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100. Montana, depends on the context and class.
Fri Oct 27, 2017, 05:54 PM
Oct 2017

I'm totally against teaching any part of religious theology in public schools (or publicly funded charters) which in any way could sway a child toward religion, or toward any sect.

That said, it may be necessary to include some church history and background as a part of say, World History or the History of Europe. We don't want to stifle learning about those things, such as the Crusades or the religious foundations of many of the past empires.

I am curious how this was justified in a Social Studies class, though.

Flat out teaching Christianity, illegal, i say give em hell Eliot Rosewater Oct 2017 #1
Thanks. MontanaMama Oct 2017 #18
I disagree. As an English teacher, i am glad when the kids know this stuff adigal Oct 2017 #126
I dont see any reason anyone needs to know Eliot Rosewater Oct 2017 #127
Seriously? Easter is incredibly important in both the history adigal Oct 2017 #131
As long as equal time is given to at least 3 other religions, fine. Eliot Rosewater Oct 2017 #134
We teach literature mostly from Europe, thus mostly a Christian background adigal Oct 2017 #137
Nope. MontanaMama Oct 2017 #174
If you're teaching Bible, you shouldn't be teaching in a public school mountain grammy Oct 2017 #168
I don't think it is appropriate personally. Demsrule86 Oct 2017 #248
"christ" is opinion, not fact Mosby Oct 2017 #2
I've always thought that the existence of Jesus MontanaMama Oct 2017 #21
Jesus was almost certainly a real man Drahthaardogs Oct 2017 #87
The ossuary and Peter's remains are very disputed. Codeine Oct 2017 #128
No they are not Drahthaardogs Oct 2017 #159
Didn't they just find Peter's bones AGAIN? Like, they've found them a couple of times. VermontKevin Oct 2017 #185
There are always those saying they found them for real Drahthaardogs Oct 2017 #211
"Pilates" should never have existed, but "Pilate" was only disputed by those who never read Philo VermontKevin Oct 2017 #217
Autocorrect likes to change Pilates to Drahthaardogs Oct 2017 #218
Lost again. Lol. VermontKevin Oct 2017 #219
This is funny! Drahthaardogs Oct 2017 #221
Ha! Drahthaardogs Oct 2017 #220
At first I thought you were giving the edhopper Oct 2017 #200
Yes. Even the most famous Jesus myther Drahthaardogs Oct 2017 #210
Though it's funny how some Christains edhopper Oct 2017 #212
Alternatively guillaumeb Oct 2017 #81
Hmmmm. MontanaMama Oct 2017 #90
Muslims do honor Jesus as a prophet. guillaumeb Oct 2017 #93
I didn't know this! MontanaMama Oct 2017 #95
None !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! n/t RKP5637 Oct 2017 #3
That's what I was thinking... eom MontanaMama Oct 2017 #22
None Matthew28 Oct 2017 #4
I lean this way as well. MontanaMama Oct 2017 #26
I'm a bit divided on this... Wounded Bear Oct 2017 #5
No part of Medieval history turned on knowing the first important sacrament marylandblue Oct 2017 #24
95 Thesis. The Reformation Drahthaardogs Oct 2017 #225
That's after the Renaissance marylandblue Oct 2017 #226
So? Drahthaardogs Oct 2017 #227
Church history is a big part of European history marylandblue Oct 2017 #229
Their whole life revolved around the Church Drahthaardogs Oct 2017 #230
Which one of those events involved knowing the 7 sacraments? marylandblue Oct 2017 #231
Uh, Council of Nicaea... Drahthaardogs Oct 2017 #236
Mostly concerned the Arian Heresy and not during the Middle Ages marylandblue Oct 2017 #237
Okay, we are done. Drahthaardogs Oct 2017 #239
There is no need to be insulting marylandblue Oct 2017 #241
I have given multiple reasons WHY Drahthaardogs Oct 2017 #242
My original comment: "no part of medieval history turns on knowing the first important sacrament." marylandblue Oct 2017 #243
Maybe, but... Drahthaardogs Oct 2017 #245
Well you could be right about that marylandblue Oct 2017 #249
I agree. Drahthaardogs Oct 2017 #250
Thanks. MontanaMama Oct 2017 #27
Addressing religion in a historical context is one thing, indoctrination is another. Irish_Dem Oct 2017 #105
None. nt frogmarch Oct 2017 #6
I would certainly ask those questions wryter2000 Oct 2017 #7
I agree. MontanaMama Oct 2017 #28
All or nothing.... Thomas Hurt Oct 2017 #8
When I was a Catholic kid MontanaMama Oct 2017 #56
