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18. But you do get so much more for your tax kroner.
Wed Sep 6, 2017, 11:24 AM
Sep 2017

Because apart from Social Security and Medicare/Medicaid, we in the U.S. are practically on our own as far as social protections.

If you're doing well or has family who is, you're sitting pretty (more or less); but for the 40% who have no assets, and another 40% who have very little, life can be frightening. Come rain or shine though, that 20%+ is deducted from one's paycheck - plus health insurance, which is hundreds a month for something that only rarely covers you.

And heaven help you if you have little ones that would like to go to college. Megabucks - unless you don't mind them settling for an unaccredited podunk U from which they'll almost certainly never find gainful employment.

It certainly didn't have to be this way, as rich as the U.S. is. But the John Birchers figured out how to keep the voters fighting each other over petty ethnic, cultural, or opinion-based differences.

I gotta hand it to them: if you can con people into giving up so much just by getting them to obsess over abortion and gay guys who need a wedding cake, that takes talent.

tim, the 'president' has no use for the truth. spanone Sep 2017 #1
or facts. They have their "alternative truth" rurallib Sep 2017 #6
Kick. dalton99a Sep 2017 #2
As a companion chart, I would like to see rankings of national "happiness" as it relates to taxes. Stinky The Clown Sep 2017 #3
They certainly have better access to health care and their people are healthier. yardwork Sep 2017 #4
Not to mention universal merit-based access to higher edication Thunderbeast Sep 2017 #7
Silly person, that's not important HuskyOffset Sep 2017 #13
Yep! Funny how that works. Phoenix61 Sep 2017 #5
Yeah, we have the worst of both worlds not fooled Sep 2017 #16
If they lower the tax burden on the rich and corporations..... usaf-vet Sep 2017 #8
it's already been happening. For decades. ProfessorPlum Sep 2017 #9
++++ Agree iluvtennis Sep 2017 #19
Thankfully fewer and fewer people seem to be buying the "U.S. is over-taxed" right wing meme. maddiemom Sep 2017 #10
For a person who does NOT pay Scarsdale Sep 2017 #11
How can he just lie so blatantly like that when it is so obviously not true? smirkymonkey Sep 2017 #12
All that his audience of true believers wants not fooled Sep 2017 #17
Statistics are mostly viewpoints... TomVilmer Sep 2017 #14
But you do get so much more for your tax kroner. sandensea Sep 2017 #18
Yes we really do! TomVilmer Sep 2017 #21
Kudos to you, Tom! sandensea Sep 2017 #23
THANKS! TomVilmer Sep 2017 #25
Highly taxed? Compared to countries not prepared to take on the world?? Shoonra Sep 2017 #15
Denmark uses only three times less than USA on the military TomVilmer Sep 2017 #22
'so seldom hit by Hurricanes' TubbersUK Sep 2017 #26
He just confused that with Most Highly PROPAGANDIZED country in the world. n/t BlancheSplanchnik Sep 2017 #20
Yabut, moondust Sep 2017 #24
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