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7. The theory of evolution goes both ways.
Wed Aug 2, 2017, 05:54 PM
Aug 2017

Most parasites evolved from more complex species. They gradually lose the ability to produce for themselves what they are taking from their hosts.

Case in point: Dodder


Dodder has lost the ability to photosynthesize it's own food. It sucks its food out of others.

The similarity to Trump and his uber-wealthy supporters is pretty clear, don't you think?

As workers become more productive, the uber-wealthy take all the profits and then some, hording the money in ways that do not improve the lives of those who actually created the wealth.

The world is upside down madaboutharry Aug 2017 #1
No shit dalton99a Aug 2017 #3
He should meet the MO governor loyalsister Aug 2017 #6
He is a schanda Hekate Aug 2017 #31
As must be his non-English speaking grandparents, from Poland, spinning in their graves n/t BamaRefugee Aug 2017 #41
His family are liberal Jews IronLionZion Aug 2017 #46
The GOP is slowly regressing. guillaumeb Aug 2017 #2
Eventually they will be crawling on all fours. Many already seem to be there already, for trump...nt lostnfound Aug 2017 #4
The theory of evolution goes both ways. hunter Aug 2017 #7
What a great reply. guillaumeb Aug 2017 #8
Exactly! Now you're talkin' PatrickforO Aug 2017 #19
When certain taxes are high... hunter Aug 2017 #24
So rump is truly a doddering fool. nt blaze Aug 2017 #40
Trump is infested with dodder LeftInTX Aug 2017 #43
think that started after lincoln w/ president johnson. pansypoo53219 Aug 2017 #18
And eventually, the anti-slavery party guillaumeb Aug 2017 #20
Didn't even really take that long. Ninsianna Aug 2017 #52
I had no idea. guillaumeb Aug 2017 #53
I stumbled on it recently. Ninsianna Aug 2017 #54
We are all Devo! DBoon Aug 2017 #27
Devolution of RepubliCons Bernardo de La Paz Aug 2017 #33
An excellent cartoon. eom guillaumeb Aug 2017 #34
"historic signalling device" AngryAmish Aug 2017 #5
It's not only a historic signaling device - it's a conservative religious signaling Nay Aug 2017 #35
GOP is not present in WH anymore Reince was the last benld74 Aug 2017 #9
Regardless, Rs own this mcar Aug 2017 #10
No argument on that benld74 Aug 2017 #11
Sure everyone in the WH votes republican for thier local and state candidates lunasun Aug 2017 #26
Nuh-uh. They're all very true Scotsmen. Iggo Aug 2017 #29
Trump is too stupid to understand this. TNNurse Aug 2017 #12
Anti-Semitism has made a roaring comeback in the past two years. beam me up scottie Aug 2017 #13
And Miller is Jewish, so I've read mcar Aug 2017 #14
I've seen that too, it's unfathomable. beam me up scottie Aug 2017 #15
How do you put this uninformed goon in front of the camera? mdbl Aug 2017 #16
Shouldn't POTUS be required to pass the test immigrants take to become citizens, SleeplessinSoCal Aug 2017 #17
Miller is a bad night club comic who tries to offend everyone rpannier Aug 2017 #21
He is one creepy dude mcar Aug 2017 #22
There's a word for it - Kakistocracy vlyons Aug 2017 #23
Update it for modern times and link it to bad thought. Shandris Aug 2017 #25
Miller.. poster boy for a xenophobic, bigoted authoritarian. pangaia Aug 2017 #28
He's a squeaky bigoted piece of shit ismnotwasm Aug 2017 #30
I caught that, too, and it floored me. "Rootless cosmopolite" goes back way before Stalin, iirc... Hekate Aug 2017 #32
Interesting. Thanks. Dark n Stormy Knight Aug 2017 #36
"How does a Jew consider himself white?" Say what? Hekate Aug 2017 #42
I guess I didn't express myself clearly. Dark n Stormy Knight Aug 2017 #56
Are you confusing white with Nordic? LeftInTX Aug 2017 #49
I don't know really! I am just going by the fact that Dark n Stormy Knight Aug 2017 #55
This message was self-deleted by its author ymetca Aug 2017 #48
soooo, cosmopolitan, worldly, intellectual, are insults? dog whistles to the great niyad Aug 2017 #37
Miller ouija Aug 2017 #38
and I understand he has jewish heritage. self-loathing? niyad Aug 2017 #39
See my post above. It's specifically anti-Semitic because Jews were not "rooted" in "the land"... Hekate Aug 2017 #44
Since Trump took office I feel like I am on the set of the Twilight Zone. Completely other worldly. geretogo Aug 2017 #45
I keep thinking I am in a nightmare and will wake up --SOON niyad Aug 2017 #47
With miller's crack about the xxqqqzme Aug 2017 #50
hope millers is on kellys short shit list samnsara Aug 2017 #51
Foyle's War, First season, second episode has an example of cosmopolitan being used. Lars39 Aug 2017 #57
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