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47. trump sounds like a junior executive kissing his boss's ass
Thu Aug 10, 2017, 07:34 PM
Aug 2017

because his pet project is to cut costs at the company.

Everything trump said today is either an insult, a lie, a setup for a con, or completely self-serving. Just like everything he has ever said every day of his life.

Fucking unbelievable. dalton99a Aug 2017 #1
This should be the lead story tonight malaise Aug 2017 #2
Absolutely. dalton99a Aug 2017 #3
Scraping the bottom of the barrel he creates new depths eleny Aug 2017 #4
The President of the United States has just thanked Putin malaise Aug 2017 #7
There is already a permanent scar on my forehead from face palms... Moostache Aug 2017 #5
WHAT THE FUCK?? PearliePoo2 Aug 2017 #6
To borrow from a cricket commentator malaise Aug 2017 #13
I know exactly what you mean. smirkymonkey Aug 2017 #16
I believe you malaise Aug 2017 #19
They will spin to say He was just joking.. HipChick Aug 2017 #27
Joking about this? malaise Aug 2017 #30
Yup...Listen to all the Rethugs outrage on this.. HipChick Aug 2017 #31
I'd like some outrage from Dems malaise Aug 2017 #36
Is this the Onion? Is this the Republic of Fredonia?...I mean--WHAT THE FUCK...???? First Speaker Aug 2017 #8
This should be the last straw malaise Aug 2017 #9
I swear to god I thought it was Borowitz. Hassin Bin Sober Aug 2017 #25
1. He thinks he's HILARIOUS maxsolomon Aug 2017 #10
He delivers these lines as if there's a canned laugh track only he can hear... Blue_Tires Aug 2017 #14
And it gives him an out when it backfires: maxsolomon Aug 2017 #23
So in other words Trump plans to fire them all to please his hero Putin? wishstar Aug 2017 #11
But his emails! ProudLib72 Aug 2017 #12
Post it malaise Aug 2017 #15
You asked for it, but if I get in trouble... ProudLib72 Aug 2017 #20
Bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhahahaha malaise Aug 2017 #26
Hey !!!! syringis Aug 2017 #32
Completely delusional! smirkymonkey Aug 2017 #18
He's childish Thrill Aug 2017 #17
Do these two asshats text each other MyNameGoesHere Aug 2017 #21
So Russian kicks sand in our face and eats our lunch, and Trump is such a coward procon Aug 2017 #22
Chris Hayes will discuss malaise Aug 2017 #44
This is the assessment that should cause his bullying Ilsa Aug 2017 #50
Sounds like he was trolling oberliner Aug 2017 #24
Speachless... syringis Aug 2017 #28
In his lunatic mindPutin can fire Federal government employees malaise Aug 2017 #29
This syringis Aug 2017 #37
It's the weakest response to anything that I have ever heard from a US malaise Aug 2017 #38
I'm not sure... syringis Aug 2017 #42
Are you F*&#ing kidding me!? Tatiana Aug 2017 #33
Seriously? 755 personnel may lose their jobs v. hundreds of thousands, Ms. Toad Aug 2017 #34
Boot licking extravaganza Zambero Aug 2017 #35
If A Democratic President had done this... ThoughtCriminal Aug 2017 #39
+1,000 malaise Aug 2017 #43
I have no doubt. dalton99a Aug 2017 #61
If you were watching the whole presser (or whatever it was) live spiderpig Aug 2017 #40
Didn't watch any of it malaise Aug 2017 #41
He's trying to save face. There is nothing wrong in Trumpland. Honeycombe8 Aug 2017 #45
Some are saying he was "joking" Sure does not seem like it... FailureToCommunicate Aug 2017 #46
That wsa no joke malaise Aug 2017 #48
trump sounds like a junior executive kissing his boss's ass disalitervisum Aug 2017 #47
Not only that malaise Aug 2017 #49
Brutal tweet from Kasparov: Ilsa Aug 2017 #51
Excellant response malaise Aug 2017 #53
Unbelievable! kentuck Aug 2017 #52
Lawrence is nailing it malaise Aug 2017 #58
Listen: bora13 Aug 2017 #54
Never a bad word for his lover Putin Bladewire Aug 2017 #55
Tweets are on their way.. SummerSnow Aug 2017 #56
Rachel is discussing this now malaise Aug 2017 #57
Besiudes, if it did remove them from the payroll,then he would have increased tblue37 Aug 2017 #59
you really, honest to god, can't make this shit up and have it be any crazier than the reality spanone Aug 2017 #60
He's putting The Onion out of business dalton99a Aug 2017 #62
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