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Mon Oct 23, 2017, 04:41 PM Oct 2017

Do you think the term flyover country is offensive? [View all]

The term is shorthand for the vast area of states between the Atlantic and Pacific coasts. Gulf coast and Great Lake states (except for Eastern Florida and the Chicago metroplex) are typically included in this area. However the term is sometimes used to dismiss the people in those states as unimportant, uninformed or out of touch.

45 votes, 2 passes | Time left: Unlimited
I find the term offensive and I am from an east/west coast state.
10 (22%)
I find the term offensive and I am from a state not along the east/west coast.
8 (18%)
I do not find the term offensive and I am from an east/west coast state.
13 (29%)
I do not find the term offensive and I am from a state not along the east/west coast.
13 (29%)
Do not know/Do not care/Other
1 (2%)
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sure d_r Oct 2017 #1
Now we know they are not unimportant treestar Oct 2017 #2
I am from rural Illinois. murielm99 Oct 2017 #3
It's condescending. octoberlib Oct 2017 #4
It's stupid as well, considering those "flyover states" include whathehell Oct 2017 #76
Its supposed to be a joke maxsolomon Oct 2017 #5
Like Betty Price saying that HIV positive people should be quarantined? Thor_MN Oct 2017 #9
Yeah, jokes like that maxsolomon Oct 2017 #14
While the term may not have been derogatory back in 1976, it has certainly become so in 41 years. LonePirate Oct 2017 #17
Almost any term can be used in a derogatory manner maxsolomon Oct 2017 #19
The term applies to all residents of those areas, not just his voters and it applies to you as well. LonePirate Oct 2017 #32
Well, I'm from there maxsolomon Oct 2017 #35
Gee, the "N" word goes back to the 16th century, so I guess people should just get over it, huh? Thor_MN Oct 2017 #25
You think "Flyover Country" is equivalent to "Nigger"? maxsolomon Oct 2017 #34
Equivalent, no. But in your tortured logic, it should be less offensive than "Flyover Country" Thor_MN Oct 2017 #38
That's an offensive comparison, and you're clearly desperate to be pissed off about nothing Orrex Oct 2017 #53
That was indeed an extreme and bad comparison, although other comparisons are apt. LonePirate Oct 2017 #56
This honky is fine with that. Orrex Oct 2017 #58
If you bothered to read with any comprehension at all, Thor_MN Oct 2017 #60
No shit they're not equivalent, and you're misrepresenting the other person's logic Orrex Oct 2017 #63
Have a nice day, you obvously are self confident that you know everything Thor_MN Oct 2017 #65
But you *did* frame them as equivalent. Orrex Oct 2017 #68
Perhaps you don't understand what a question mark means? Thor_MN Oct 2017 #71
Nope, keep trying Orrex Oct 2017 #75
Hell, you are the one looking silly as I have already posted Thor_MN Oct 2017 #80
Where did I claim that I am smart? Orrex Oct 2017 #84
Jesus, you don't even read what you yourself write. Thor_MN Oct 2017 #88
And you apparently didn't read what you cited. Orrex Oct 2017 #90
Weak. Even for you. Thor_MN Oct 2017 #91
What is the precise and relevant equivalence LanternWaste Oct 2017 #59
Try reading my follow up post to the person that proposed that time makes everything better. Thor_MN Oct 2017 #61
Perhaps you should write as if you know how to write Orrex Oct 2017 #64
Like I said, have a nice day. Thor_MN Oct 2017 #66
Your posts get weaker and weaker as you go along Orrex Oct 2017 #69
No, I am try not to escalate your obviously lack of experience with the English language. Thor_MN Oct 2017 #72
Weaker still Orrex Oct 2017 #74
Just like Trump, nothing whatsoever except your made up stories... Thor_MN Oct 2017 #82
Wow. Weak, even for you. Orrex Oct 2017 #85
Seriously? RhodeIslandOne Oct 2017 #83
Funny, I have that very picture on my office wall and now I'm looking at them together. LisaM Oct 2017 #30