the Mormons were not a majority in my hometown, they kept it on the down low. Thomas Hurt Oct 2017 #66
The comparative study of religions is probably a good thing. milestogo Oct 2017 #9
Yeah... MontanaMama Oct 2017 #32
Most people are illiterate regarding all religions, including their own. kwassa Oct 2017 #120
I Agree ProfessorGAC Oct 2017 #238
i agree. Im atheist but i took World Religions in College..great class! samnsara Oct 2017 #252
So Did I ProfessorGAC Oct 2017 #254
The church was a hugely important institution in Medieval Europe HopeAgain Oct 2017 #10
I don't think religion should be taught or discussed TheDebbieDee Oct 2017 #11
So much literature is based on the Church, as that was the major social, adigal Oct 2017 #129
Would need to know a little more about the context gratuitous Oct 2017 #12
Great points! MontanaMama Oct 2017 #34
Keep in mind the curricula is set by the state and the school district n/t TexasBushwhacker Oct 2017 #48
None. That's what church is for. octoberlib Oct 2017 #13
Exactly what MontanaMama Oct 2017 #36
How about these questions instead? MineralMan Oct 2017 #14
None.. BlueJac Oct 2017 #15
Haha! MontanaMama Oct 2017 #37
You have to understand Christian traditions, beliefs, rituals adigal Oct 2017 #138
This would be my hope MontanaMama Oct 2017 #149
That's funny! Joking, right? mountain grammy Oct 2017 #170
Ok, when you have any logical responses we can chat adigal Oct 2017 #188
Nothing rational to discuss with someone mountain grammy Oct 2017 #194
Maybe you should read better...I dont teach the Bible adigal Oct 2017 #195
You said you are teaching the bible.. mountain grammy Oct 2017 #197
Yes for the right reason Averagegrunt Oct 2017 #16
Agreed, but looking at the depth of the questions it appears to me that rurallib Oct 2017 #33
Info Averagegrunt Oct 2017 #40
Agreed MontanaMama Oct 2017 #58
Thanks. MontanaMama Oct 2017 #43
I can agree Averagegrunt Oct 2017 #116
I get you on this. MontanaMama Oct 2017 #118
I teach hs English and I see no issue with this information adigal Oct 2017 #135
This Averagegrunt Oct 2017 #147
I think those questions cross over into teaching about Christianity ... crosinski Oct 2017 #17
This thread MontanaMama Oct 2017 #61
As others have said these questions exboyfil Oct 2017 #19
You do realize that Lutheranism paved the way for feudalism Drahthaardogs Oct 2017 #23
I think your timeline is a bit skewed... Wounded Bear Oct 2017 #31
I meant paved the way for the fall of it Drahthaardogs Oct 2017 #42
I think a larger reason for the fall of feudalism was the plague dhol82 Oct 2017 #101
Yes, during plagues, the peasants took off from the land and headed to adigal Oct 2017 #141
Feudalism came to England with the French, 1066. Feudalism means adigal Oct 2017 #139
Cool. Did not know the military aspect of feudalism. dhol82 Oct 2017 #152
I am not sure that Lutheranism exboyfil Oct 2017 #38
Not to be too theological, but Sola fidelis as Luther Drahthaardogs Oct 2017 #47
Interesting point exboyfil Oct 2017 #55
In my mind, Luther left confession Drahthaardogs Oct 2017 #72
Luther came after. NutmegYankee Oct 2017 #63
I omitted the fall Drahthaardogs Oct 2017 #73
I too was browsing on the phone. NutmegYankee Oct 2017 #85
Luther was much later. WinkyDink Oct 2017 #150
Feudalism existed long before Luther. The Velveteen Ocelot Oct 2017 #155
Exactly. MontanaMama Oct 2017 #45
The history of Rome, The Church, and the modern world Drahthaardogs Oct 2017 #20
The question is how deep do you go into exboyfil Oct 2017 #46
Today, it's not Drahthaardogs Oct 2017 #52
So who is the number 2? exboyfil Oct 2017 #59
I have no idea! MontanaMama Oct 2017 #70
I believe the Secretary of State would not be Pope Drahthaardogs Oct 2017 #76
Exactly! MontanaMama Oct 2017 #67
My first automatic reaction was NONE. However, northoftheborder Oct 2017 #25
Thank you. MontanaMama Oct 2017 #49
Actually, if we had an official religion the evangelicals Drahthaardogs Oct 2017 #92
I had the same initial first reaction, but then I reconsidered and think it should only smirkymonkey Oct 2017 #125
If the lesson is focused on European history in the middle ages ClarendonDem Oct 2017 #202
I teach public college and I include a lot of this stuff. Coventina Oct 2017 #29
