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42. trump is NOT a nazi sympathizer, HE IS A NAZI, PERIOD
Wed Aug 16, 2017, 04:37 PM
Aug 2017

a believer in eugenics, a propagandist, and a criminal. The nazis were a criminal organization disguised as a political party. Everything trump does is right out of "mien Kemp," and the history of brown shirts and SA tactics and strategy in Germany in the 1920s and 30s.

The whole thing in Charlottesville was planned well in advance, trump was previously scheduled to be there ostensibly for a bill signing, and how convenient that the obersturmbahnfurher miller and reich chancellor bannon were able to mobilize their bacilli to show up and give trump an excuse give them support. This is a standard nazi tactic, as is the "oh, it's their fault too," line.

It's always somebody else's fault.

If we don't stop these repulsive assholes right at the beginning, we never will. And that begins with calling them by name, calling them what they are, and standing up to them honestly. They can't withstand honesty, because they don't understand it.

I read that tweet a little while ago..quite shocking NRaleighLiberal Aug 2017 #1
Seriously people... Zoonart Aug 2017 #2
I'm making those three calls tomorrow to Ilsa Aug 2017 #12
But he did not actually call out Trump by name Generic Brad Aug 2017 #3
I agree it would've better to name Trump but this tweet has angered the Trump supporters Julian Englis Aug 2017 #5
Actually, he should have sent it directly to Trump and DonViejo Aug 2017 #7
And THAT's telling! Romney is a republikkklan and as dangerous as pence, like reagan they know how RestoreAmerica2020 Aug 2017 #13
Sadly, I think I agree with you. LakeArenal Aug 2017 #33
Romney was willing to to sell his soul to be Secretary of State. NYC Liberal Aug 2017 #16
Bull madokie Aug 2017 #27
The attacks on Romney's tweet in the comments are amazing--in a bad way. Julian Englis Aug 2017 #4
"Buuuuut if you have a job opening. Call me!" nt Guy Whitey Corngood Aug 2017 #6
Everyone needs to help us IMPEACH TRUMP NOW! We deserve better than a NAZI Sympathizer! JoeOtterbein Aug 2017 #8
I don't think being a Nazi sympathizer is grounds for impeachment. Honeycombe8 Aug 2017 #11
I do. The Velveteen Ocelot Aug 2017 #26
Let me be clearer! It's not. We don't have the "thought police" in this country. Honeycombe8 Aug 2017 #32
Well, as with gangsters... LakeArenal Aug 2017 #34
trump is NOT a nazi sympathizer, HE IS A NAZI, PERIOD disalitervisum Aug 2017 #42
Voldemort; he may not be named but everyone knows very well who he's fierywoman Aug 2017 #9
One of the best statements on the matter. nt Honeycombe8 Aug 2017 #10
"He's a chaos candidate and he'll be a chaos President." MrPurple Aug 2017 #14
I almost (ALMOST) wish he had won in 2012. sandensea Aug 2017 #15
Yet YOUR party nominated him Liberalagogo Aug 2017 #17
Where's His Courage and Moral Outrage? dlk Aug 2017 #18
Mitch,your 47% bullshit helped fuel this. VermontKevin Aug 2017 #19
I can't believe I find myself trixie2 Aug 2017 #20
There are political differences and then there's Trump. Beacool Aug 2017 #21
K&R /tweeted yuiyoshida Aug 2017 #22
We should be careful not to let these monsters off the hook Lordquinton Aug 2017 #23
Because we only need 4 votes to impeach, right? Dreamer Tatum Aug 2017 #24
It's not 2011 Lordquinton Aug 2017 #25
It just shows how bad things have gotten.... Xolodno Aug 2017 #28
Common enemies... Stryst Aug 2017 #29
When will the Republicans say the Emperor has no clothes? n/t Julian Englis Aug 2017 #31
Romney is an opportunist like agent Orange is onetexan Aug 2017 #30
I am still blown away that the asshole puke senator in this state actually called dimwit out. niyad Aug 2017 #35
I now see what the problem is Angry Dragon Aug 2017 #36
Here's the gist of what I said on a similar thread. . . DinahMoeHum Aug 2017 #37
Even a stopped clock, as they say...... n/t DFW Aug 2017 #38
More Republicans joining in IronLionZion Aug 2017 #39
K&R Scurrilous Aug 2017 #40
Meh... I'm not buying all these "woke" conservatives Blue_Tires Aug 2017 #41
2nd time--first time was when he denounced Trump as a con man nt geek tragedy Aug 2017 #43
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