Well maybe the folks in those states can console themselves... vi5 Oct 2017 #6
I think the term "swing state" is offensive. But getting rid of the word pnwmom Oct 2017 #7
I'm sorry, but how is "swing state" offensive?.. whathehell Oct 2017 #78
The concept is offensive. The concept that some votes matter more than others. pnwmom Oct 2017 #79
Ok, I understand you now. n/t. whathehell Oct 2017 #81
no more so then 'liberal elites' but the worst term is 'moral majority' Fresh_Start Oct 2017 #8
It is an accurate description of the relationship at hand Sen. Walter Sobchak Oct 2017 #10
I am from the west Drahthaardogs Oct 2017 #11
How about the 'heartland'. It's not used in a negative way the way descriptions of the coasts are JI7 Oct 2017 #12
It's called the heartland because the brain isn't there. FSogol Oct 2017 #15
Fuck Newhart.. whathehell Oct 2017 #77
Context is important sarisataka Oct 2017 #13
It is like saying people on the coasts are superior to us doc03 Oct 2017 #16
People in Flyover Country have security systems - my Dad & Brother do. maxsolomon Oct 2017 #21
There is no such thing that I know of around doc03 Oct 2017 #22
OK... maxsolomon Oct 2017 #23
I see places in Florida and the Atlanta area on the first. On the second there are none in doc03 Oct 2017 #27
Though I would not want to live in the Villages, my sister--a retired teacher-- Cuthbert Allgood Oct 2017 #36
My old high school Geometry teacher lives there, he is a die hard Republican. Just doc03 Oct 2017 #37
Sounds like Mar-A-Lago RhodeIslandOne Oct 2017 #86
Actually, the coasts are superior places to live, but I would spread that to include the border- snooper2 Oct 2017 #50
I have spent time on the coasts sarisataka Oct 2017 #57
I grew up in "flyover country" and that's what it is. madinmaryland Oct 2017 #18
Well there are a shit load of people in cities that never saw a doc03 Oct 2017 #24
LOL!! I've seen cows both in Ohio and Connecticut... madinmaryland Oct 2017 #31
The way I hear the media talk everyone in fly over country doc03 Oct 2017 #33
Ohio wasn't won by a "couple of percentage points". HughBeaumont Oct 2017 #55
I went to college with a guy who held that view about restricting voting rights to property owners The Genealogist Oct 2017 #54
I was raised in "flyover country." BigDemVoter Oct 2017 #20
Thinking that way equals Democrats losing elections. nt doc03 Oct 2017 #28
Spending money in red states? BigDemVoter Oct 2017 #43
Shirley you're joking? left-of-center2012 Oct 2017 #26
Mike Pence and his ilk are grown up CHILDREN OF THE CORN n/m bagelsforbreakfast Oct 2017 #29
No. Iggo Oct 2017 #39
I'm originally from Ohio and I currently live in Indiana, Tobin S. Oct 2017 #40
One item: there are numerous rural areas which are predominantly black or Hispanic. LonePirate Oct 2017 #41
I was thinking Midwest and Great Plains when I said that because that's where I'm from. Tobin S. Oct 2017 #42
Heck get out in western Kansas, and it's majority Latino in places like Dodge & Garden City hatrack Oct 2017 #49
And the Democratic Party will not benefit sarisataka Oct 2017 #62
I'm Not Offended, And Live In Illinois ProfessorGAC Oct 2017 #44
I prefer the term "worthless void" or "dangerous wilderness" Orrex Oct 2017 #45
Oh, you!! NurseJackie Oct 2017 #67
LOL Orrex Oct 2017 #70
Not used by Democrats to dismiss; used by GOP and the right. Justice Oct 2017 #46
It was used disparagingly in article by a presumably liberal author yesterday. LonePirate Oct 2017 #47
Nah, not deeply so . . . hatrack Oct 2017 #48
Flyover country is an insult but heartland delisen Oct 2017 #51
I despise that term The Genealogist Oct 2017 #52
Probably much safer moondust Oct 2017 #73
50 people live in Kansas and they get two Senators just like New York alphafemale Oct 2017 #87
Jesus... are we really this thinned skin these days? nini Oct 2017 #89
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