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Fri Jun 23, 2017, 12:32 AM Jun 2017

(CNN) Sen. Bernie Sanders : 'Democratic brand is pretty bad' [View all]

(CNN)Sen. Bernie Sanders said Thursday he agreed with Democratic congressman Tim Ryan's claim that the Democratic brand is worse than President Donald Trump's in some parts of the country.

Democratic lawmaker: Pelosi is worse than Trump in some areas of the country

"I speak as the longest serving independent in American congressional history, the Democratic brand is pretty bad," Sanders told CNN's Anderson Cooper on "AC360."
"I think the Trump brand is also pretty bad as is the Republican brand. That's why so many people are giving up on politics."

The Vermont senator argued that the recent special elections need to be put in context.

"The context is all of them are Republican seats and Trump did, in most of those seats, did very, very well." Sanders continued, "Democrats did much better than was the case in the last election."

The former Democratic presidential candidate added that the Democrats have the momentum, but the party has to do some "internal soul searching."
"Understand that for the last 10 years, the model that they have had really has not worked," Sanders said. "It doesn't work when you lose the US Senate, US House, the White House. When almost two-thirds of governors chairs are controlled by Republicans. When Democrats have lost a thousand seats and legislatures all over the country."



We all KNOW Bernie speaks the truth.

Truth hurts doesn't it?

