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Thu Jun 29, 2017, 04:23 PM Jun 2017

The Twitter story is a smokescreen. Trump admin asked all 50 states for voter rolls today. [View all]

I am as anti-conspiracy as they come. And "the president's" tweets are really loathsome, truly the stuff of a deranged 12-year old.

But I think it was an intentional bit of bait for the media and progressives, because he also did this today:

Trump election panel asks all 50 states for voter roll data

The vice chairman of President Trump’s commission on election integrity sent a letter to all 50 states Wednesday requesting information on their voter rolls.

Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach is seeking several pieces of information about voters, including their names, birthdays, the last four digits of their Social Security numbers and their voting history dating back to 2006.

The letter, sent to the secretaries of state of all 50 states and obtained by The Hill, directs states to turn over “publicly-available voter roll data including, if publicly available under the laws of your state, the full first and last names of all registrants, middle names or initials if available, addresses, dates of birth, political party (if recorded in your state), last four digits of social security number if available, [and] voter history from 2006 onward.”


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can they refuse? MFM008 Jun 2017 #1
I would hope so, and not just Western states. I can't imagine certain Eastern ones complying either jpljr77 Jun 2017 #11
I agree. Why would the president be entitled to this information? This is state data intended for politicaljunkie41910 Jun 2017 #22
Red flags should be going up all over the country. Koback is the Interstate Crosscheck vote purger brush Jun 2017 #27
Or they could just purge registered Democrats. subterranean Jun 2017 #47
I read California is refusing MFM008 Jun 2017 #74
They're definitely snakes. We need a well-funded, standing committee in the DNC to combat their ... brush Jun 2017 #80
here you go: Blue_Tires Jun 2017 #30
HAHA.. good ol Gov McAuliffe! Cha Jun 2017 #38
Give 'em hell, Terry. mahatmakanejeeves Jun 2017 #54
Great link. Glad to see this is being exposed. nt R B Garr Jun 2017 #69
Yes! DesertRat Jun 2017 #64
Fuck then. Until we know what happened with Russia and the election and the extent of onecaliberal Jun 2017 #2
Why not just ask your Russian friends? gordianot Jun 2017 #3
More purging from Kobach. Iliyah Jun 2017 #4
How dare they ask for the last four digits of the social security number! shraby Jun 2017 #5
What does a voter list have to do with election integrity and Russia hacking our elections? Botany Jun 2017 #6
Serious answer: voter fraud brooklynite Jun 2017 #9
Kobach and the Russians will just use that data to help "manage" future elections Botany Jun 2017 #13
I think we're revisiting the whole "3 million people voted illegally for HRC" bullshit Blue_Tires Jun 2017 #21
Kobach was involved in the Trump campaign and spins the narrative about voter fraud. This is Amaryllis Jun 2017 #66
Point to any example of strategic thinking that Trump has shown previously. brooklynite Jun 2017 #7
Is he asking for Putin? Wow! This is serious ecstatic Jun 2017 #8
What if a state refuses to do it? The Velveteen Ocelot Jun 2017 #10
.. Cha Jun 2017 #40
All the info they requested is publicly available. AJT Jun 2017 #12
you mean you don't know what they can do with it *legally*... don't worry, they won't let the bounds TheFrenchRazor Jun 2017 #19
Voting history is not. Secret ballot and all that. WinkyDink Jun 2017 #24
The only voting history your state has on you Mr.Bill Jun 2017 #32
Is your party registration available? D or R etc.? AJT Jun 2017 #46
I can't speak for every state, Mr.Bill Jun 2017 #57