I learned a lot about various Religions studying Art History.. annabanana Oct 2017 #64
I was the same way. I couldn't "get" history just by lectures. It took art history to make sense Coventina Oct 2017 #107
I get that. MontanaMama Oct 2017 #69
Well, I would say, Christianity was THE dominating force in the European Middle Ages. Coventina Oct 2017 #108
Cardinals and Bishops were very crucial in both history and literature adigal Oct 2017 #133
Zero, Zip, Nada, None, Zilch, Nil, Naught, Nix, Nought, Nihil. SamKnause Oct 2017 #30
Tell me how you really feel? MontanaMama Oct 2017 #71
Then you are going to have amazingly uneducated dolts in schools nt adigal Oct 2017 #140
religion should definitely handmade34 Oct 2017 #35
Thank you for this! MontanaMama Oct 2017 #74
slightly off topic, but the middle question rurallib Oct 2017 #39
That's what I thought, too ProudLib72 Oct 2017 #53
Yep. MontanaMama Oct 2017 #75
This is too much for a 7th grader LeftInTX Oct 2017 #41
YES! MontanaMama Oct 2017 #78
Lots of reasns for them to know it, and why not? adigal Oct 2017 #143
Just enough to spell it correctly. L. Coyote Oct 2017 #44
Great is like a discussion of witchcraft Not Ruth Oct 2017 #50
Fine to provide a general outline of all the European religions at the time. lagomorph777 Oct 2017 #51
Religion of any kind has NO place in public school. Doreen Oct 2017 #54
Those questions don't strike me as problematic ClarendonDem Oct 2017 #57
None as far as trying to subject young mind to a specific belief/dogma. Kleveland Oct 2017 #60
lol, I went all 4 years of High school to a christian school OriginalGeek Oct 2017 #62
So how do I teach Canterbury Tales without discussing the Church? adigal Oct 2017 #191
Nope OriginalGeek Oct 2017 #223
That teacher would hear from me as well, had I a child in the class. Solly Mack Oct 2017 #65
Yes, MontanaMama Oct 2017 #82
NONE Skittles Oct 2017 #68
I'm waiting for the teacher MontanaMama Oct 2017 #80
How about they watch Monty Python and the Holy Grail and check it off the list? Not Ruth Oct 2017 #77
If only! MontanaMama Oct 2017 #79
what are the state standards? janterry Oct 2017 #83
I'd like to go MontanaMama Oct 2017 #86
A section of history class dealing briefly with the history of religion in the US guillaumeb Oct 2017 #84
Didn't even think of the ACLU. MontanaMama Oct 2017 #88
I think comparative religion is a legitimate subject meow2u3 Oct 2017 #89
I don't have an issue with it MontanaMama Oct 2017 #94
Appropriate ONLY IF similar questions about other religions are also asked, elleng Oct 2017 #91
It doesn't appear that any other MontanaMama Oct 2017 #98
ABSOLUTELY supported. elleng Oct 2017 #113
If the literature isnt Muslim or Jewish based, why teach them. adigal Oct 2017 #144
Teach as HISTORY, not as 'literature.' elleng Oct 2017 #145
I teach British lit, which is all based on Europe, which was mostly adigal Oct 2017 #146
Teaching the bible in a public school is malpractice. mountain grammy Oct 2017 #171
If the students have no background, how can they understand the literature? adigal Oct 2017 #187
You are teaching bible study in a public school. mountain grammy Oct 2017 #196
Where does anyone support "teaching the bible"? ClarendonDem Oct 2017 #203
See post #131 mountain grammy Oct 2017 #205
That post looks reasonable to me ClarendonDem Oct 2017 #216
No this teacher says he/she is mountain grammy Oct 2017 #222
Nonsense. Drahthaardogs Oct 2017 #161
NO NONSENSE, elleng Oct 2017 #166
Why? Drahthaardogs Oct 2017 #169
So DON'T teach them all, elleng Oct 2017 #180
I don't care if it has 4 billion followers Drahthaardogs Oct 2017 #183
100% correct - i get discouraged when Dems fear things being taught adigal Oct 2017 #190
None! Daphne08 Oct 2017 #96
Great feedback. MontanaMama Oct 2017 #99
What subject did you teach? If you taught English or History and REFUSED adigal Oct 2017 #142
the ppl you should ask are The Freedom From Religion samnsara Oct 2017 #97
I've got a call in to the teacher MontanaMama Oct 2017 #102
Montana, depends on the context and class. KY_EnviroGuy Oct 2017 #100
Me too KY_EnviroGuy. MontanaMama Oct 2017 #104
Thanks, and please let us know what happens! KY_EnviroGuy Oct 2017 #111
An alternative way to handle this would be to find avebury Oct 2017 #103
Oh snap! MontanaMama Oct 2017 #106
I was force fed creationism loyalsister Oct 2017 #109
