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tim, the 'president' has no use for the truth. spanone Sep 2017 #1
or facts. They have their "alternative truth" rurallib Sep 2017 #6
Kick. dalton99a Sep 2017 #2
As a companion chart, I would like to see rankings of national "happiness" as it relates to taxes. Stinky The Clown Sep 2017 #3
They certainly have better access to health care and their people are healthier. yardwork Sep 2017 #4
Not to mention universal merit-based access to higher edication Thunderbeast Sep 2017 #7
Silly person, that's not important HuskyOffset Sep 2017 #13
Yep! Funny how that works. Phoenix61 Sep 2017 #5
Yeah, we have the worst of both worlds not fooled Sep 2017 #16
If they lower the tax burden on the rich and corporations..... usaf-vet Sep 2017 #8
it's already been happening. For decades. ProfessorPlum Sep 2017 #9
++++ Agree iluvtennis Sep 2017 #19
Thankfully fewer and fewer people seem to be buying the "U.S. is over-taxed" right wing meme. maddiemom Sep 2017 #10
For a person who does NOT pay Scarsdale Sep 2017 #11
How can he just lie so blatantly like that when it is so obviously not true? smirkymonkey Sep 2017 #12
All that his audience of true believers wants not fooled Sep 2017 #17
Statistics are mostly viewpoints... TomVilmer Sep 2017 #14
But you do get so much more for your tax kroner. sandensea Sep 2017 #18
Yes we really do! TomVilmer Sep 2017 #21
Kudos to you, Tom! sandensea Sep 2017 #23
THANKS! TomVilmer Sep 2017 #25
Highly taxed? Compared to countries not prepared to take on the world?? Shoonra Sep 2017 #15
Denmark uses only three times less than USA on the military TomVilmer Sep 2017 #22
'so seldom hit by Hurricanes' TubbersUK Sep 2017 #26
He just confused that with Most Highly PROPAGANDIZED country in the world. n/t BlancheSplanchnik Sep 2017 #20
Yabut, moondust Sep 2017 #24
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