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I see nothing wrong with the quoted comments. David__77 Jun 2017 #1
And has the same weight as other non members. OnDoutside Jun 2017 #2
And ex-members. nt Snotcicles Jun 2017 #182
Other than its a half truth? YCHDT Jun 2017 #101
Really, because I see a great deal wrong with it...he and Tim should both Demsrule86 Jun 2017 #185
Or not. :) This is the type of self-destructive behavior Hortensis Jun 2017 #252
Ryan would be a terrible house leader as he is in a red state and would be forced to Demsrule86 Jun 2017 #254
Well...I am not in favor of independents running as Democrats to begin with for president. Demsrule86 Jul 2017 #262
Seriously Bernie? SHRED Jun 2017 #3
"We all KNOW Bernie speaks the truth." NanceGreggs Jun 2017 #4
+ 1 musette_sf Jun 2017 #6
This message was self-deleted by its author Alice11111 Jun 2017 #25
Anyone who really believes that, I've got a bridge to sell you. Trumpocalypse Jun 2017 #90
+1000. (nt) ehrnst Jun 2017 #93
yeap YCHDT Jun 2017 #100
Post removed Post removed Jun 2017 #111
kick Trial_By_Fire Jun 2017 #119
Yeah, because ... NanceGreggs Jun 2017 #124
whatever.... ciaobaby Jun 2017 #134
An appropriate response ... NanceGreggs Jun 2017 #139
What's the point ciaobaby Jun 2017 #140
kick Trial_By_Fire Jun 2017 #142
IOW.. you got Nothin' Cha Jun 2017 #157
The difference between "excuses" and "explanations" seems lost on you. (nt) ehrnst Jun 2017 #173
You forgot the eyeroll smiley. That completes the avoidance of answering the question ehrnst Jun 2017 #172
It's probably time for the admins to revisit the TOS with regards to Bernie stevenleser Jun 2017 #196
I am forced to agree...but I don't think bashing Bernie would be correct either...for better or Demsrule86 Jun 2017 #208
No kiddin'! n/t NanceGreggs Jun 2017 #242
Tax returns and speech are two different animals, but evident in Sanders mass demand. Eom pirateshipdude Jun 2017 #143
We should not confuse enthusiasm of fans with numbers of fans. ehrnst Jun 2017 #171
+1. Eom pirateshipdude Jun 2017 #205
+1 GoCubsGo Jun 2017 #116
+11111 happy feet Jun 2017 #118
He never misses a chance to bash the Dems. Who needs enemies with these kind of friends. brush Jun 2017 #131
This! (nt) ehrnst Jun 2017 #169
redumbliCONs lineup like lemmings, regardless of the failings of their candidate, democratisphere Jun 2017 #5
Now THAT is a true statement... why is that? InAbLuEsTaTe Jun 2017 #80
i think it's because they've been inculcated with a sense of urgency 0rganism Jun 2017 #128
Republican voters are motivated simply by rage, while Democrats feel the need to be in love. (nt) ehrnst Jun 2017 #175
And which party controls all 3 branches of government now? This is part of how they got there. n/t pnwmom Jun 2017 #123
And that is why the Republicans own the entire government...Democrats should Demsrule86 Jun 2017 #186
Post removed Post removed Jun 2017 #7
He's an Independent SHRED Jun 2017 #14
Thank you. Sparkly Jun 2017 #19
DAILY LibraLiz1973 Jun 2017 #41
The TOS specifically identifies Bernie as one of us. Voltaire2 Jun 2017 #46
If anyone on DU talked like BS about Dems, they'd be alerted as violating TOS, and with good reason. ehrnst Jun 2017 #94
New TOS was to keep BS supporters from leaving Motownman78 Jun 2017 #178
I don't know how long that can last if he keeps attacking the Democratic Party...yeah Demsrule86 Jun 2017 #187
Skinner addresses that in this ATA thread, QC Jun 2017 #201
This is the Democratic Underground. Bernie Sanders is not LuvLoogie Jun 2017 #8
Well spotted, LuvLoogie. Well spotted. Hekate Jun 2017 #10
An apt analogy. Sparkly Jun 2017 #20
Mahalo, Luv.. Cha Jun 2017 #22
The TOS specifically identifies Sanders as one of us. Voltaire2 Jun 2017 #47
You post this in an OP that bashes Chevy Jun 2017 #53
The op quotes Sanders as saying that the Democratuc brand is worse than the Trump brand in many area Voltaire2 Jun 2017 #56
Not with your help thanks. But please proceed. N/T Chevy Jun 2017 #57
What dies that mean? Why "not with my help"? Voltaire2 Jun 2017 #58
It means the constant attack on our Democratic Chevy Jun 2017 #59
So the TOS doesn't apply anymore? Voltaire2 Jun 2017 #60
lol lol lol n/t Chevy Jun 2017 #64
Non-sequitur.... (nt) ehrnst Jun 2017 #170
A new poster stirring the post....welcome to DU. Demsrule86 Jun 2017 #188
"I speak as the longest serving independent lapucelle Jun 2017 #76
He's been an independent for a year or so. He was a dem for a year or so prior. boston bean Jun 2017 #98
A temporary Democrat lapucelle Jun 2017 #232
Excellent point apcalc Jun 2017 #63
+1000. (nt) ehrnst Jun 2017 #95
