DNC. FSogol Nov 2017 #106
Thats who beat 17 Reps SirBrockington Nov 2017 #31
Perez isnt running for office, he's a manager. FSogol Nov 2017 #33
So, when you have a bad experience and want to talk to the manager... Atman Nov 2017 #40
He is a wonderful breath of fresh air after listening R B Garr Nov 2017 #50
Its about messaging. You have to reach the idiots out there. And thats what it takes Thrill Nov 2017 #56
About that competent executive Yupster Nov 2017 #114
To be fair, Reince Priebus had the charisma of a dead fish... and the Republicans have been winning. SaschaHM Nov 2017 #15
Rinse Pubis got fired long ago. Atman Nov 2017 #18
Priebus wasnt fired from the RNC BannonsLiver Nov 2017 #20
Correct. My bad. Atman Nov 2017 #24
So maybe you should give Perez a break emulatorloo Nov 2017 #41
No. Atman Nov 2017 #44
You insist Perez be "charasmatic" and you've been shown charisma is not a requirement to do an emulatorloo Nov 2017 #49
And maybe that's why Democrats keep losing. Atman Nov 2017 #52
As others have told you, Perez is a manager. He's not a Democratic politician running for office. emulatorloo Nov 2017 #59
I can't keep up with your flipping and flopping in this thread. moda253 Nov 2017 #109
I have no idea what you're talking about. Atman Nov 2017 #117
Democrats won last night...and you saw the power of the gerrymander...we won by 9 points and yet the Demsrule86 Nov 2017 #145
Priebus became Chief of Staff and before that he oversaw the GOP climb back to power. SaschaHM Nov 2017 #22
blaming losses, so far, under Perez is bullshit bigtree Nov 2017 #21
I agree. Why don't we give him support and help. Easy to criticize when you are not doing a damn coolsandy Nov 2017 #107
Guess you want him carrying on about Millionaires and Billionaires? GulfCoast66 Nov 2017 #25
"It is someone elses job to get votes." Atman Nov 2017 #27
so...is his job sucking up to said millionaires and billionaires? shanny Nov 2017 #28
Whats the dollar limit to not get insulted? R B Garr Nov 2017 #35
Such binary thinking. Btw DNC doesn't set policy, not their job. emulatorloo Nov 2017 #38
Speaking of embarrassing yourself, you must have a short memory. shanny Nov 2017 #70
Cute but no sale emulatorloo Nov 2017 #73
You sound a little defensive. shanny Nov 2017 #78
Tablet but I am old lol emulatorloo Nov 2017 #87
Your eyes are fine. You read that correctly. R B Garr Nov 2017 #90
Nah has to do w me getting confused w who was replying to who in another thread the other day emulatorloo Nov 2017 #92
Well, your response was correct about millionaires R B Garr Nov 2017 #93
ANd then there is the fact that hardly anything has been done to secure our elections; how many Amaryllis Nov 2017 #29
Talking about it SirBrockington Nov 2017 #32
That's not the DNC's job. They fundraise, they support candidates, they put on the convention emulatorloo Nov 2017 #36
YES! elleng Nov 2017 #67
I miss Howard. democrank Nov 2017 #30
Indeed SirBrockington Nov 2017 #34
Amen!! Duppers Nov 2017 #116
I was bored watching him SirBrockington Nov 2017 #37
Boy, do I agree with you. Polly Hennessey Nov 2017 #39
I agree 100% Catch2.2 Nov 2017 #47
The DNC needed Dean badly Thrill Nov 2017 #53
THEN, yes, elleng Nov 2017 #68
Well they won't get him...they had their chance, nor will they get Ellison...it is a done deal so Demsrule86 Nov 2017 #147
Actually the Democrats have been WINNING many state and local races lately. LBM20 Nov 2017 #57
The fact that we have no tv ad campaign against Laura PourMeADrink Nov 2017 #65
It's Chris Hayes, not "Chris Haye's". George II Nov 2017 #66
Chris Hayes' show. elleng Nov 2017 #69
If you had seen him yesterday on Univision, you'd feel even worse... lunamagica Nov 2017 #74
Inspiring as a cold noodle that needs to clear its throat. A-Schwarzenegger Nov 2017 #76
