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3. There is a faction of leftists who are actively working against us.
Tue Aug 1, 2017, 08:30 AM
Aug 2017

Watch them carefully. Their goal is to promote a certain set of leaders and cause dissent from within. An inflexible lot, they slam our candidates routinely, by raising ' legit concerns'. You will know them by their responses , even to what I'm writing. 'Establishment' Dems are bad, so they say.

I fully expect this to be alerted. It's what they do.

Anti-Choice Democrats are as fundamentally wrong as Anti- Social Security Democrats Chasstev365 Aug 2017 #1
Yep they have. I wonder how many people here, are devoted, regular voters. Ninga Aug 2017 #4
The quickest way to ensure that women lose their right to choose is to play purity politics Demsrule86 Aug 2017 #9
The quickest way to lose women's support is to put our reproductive rights on the bargaining table. CrispyQ Aug 2017 #13
+++1000 BadgerMom Aug 2017 #16
A few back benchers from red states won't hurt you...and it may give us a majority who will stop the Demsrule86 Aug 2017 #25
especially AlexSFCA Aug 2017 #26
In some states pro-choice candidate can not win. WVA and Nebraska come to mind. Demsrule86 Aug 2017 #2
I hear you. Been there and done that. Again, they win, because they vote. Nt Ninga Aug 2017 #5
There are not enough liberals in those states to elect a liberal candidate especially on Demsrule86 Aug 2017 #7
There is a faction of leftists who are actively working against us. apcalc Aug 2017 #3
I see it and in Ohio feel it in the support of those who stand by their anti-establishment Ninga Aug 2017 #6
Despite their big 'leftist' talk...these folks are not progressive or liberals. They may be Green Demsrule86 Aug 2017 #8
You can vote against someone just as easy wasupaloopa Aug 2017 #10
Yesterday I suggested perhaps the dem party court the non-voters, instead of the anti-choice voters. CrispyQ Aug 2017 #11
+1 leftstreet Aug 2017 #12
I think dem leadership has gotten lazy. CrispyQ Aug 2017 #14
Fools Gold???? lebkr Aug 2017 #18
Yes, we'll never win over the deplorables hibbing Aug 2017 #15
Our voters are increasingly concentrated in fewer areas IronLionZion Aug 2017 #17
Ideological orthodoxy. That's why we fail. Our candidates don't have it. Aristus Aug 2017 #19
Your last sentence is a spectacular one-liner! So so true. May use it? Nt Ninga Aug 2017 #21
Yes, please. Aristus Aug 2017 #22
Thx! Ninga Aug 2017 #23
I wish they would get it. calimary Aug 2017 #20
K & R Duppers Aug 2017 #24
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