... then bashes the union for NOT getting a higher wage and more benefits !!! YCHDT Jun 2017 #102
Ever the gadfly Hekate Jun 2017 #9
Which is not a substitute for actual progress. ehrnst Jun 2017 #96
What you said Hekate Jun 2017 #163
Umm, right DFW Jun 2017 #11
Accurate LibraLiz1973 Jun 2017 #42
Enough of this narcissist. Maven Jun 2017 #12
He's laughing all the way to the bank, though LibraLiz1973 Jun 2017 #43
Note that he has changed criticizing the "millionaire class" to the "billionaire class" ehrnst Jun 2017 #168
"We all KNOW Bernie speaks the truth." Foamfollower Jun 2017 #13
lollololololololol. Yeah, who is the OP to speak Cha Jun 2017 #39
Right??? LibraLiz1973 Jun 2017 #44
He has competion in the form lapucelle Jun 2017 #83
Bet we won't be seeing her on Joy Reid anymore. What an opportunist. She saw a way to sell books. brush Jun 2017 #132
This is DEMOCRATIC Underground isn't it? SHRED Jun 2017 #15
Yes, and Sanders is a man millions of Democrats voted for. David__77 Jun 2017 #16
Me too. Pauldg47 Jun 2017 #17
Same here. chwaliszewski Jun 2017 #27
By voting record, he's more of a Democrat than most Democrats. Gravitycollapse Jun 2017 #49
So why does he bash Democrats so much? It seems that anyone who dissents from him in any way ehrnst Jun 2017 #177
Because blindly enabling someone/something is what Repukes do. Doremus Jun 2017 #230
Right on! You got to give Bernie credit. He speaks the truth, trying to show Democrats the light... InAbLuEsTaTe Jun 2017 #74
Bernie promises things that he will never deliver on dansolo Jun 2017 #91
Post removed Post removed Jun 2017 #179
+10000 Fresh_Start Jun 2017 #197
He did not connect with enough Democrats to get the nomination. ehrnst Jun 2017 #176
Likewise. CentralMass Jun 2017 #81
Millions of people voted for Joe Lieberman, too EffieBlack Jun 2017 #87
Exactly The Polack MSgt Jun 2017 #113
Thank you! tonyt53 Jun 2017 #159
Boom! brer cat Jun 2017 #164
+1000 (nt) ehrnst Jun 2017 #167
As Gore's VP we had no choice Tom Rinaldo Jun 2017 #181
Well he won the election and was so angry he completely screwed us on health care...now who thought Demsrule86 Jun 2017 #191
What does it say about him that he won't join the party except for cred to run for President? (nt) ehrnst Jun 2017 #166
and millions didn't. Demsrule86 Jun 2017 #189
Read the TOS. Voltaire2 Jun 2017 #48
It's a shame, & bad strategy, to throw Bernie - a decent, honest, TRUE progressive - under the bus. InAbLuEsTaTe Jun 2017 #75
So we should all be pleased when he throws the Dem Party under the bus every chance he gets? brush Jun 2017 #158
People who throw the democratic party under the bus are not aligned with the democratic party Fresh_Start Jun 2017 #198
He certainly seems to throw.. Adrahil Jun 2017 #214
For that matter, spamming (eg posting the same thing 3 times in 1 thread) muriel_volestrangler Jun 2017 #92
Thank you! xmas74 Jun 2017 #149
Stop spamming the thread with this post. tallahasseedem Jun 2017 #130
It seems awareness of the rules is lacking. Voltaire2 Jun 2017 #219
Since you are so big on the TOS brer cat Jun 2017 #165
... sheshe2 Jun 2017 #243
Bernie is continually bashing Democrats. He is highly inflammatory in this respect. Demit Jun 2017 #204
Well stated. cwydro Jun 2017 #217
Bash G_j Jun 2017 #236
Thanks! Voltaire2 Jun 2017 #237
guess there is a misunderstanding G_j Jun 2017 #249
Apparently SHRED we as Democrats Chevy Jun 2017 #61
Wrong betsuni Jun 2017 #18
It's easy to boost your own numbers by running against "the party" Azathoth Jun 2017 #21
I know Bernie's an Independent ... LenaBaby61 Jun 2017 #23
It's infinitely better than the GOP brand or the anything-goes Independent brand. pnwmom Jun 2017 #24
Well, it was a big reason,but that is the law.We need a whole lot of winning before that will change Alice11111 Jun 2017 #30
What if Hillary won by 5 million votes -- but lost the EC? Or she won by 10 million and still lost? pnwmom Jun 2017 #40
I think the right candidate in 2020 solves the problem. InAbLuEsTaTe Jun 2017 #77
Isn't that what we as a party decide every four years with primaries? ehrnst Jun 2017 #174
Have to add.. Voter Suppression and the 3rd Party Cha Jun 2017 #31
Right. The voting rights act expired after Obama's re-election, so voter suppression was a pnwmom Jun 2017 #38
Not in many areas of the country. See GA 6. Voltaire2 Jun 2017 #52
Many? lapucelle Jun 2017 #89
ANOTHER half truth, GA-6 was gerrymandered !!! Getting with double digits is damn near impossible YCHDT Jun 2017 #103
He has a better feel of the pulse of the country than most do, like Michael Moore. Thanks for Alice11111 Jun 2017 #26