he was bad, I hope someone explains to him why Hamlette Nov 2017 #79
Reince Priebus has no on-air appeal. LisaM Nov 2017 #83
Feckless too summer_in_TX Nov 2017 #85
Press release from today. NCTraveler Nov 2017 #148
I've not been impressed with him. n/t RKP5637 Nov 2017 #88
KE Snackshack Nov 2017 #91
Perez is not the candidate. lancelyons Nov 2017 #94
he is not inspirational or telegenic SoCalDem Nov 2017 #95
Well I live in MN and I'd rather have him focused on his JOB! moda253 Nov 2017 #112
I agree he has all the charisma of a ham sandwich nt doc03 Nov 2017 #97
Who is the head of the RNC? treestar Nov 2017 #98
I find it very interesting that the day before Election Day we see all these OPs pop up.... George II Nov 2017 #104
Yup and Noticing many of them have low post totals moda253 Nov 2017 #113
Hmmmmm peggysue2 Nov 2017 #118
30,780 is now considered a low post count? Atman Nov 2017 #122
I worked on minority outreach for the Northam campaign. Atman Nov 2017 #121
We only have local elections this year, but I've worked on the campaigns since August. I'm also.... George II Nov 2017 #123
I only criticized Tom Perez a day or two before the election because... Atman Nov 2017 #124
Got it...never mind that he presided over the biggest election win in Virginian in history...a Demsrule86 Nov 2017 #149
DNC Chair needs to be an administrator; not necessarily an evangelist. lagomorph777 Nov 2017 #111
Glad I'm not the only who thought this. Duppers Nov 2017 #115
Even as a Sanders guy, I think Buttigieg would have brought.. mvd Nov 2017 #119
And this is what this is all about...Perez is not a Sander's man...well too bad so sad...he is Demsrule86 Nov 2017 #150
Yeah for Tom Perez and the DLCC Gothmog Nov 2017 #125
You might want to eat those words. That's a good thing ;) mucifer Nov 2017 #126
Might. Atman Nov 2017 #127
well for a change were NOT LOSING MFM008 Nov 2017 #128
WE'RE NOT LOSING Skittles Nov 2017 #129
lol bigtree Nov 2017 #131
people don't vote based on how PArty CHair appears on TV JI7 Nov 2017 #132
In light of last night's results, I'll happy take more of this "uninspired drivel" !!! ;) OnDoutside Nov 2017 #133
Well, we won big last night didn't we? I think Congratulations are in order. (nt) ehrnst Nov 2017 #134
Indeed...best candidate recruitment I have seen in years...moderates Demsrule86 Nov 2017 #151
From Tom Perez Gothmog Nov 2017 #135
lol yeah no wonder Democrats are losing!!!!!!!!! Drunken Irishman Nov 2017 #136
Uhm...no. I posted this a couple of days ago. Atman Nov 2017 #137
Well there you go - silly to make a judgement call off one performance... Drunken Irishman Nov 2017 #138
I made a comment on the performance I saw. Atman Nov 2017 #139
Na'. It was a silly comment. Drunken Irishman Nov 2017 #141
Judging by the number of responses in agreement... Atman Nov 2017 #142
Oh please...plenty still upset that Sen. Sander's guy Keith Ellison didn't win ...they don't like Demsrule86 Nov 2017 #152
I don't care about Keith Ellison one way or another. Atman Nov 2017 #161
Well if if you say so...but there wasn't anyway to judge him before Tuesday... Demsrule86 Nov 2017 #164
Your premise was not a comment, but rather a logical fallacy LanternWaste Nov 2017 #160
I needed "objective evidence" to support my personal opinion? Atman Nov 2017 #162
Fox host melts down as DNC chairman Perez gloats over Tuesday's big election wins Gothmog Nov 2017 #140
wow he kicked ass! mucifer Nov 2017 #156
I was proud of how Perez handled that fox news idiot Gothmog Nov 2017 #163
Ok...first of all...he did a great job last night...so who cares what you think. Demsrule86 Nov 2017 #143
This aged well. VermontKevin Nov 2017 #144
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