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Fri Jul 28, 2017, 03:55 PM
Jul 2017

I paid for insurance since I was in my 20's. Stayed healthy during that time. Now as I get older still paying for insurance but using more of it. It all works out in the end.

"The healthy people are paying for the sick people." Yes. That's how insurance works. The Velveteen Ocelot Jul 2017 #1
+1,000 duncang Jul 2017 #6
So he thinks healthy people should wait till they are sick to buy insurance? angstlessk Jul 2017 #2
I took it to mean they're talking about pre existing conditions maryellen99 Jul 2017 #9
"Should they be left to die in the car?" DBoon Jul 2017 #29
That's how insurance works, you hamhock! Aristus Jul 2017 #3
Who do you think you are, some kind of a doctor? Wounded Bear Jul 2017 #25
Fuck Fox & Friends!!!!! Initech Jul 2017 #4
Hey, PECKERHEADS, do you know how insurance WORKS? Warpy Jul 2017 #5
He needs to be asked what happens to young healthy people karynnj Jul 2017 #7
'You NOW ... will have to pay a fine or get insurance?' Hey dipshit, it's been like that for years mr_lebowski Jul 2017 #8
"Healthy people DO pay for sick people until the healthy ones get sick, and then ... planetc Jul 2017 #10
How many "healthy" people go in for their Phoenix61 Jul 2017 #11
They CAN'T be sick though, being sick is what the 'other' is ck4829 Jul 2017 #13
This message was self-deleted by its author mr_lebowski Jul 2017 #20
Or a car accident (which a young person is more likely to have, The Velveteen Ocelot Jul 2017 #19
Wait a minute..... Let's set this straight, defacto7 Jul 2017 #12
That's what insurance is: shared risk. Vinca Jul 2017 #14
I have paid for insurance for decades without being sick Skittles Jul 2017 #15
Is it possible to be that dumb treestar Jul 2017 #16
My reply (#13) might peer into the reason why they think this ck4829 Jul 2017 #17
Yes, like they think they could never be poor treestar Jul 2017 #18
They're doing the angry old man act "These young punks don't know how the world works DAMMIT!" underpants Jul 2017 #28
Thats what insurance is, fuckwit. Warren DeMontague Jul 2017 #21
Haha ck4829 Jul 2017 #22
A lot of people seem to read the subject line and respond... Wounded Bear Jul 2017 #27
Republican issues with ACA xajj4791 Jul 2017 #23
Stupid. moondust Jul 2017 #24
You know it, I know it, the squirrel stashing acorns outside knows it ck4829 Jul 2017 #26
Indeed. moondust Jul 2017 #30
Younger folks are hit with more than their actuarial share of premiums and older Hoyt Jul 2017 #31
Yeah, how dare we take care of our fellow man!!! NickB79 Jul 2017 #32
&the young pay for the old...that's how retirement & healthcare work Alice11111 Jul 2017 #33
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