No he doesn't.. Democrats are out there on the Cha Jun 2017 #28
He's not insulting anybody melman Jun 2017 #33
Don't tell me what I will or won't do. Cha Jun 2017 #35
...and many other reasons.A failure to be introspective &analyze will lead to more losses &stolen Alice11111 Jun 2017 #34
You think the Democratic Party hasn't done introspection Cha Jun 2017 #36
We have done some incredible stuff &have some incredible leaders, but we need to get better. Alice11111 Jun 2017 #37
It's a political discussion board.. there will be disagreements. Cha Jun 2017 #79
when will he do some introspection Fresh_Start Jun 2017 #199
We 100% disagree, he's chasing the mythical WWCV instead of spending time in suburban Latino GA YCHDT Jun 2017 #104
Of course he's right melman Jun 2017 #29
No, he's not right.. he's wrong. Jon Ossoff came a long Cha Jun 2017 #32
And yet he lost. So in GA6 at least we don't do as well Voltaire2 Jun 2017 #54
So? So did Quist and Mello.. those two LOST with Cha Jun 2017 #66
Yes. NanceGreggs Jun 2017 #71
He might be pretty new. xmas74 Jun 2017 #152
Yet Bernie ran as a Democrat, and there is something else Lady_Chat Jun 2017 #45
"It's fine to disagree about what we should do next, but why do it in public?" Gravitycollapse Jun 2017 #55
Worse than the Trump brand in some parts of the country. Voltaire2 Jun 2017 #50
lol lol lol n/t Chevy Jun 2017 #65
Ikr! Cha Jun 2017 #70
That is a true statement. In those parts, the Bernie brand is even worse. apcalc Jun 2017 #67
Aha! so true. Cha Jun 2017 #68
Bloomberg would of won..... n/t Chevy Jun 2017 #72
Right YCHDT Jun 2017 #106
Yes, its the equivalent of saying shit stinks and doesn't add to the conversation in full context... YCHDT Jun 2017 #105
Truth? lol Chevy Jun 2017 #51
Hey Bernie, apcalc Jun 2017 #62
Mahalo, apcaic Cha Jun 2017 #82
He himself lost the primary . I don't get why his brand is treated as an alleged oracle lunasun Jun 2017 #115
I think he's right Buckeyeblue Jun 2017 #69
He ignores propaganda get the red out Jun 2017 #73
Good point, get the red out! Cha Jun 2017 #84
Right !!! Leaving out the fact that there are more areas we can do better in and get more voters tha YCHDT Jun 2017 #107
He adds to the anti-Dem rhetoric brush Jun 2017 #162
Ignores the RW quoting him bashing Dems. But his fans expect it. bettyellen Jun 2017 #184
Maybe "he alone can fix it". That's meant as sarcasm. livetohike Jun 2017 #78
Speaking of President Obama.. Cha Jun 2017 #86
taxes enid602 Jun 2017 #85
He is pandering to his base. NCTraveler Jun 2017 #88
Wow! This post happened to ignite again? DU Admins re-posted this - Thank you! vkkv Jun 2017 #97
Maybe someday Dem 'leadership' will start listening to Sanders and address the things he spoke of... Trial_By_Fire Jun 2017 #99
Like trying to reach out to the mythical WWCV when the dem base is being suppressed?!!? REALLY?!!1? YCHDT Jun 2017 #108
What does WWCV stand for? Trial_By_Fire Jun 2017 #109
white working class voter YCHDT Jun 2017 #110
In all honesty, I do wonder what the 'Dem base' is... Trial_By_Fire Jun 2017 #112
The people who have voted dem in the 80 - 90% range for generations now YCHDT Jun 2017 #114
IMHO - The dems started and continue to lose when they got so cozy with corporate america ciaobaby Jun 2017 #117
Yup...time to become the party of the people AGAIN... Trial_By_Fire Jun 2017 #129
Welcome to DU... Demsrule86 Jun 2017 #193
Baloney, if that was the case, the GOP would never win. Demsrule86 Jun 2017 #192
Women and minorities -- the groups of voters that vote most consistently for Democrats. pnwmom Jun 2017 #125
Women, POC, Black Women and all minorities. sheshe2 Jun 2017 #245
Populists Eko Jun 2017 #120
Corrections: Trial_By_Fire Jun 2017 #121
Trump ran as a populist but he's rejected that as President. n/t pnwmom Jun 2017 #126
Yes, they do. Eko Jun 2017 #135
Trump is not a populist - he is a grifter... Trial_By_Fire Jun 2017 #137
Well played. Eko Jun 2017 #141
Add this. Eko Jun 2017 #145
Inadequate definitions of populist Expecting Rain Jun 2017 #147
"We all know"??? Speak for yourself. n/t pnwmom Jun 2017 #122
Sanders said. Trial_By_Fire Jun 2017 #127
"Truth hurts doesn't it? " nini Jun 2017 #133
The Democratic brand is the only brand that has progressed us forward all these decades. pirateshipdude Jun 2017 #136
No mention of getting rid of e-voting machines, gerrymandering or voter purging etc judesedit Jun 2017 #138
No, not from the Fed level so much because States are given the Constitutional rights to vkkv Jun 2017 #144
Actually Bernie was probably a victim of the same tactics judesedit Jun 2017 #146
