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I just GOTTA back that! dchill Jun 2017 #1
I love it gopiscrap Jun 2017 #2
love it niyad Jun 2017 #3
when the thugs curl their lips and talk about chicago style, mopinko Jun 2017 #4
Loves me some Chicago style JustABozoOnThisBus Jun 2017 #10
Move aside Senator Franken, you got some competition Brother Buzz Jun 2017 #5
This is amusing Gothmog Jun 2017 #6
K & R ......that's funny! nt Wounded Bear Jun 2017 #7
Bradd is the guy nykym Jun 2017 #8
The Acts are actually named COVFEFE AND MAR-A-LAGO! lunatica Jun 2017 #9
Trump has even stated himself recently that his tweets ARE official statements. nt Honeycombe8 Jun 2017 #11
Absolutely brilliant! n/t customerserviceguy Jun 2017 #12
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