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52. Don't think hydro is viable.
Mon Oct 9, 2017, 03:16 AM
Oct 2017

cbreezen, hydro requires massive water flow from rivers taking water from very large areas. I suspect (not sure) PR simply does not have the geography for it. If it did, someone would have built one as a first source of power.

Although I'm an engineer, I don't have the background to make a solid call on this. Frankly, it requires knowledge from several disciplines to do a complete analysis, plus all the political factors that must be weighed. But, with the knowledge of power systems I have, I don't see any way other than to repair their existing system. After repairs, they will be far better off than before due to the very poor condition of the poles, lines, metering systems and transformers that were there pre-storm. So, that will become the foundation for future changes - say, to wind and/or solar.

The reason I'm so negative is due to the existing debt PR has, and their doubtful ability to pay off even more debt on top of that. The banking vultures were there eating at them before the storm! I have not read how it is proposed for even the existing infrastructure repairs to be paid for.

If one had a competent company come in and do all the studies, propose the changes and win a contract - if it's not a pay-in-full contract, they will want ownership of a piece of Puerto Rico. And, therein lies the rub - with so much existing debt, plus new debt for repairs and/or upgrades, there may not be any privately owned Puerto Rico left for the citizens!

I wish it could, but I don't think any grassroots efforts can even make a dent toward paying for this work. We're talking several hundred million dollars (of the cuff), and that does not include helping to pay for all the other damages (homes, crops, etc.). Sorry I can't be more positive.

I doubt if Puerto Ricans want billionaires like Bezos or Musk owning their souls, either.

how do you pack dweller Oct 2017 #1
You got me! cbreezen Oct 2017 #2
Why I love DU so much.... Pachamama Oct 2017 #3
well, my first thought was to suggest dweller Oct 2017 #4
I am a Dr Who fan...as are many DUers...so a Tardis suggestion would have really been appropriate Pachamama Oct 2017 #6
🙏🏻 dweller Oct 2017 #7
well... keroro gunsou Oct 2017 #11
I think you are hitting upon an even bigger concept that needs to be looked at... Pachamama Oct 2017 #5
I am concerned that the people of Puerto Rico, like all of us, cbreezen Oct 2017 #12
Also wave energy should be explored. PR is in "the middle of an ocean...big water". brush Oct 2017 #33
Wind farms i.e. windmills would be great also Not Ruth Oct 2017 #39
Yes. It's wise to not rely on just one type of energy generation. Sort of like not putting all... brush Oct 2017 #40
I think most of those concepts have been looked at dumbcat Oct 2017 #18
I'm an idealist and I believe this can be done... cbreezen Oct 2017 #24
Post removed Post removed Oct 2017 #8
Grid not that much relevant to source. KY_EnviroGuy Oct 2017 #9
You need about 5-7 acres per megawatt of solar. Kaleva Oct 2017 #30
Thanks, see data I posted, below - Post No. 41. KY_EnviroGuy Oct 2017 #42
As KyEnviro JustAnotherGen Oct 2017 #10
It's always about the money... cbreezen Oct 2017 #17
Me too JustAnotherGen Oct 2017 #19
Wouldn't this be more possible right now? cbreezen Oct 2017 #25
I think that the massive debt and mismanagement of the power company there will scare away anyone Lee-Lee Oct 2017 #13
Argh... cbreezen Oct 2017 #14
Sounds like the urban planners of Dubai and Puerto Rico love the bling Not Ruth Oct 2017 #38
Great idea, but there's not time to make that happen. MineralMan Oct 2017 #15
Maybe it can happen before the next hurricane, eh? cbreezen Oct 2017 #26
Yup. Straw Man Oct 2017 #32
It is inefficient to build things twice Not Ruth Oct 2017 #37
But their power came from a hydroelectric dam? Blue_Tires Oct 2017 #16
There is difficulty in "cleaning up" the public power company dumbcat Oct 2017 #20
A big mess! KY_EnviroGuy Oct 2017 #44
There are already large solar farms on Puerto Rico csziggy Oct 2017 #21
Thanks for the info... cbreezen Oct 2017 #28
It hardly matters what the people of Puerto Rico want malaise Oct 2017 #22
Ahhhh... not you, too! cbreezen Oct 2017 #27
The US 1% decide what goes on in sovereign countries malaise Oct 2017 #31
I'm guessing the people of Puerto Rico want the electricity turned on. JustABozoOnThisBus Oct 2017 #23
the silver lining is DonCoquixote Oct 2017 #29
Yep this sure helps the independence movement malaise Oct 2017 #34
and Chavez DonCoquixote Oct 2017 #46
Is independence different than commonwealth? Not Ruth Oct 2017 #36
yes DonCoquixote Oct 2017 #47
Trump is driving the GOP/Oscar Rivera agenda of Puerto Rican independence? Not Ruth Oct 2017 #48
The answer: this is a shell game DonCoquixote Oct 2017 #50
Elon will bring Puerto Rico into the 22nd century Not Ruth Oct 2017 #35
PR Generation Potential, Pre-storm KY_EnviroGuy Oct 2017 #41
I note no mention of hydro-electric... cbreezen Oct 2017 #51
Don't think hydro is viable. KY_EnviroGuy Oct 2017 #52
I guess one must make a decision... cbreezen Oct 2017 #53
You summed it up quite wisely. KY_EnviroGuy Oct 2017 #54
What a wonderful discussion... I'd almost forgotten cbreezen Oct 2017 #55
Thanks, Cbreeezen. KY_EnviroGuy Oct 2017 #56
It could be done but DT45 is more concerned with paying the "bonds holders" first or CK_John Oct 2017 #43
They are talking to Elon RandiFan1290 Oct 2017 #45
Elon could possibly pay off a great deal of Puerto Rican debt in exchange for providing their energy Not Ruth Oct 2017 #49
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