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17. the Chief Bloviator chose Kelly
Sat Oct 21, 2017, 04:06 PM
Oct 2017

and all of the cabinet. Kelly just threw himself and his son on a sword for Orange Ass. That tells me the 25th amendment isn't worth shit.

yes, when any fool can go online and find the truth....kelly lied..you apologize for a mistake.... spanone Oct 2017 #1
Thank you. It is the inability of the MSM to call a jrthin Oct 2017 #2
How is this the fault of the MSM? Haven't you seen all the reports of the false statements... George II Oct 2017 #12
They've been using weasel words Mariana Oct 2017 #15
Thank you. Your wording is exactly what I wanted to express. jrthin Oct 2017 #22
He's an empty barrel. eShirl Oct 2017 #3
Yes. And white nationalists aren't aggrieved citizens.... charlyvi Oct 2017 #4
He also said that she went up there and said it. Up there at a podium, so no he was not referencing SweetieD Oct 2017 #5
And stupidly, too. The Velveteen Ocelot Oct 2017 #6
Looks like a Trump-designed character assassination of Rep. Wilson. NCjack Oct 2017 #8
Hes an unapologetic liar! arthritisR_US Oct 2017 #7
I don't think he lied at all RandomAccess Oct 2017 #9
You are more charitable than I am. nt Atticus Oct 2017 #10
Not at all -- IMO my version is WORSE RandomAccess Oct 2017 #11
If his memory sucks that bad, he should have found a transcript. Mariana Oct 2017 #16
Or, now that his memory has been shown to be wrong gratuitous Oct 2017 #19
Good point RandomAccess Oct 2017 #21
It becomes a lie when you double-down AFTER video surfaces showing nothing of the sort happened. DRoseDARs Oct 2017 #18
Well, THAT's true RandomAccess Oct 2017 #20
+1 uponit7771 Oct 2017 #23
Some news anchors are finally using the word "lie". BigmanPigman Oct 2017 #13
He said everyone was "stunned" at her remarks. world wide wally Oct 2017 #14
the Chief Bloviator chose Kelly donotpissoffacow Oct 2017 #17
Kelly might be as dumb as Trussia, why waste credibility on this issue !? Just why ?! He could've... uponit7771 Oct 2017 #24
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