Isn't that already public information though zz-la Jun 2017 #72
Yes. It's what campaigns use to GOTV. WinkyDink Jun 2017 #82
"Voting history" can mean did or didn't. rzemanfl Jun 2017 #33
True. Some states or other entities have purged voters for "not voting in a long time." WinkyDink Jun 2017 #83
How can who I voted for be 'publicaly available?' pangaia Jun 2017 #52
It isn't. Mr.Bill Jun 2017 #58
Whether that request is a big deal or not, this is KRIS KOBACH architect of 'crosscheck' CousinIT Jun 2017 #14
Connecticut SoS rightly questions Kobach's request for the same reason I do... CousinIT Jun 2017 #15
the highlighted part is important; there is essentially no penalty for election rigging, at least no TheFrenchRazor Jun 2017 #18
Republican-controlled SOS offices will probably turn the information over. Tatiana Jun 2017 #16
I live in Michigan and if they were smart they would not do this. GreenEyedLefty Jun 2017 #51
nothing to see here folks...seriously, we will never have another legit election in this country. nt TheFrenchRazor Jun 2017 #17
Oh, hell. Not only can they give this information to a third party that Baitball Blogger Jun 2017 #20
Can they take it to court? haele Jun 2017 #23
Is the return email address kremlin.ru? Bernardo de La Paz Jun 2017 #25
I do not want my information in the hands of the WH. what can we do to riversedge Jun 2017 #26
Another excellent waste of time and money (ridiculous distraction). BigmanPigman Jun 2017 #28
I just left a voice mail MontanaMama Jun 2017 #29
Great idea. Delmette2.0 Jun 2017 #35
:UPDATE: MontanaMama Jun 2017 #41
Thanks for the update Delmette2.0 Jun 2017 #43
I said exactly the same MontanaMama Jun 2017 #50
No need for hacking computers... TomVilmer Jun 2017 #60
No shit. MontanaMama Jun 2017 #61
I'm going to call Gov Bullock and my State Representative and Delmette2.0 Jun 2017 #65
Good. Thank you. MontanaMama Jun 2017 #70
Just on KXLH News Delmette2.0 Jun 2017 #84
This is SUCH great news. MontanaMama Jul 2017 #85
The voter roll data is already public. This is Kobach being a lazy git. politicat Jun 2017 #31
That is correct. Mr.Bill Jun 2017 #34
Dear partisan voter suppression chair... WePurrsevere Jun 2017 #36
no IBM this time bora13 Jun 2017 #37
You're giving Trump waaaay too much credit. Kaleva Jun 2017 #39
I agree with LivingBlue: ancianita Jun 2017 #42
The states will jealously guard their election data as a sovereign right procon Jun 2017 #44
The Minnesota Secretary of State is skeptical. The Velveteen Ocelot Jun 2017 #45
I can help. warmfeet Jun 2017 #49
I just fired off an email. The Velveteen Ocelot Jun 2017 #53
There are plenty of states with tapes from the voting machine (Arkansas can't be the only one) LiberalArkie Jun 2017 #48
The ACLU is already on it GreenEyedLefty Jun 2017 #55
Good to hear MontanaMama Jun 2017 #62
That is excellent news. Great link. R B Garr Jun 2017 #68
We can multi-task.. this perversion of the squatter Cha Jun 2017 #56
Muther Ru$$ia must have asked for the Con to bring them to the meeting next week. They need to KewlKat Jun 2017 #59
This message was self-deleted by its author DesertRat Jun 2017 #63
Making a list of who the IRS will audit. lpbk2713 Jun 2017 #67
Without voter suppression, gerrymandering, and all of these other dirty tactics they use, I honestly -Steph- Jun 2017 #71
Kick. dalton99a Jun 2017 #73
If this "Distraction" thing is really a strategy ThoughtCriminal Jun 2017 #75
Think about who you're talking about here n/t jpljr77 Jun 2017 #81
Smart move Turbineguy Jun 2017 #76
This is Cross-Check implementation on a nation-wide basis... TheDebbieDee Jun 2017 #77
VA gov. McAuliffe said "No". nt Ilsa Jun 2017 #78
No one should help Kobach suppress the vote Gothmog Jun 2017 #79
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