Shouldn't this be taught in church? Not in school. And why Catholicism? blueinredohio Oct 2017 #110
the history of the church handmade34 Oct 2017 #184
I would want a gander at the textbook and curriculum for the course NotASurfer Oct 2017 #112
I would do exactly that MontanaMama Oct 2017 #117
Good advice. NT Adrahil Oct 2017 #122
Pretty hard to teach history art or literature without including religion. ileus Oct 2017 #114
actually impossible in Western Civ. kwassa Oct 2017 #121
In a STRICT historical context, it should be okay. VOX Oct 2017 #115
Depends on context. Adrahil Oct 2017 #119
I would have a BIG problem with this! Luciferous Oct 2017 #123
As do I. MontanaMama Oct 2017 #163
Well I hope you get some answers. My kids Luciferous Oct 2017 #175
Oh hell yes. MontanaMama Oct 2017 #176
Well it's Mississippi. We do a lot of supplemental Luciferous Oct 2017 #177
What I object to .... kwassa Oct 2017 #124
Exactly. MontanaMama Oct 2017 #164
I'm assuming this is a public school NastyRiffraff Oct 2017 #130
Public middle school. MontanaMama Oct 2017 #165
More than how much, the question would be how they do it karynnj Oct 2017 #132
Very good. MontanaMama Oct 2017 #151
Definitely not enough so kids learn how to spell it. n/t rzemanfl Oct 2017 #136
IMO, enough to understand the basic allusions in the art and literature they study. Same with WinkyDink Oct 2017 #148
Christians beleive Christ rose from the dead. What holiday celebrates that? Would have been a more brewens Oct 2017 #153
A certain amount of understanding Christianity and the Catholic Church is crucial for understanding cemaphonic Oct 2017 #154
Oh yes. MontanaMama Oct 2017 #156
It's pretty tough to understand European history without knowing something The Velveteen Ocelot Oct 2017 #157
I always enjoy your perspective VO, MontanaMama Oct 2017 #158
And don't forget music! MyOwnPeace Oct 2017 #160
This is ok if.... nini Oct 2017 #162
Not to my knowledge. MontanaMama Oct 2017 #167
If not.. I bet they get calls from the Non Catholic Christians too nini Oct 2017 #182
Depends on the point of the lesson adigal Oct 2017 #192
idoctrination yortsed snacilbuper Oct 2017 #172
Bingo. eom. MontanaMama Oct 2017 #173
Former catholic, myself. Kath2 Oct 2017 #178
Former Catholic here as well. MontanaMama Oct 2017 #179
Amen (LOL) to that, sister. Kath2 Oct 2017 #181
the golden rule & the beatitudes. and render unto caesar what is his. nothing else. pansypoo53219 Oct 2017 #186
Just the mention of the word is plenty for me madokie Oct 2017 #189
Yep. MontanaMama Oct 2017 #198
I went to sunday school (not Catholic) but, ... JustABozoOnThisBus Oct 2017 #193
I'm 52 years old MontanaMama Oct 2017 #199
I'm a former catholic and don't have an issue with those questions. It sounds like they are getting SweetieD Oct 2017 #201
Yup ClarendonDem Oct 2017 #204
I am certainly not anti-Christian. MontanaMama Oct 2017 #206
Thanks for your response. MontanaMama Oct 2017 #207
I don't see a problem with the assignment. Captain Stern Oct 2017 #208
On the surface I would agree. MontanaMama Oct 2017 #209
The question isnt how much religion should be discussed in public schools, J_William_Ryan Oct 2017 #213
Thank you for your MontanaMama Oct 2017 #214
It should not be discussed outside of history class LittleBlue Oct 2017 #215
This is the social in social studies of the church in midieval Europe aikoaiko Oct 2017 #224
I think an entire assignment on the church is wrong for a public school Bettie Oct 2017 #228
Discussed? Any of it. Preached? None of it. (n/t) Iggo Oct 2017 #232
I have a PhD in History. a la izquierda Oct 2017 #233
Yes they are. MontanaMama Oct 2017 #234
Learning about the churches impact within Medieval Europe is logosoco Oct 2017 #235
Sounds legit to me logosoco. MontanaMama Oct 2017 #240
Up to the point on how to spell - R E L I G I O N N/T rufus dog Oct 2017 #244
What your son witnessed is wrong. Blue_true Oct 2017 #246
I am waiting for a call back from the MontanaMama Oct 2017 #253
I don't think it should be allowed. It establishes Christianity as the National religion Demsrule86 Oct 2017 #247
History Vidal Oct 2017 #251
Doesn't seem over the line to me. Agnostic history fanatic here. Decoy of Fenris Oct 2017 #255
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