Time to change the TOS as far as I'm concerned Expecting Rain Jun 2017 #148
"clear enemy" ? If we can't have some self-examination, we're doomed. vkkv Jun 2017 #151
Really, such examination doomed us in 16...how long do some folks want to lose...until every Demsrule86 Jun 2017 #209
So.. ignore the problems.. keep head in sand.. don't rock the boat.. be a 'yes' man.. vkkv Jun 2017 #222
Yeah, the Democratic Party is Fighting the worst Cha Jun 2017 #154
That is the truth. What is his end game? Demsrule86 Jun 2017 #210
+1 Me. Jun 2017 #160
Its time for the Democratic party WinstonSmith00 Jun 2017 #150
So How Is That Hard Left Approach Working Out Lately? Me. Jun 2017 #161
Bernie Became The Greatest Online Fundraiser In Political History. How's Trump working out 4 U ?? vkkv Jun 2017 #212
So.... Me. Jun 2017 #213
Ugh - this kind of attitude is childish. KTM Jun 2017 #223
Nice Try Me. Jun 2017 #231
I understand that many cant take criticism. KTM Jun 2017 #233
The Proof Is In The Pudding Me. Jun 2017 #234
"relentless vindictiveness" ?? KTM Jun 2017 #235
Easy To See You're A Follower Me. Jun 2017 #238
A follower of whom ? KTM Jun 2017 #239
You Do Make Some Good Points Me. Jun 2017 #240
Wow, how VERY Trump-ish - not so unlike the POTUS tweets. vkkv Jun 2017 #259
It's really tiresome BainsBane Jun 2017 #244
Policy? Bestill my heart, get over yourself! George II Jun 2017 #247
You speak as if under attack, but I dont see it the same. KTM Jun 2017 #250
People have sold a false narrative BainsBane Jun 2017 #255
EXCELLENT reply. Excellent analysis. It's a shame... NurseJackie Jun 2017 #253
I fully agree, but Dems have often made themselves easy targets OF the GOP and Media at vkkv Jun 2017 #260
There is a right way and a wrong way to criticize, his comment was bashing. He keeps talking... George II Jun 2017 #241
Show me the bashing, the wrong and the right in the linked interview KTM Jun 2017 #248
So its Bernie and Schumer then... watch out for that bus Chuck ! KTM Jun 2017 #153
Lovely Cary Jun 2017 #155
What truth is that? xmas74 Jun 2017 #156
If that's the case, Senator Sanders, then please find yourself a party whose "brand" you like, okay? George II Jun 2017 #180
Who? LexVegas Jun 2017 #183
He's right. alarimer Jun 2017 #190
Anyone who says they will raise taxes will lose...that is just a fact. Demsrule86 Jun 2017 #194
Only because it hasn't been sold correctly to the American people. alarimer Jun 2017 #200
There is no correct way to sell it...in our history no candidate has been elected who said he would Demsrule86 Jun 2017 #207
A lie couched in a truth. Like much of what Sanders says. Context is everything. nt stevenleser Jun 2017 #195
Are you calling Senator Sanders a liar? Trial_By_Fire Jun 2017 #206
Are you surprised that he sometimes doesn't tell the truth? Politifact says 28% of what he says stevenleser Jun 2017 #211
At least he gets no "pants of fire's" Trial_By_Fire Jun 2017 #218
Hum, he continues to disparage the DNC, his way is not the answer. Thinkingabout Jun 2017 #202
Dems and Bernie pamdb Jun 2017 #203
Bernie Became The Greatest Online Fundraiser In Political History. So, why not listen to him? vkkv Jun 2017 #215
We have listened to Sanders insult and attack Democrats for a long time. pirateshipdude Jun 2017 #216
"The Democrat base rejected him." - But not his IDEAS. vkkv Jun 2017 #220
The Democratic base listened to Sanders ideas and policies and rejected him. Yes. Eom pirateshipdude Jun 2017 #221
That is why HRC borrowed (stole) his ideas re: tuition free college and others. vkkv Jun 2017 #224
You might want to do research. Sanders free college was a fail and he adopted her and pirateshipdude Jun 2017 #225
Ever talk with college students about college debt? vkkv Jun 2017 #226
How you have shifted the conversation. I have paid college tuition for kids. pirateshipdude Jun 2017 #227
That sounds like a lot more opinion than fact. I'm not buying your 'argument'. nt vkkv Jun 2017 #228
You did not do your research, did you? Eom pirateshipdude Jun 2017 #229
Well, he failed to win votes, or lead the people he was preaching to, so what should we be Ninsianna Jun 2017 #257
It wasn't bad when Obama carried two terms zz-la Jun 2017 #246
The democratic brand is so bad, Hillary won the national vote by just 3 million. DetlefK Jun 2017 #251
Against Trump the difference SHOULD have been 15 million!! vkkv Jun 2017 #258
Bernie is not a Democrat, true. Ligyron Jun 2017 #256
Dems need to use history of governing, how economic policy, higher wages, higher income tax on the vkkv Jun 2017 #261
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