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10. That's not how Trump works.
Fri Jun 9, 2017, 11:45 AM
Jun 2017

He doesn't actually threaten people in a real or serious way. He's used to bluster and bullying that usually gets people to do what he wants. His employees are the best ever until they disappoint him in some way, then he fires them, which is what he did to Comey. So as far as Trump is concerned, it's all over. Plus, I saw on the interwebs this morning that Trump is saying that he won, Comey lied, let's move on. He's delusional, of course.

Not to mention he doesn't always pay his contractors, but that's quite different from this topic.

Exactly how he handles GOP congress - he grabbed em by the pussy and they let him do anything blm Jun 2017 #1
Boy ...do I ever have experience with this kind of behavior... Zoonart Jun 2017 #2
Brilliant. Admittedly I would never have seen the symmetry. jmg257 Jun 2017 #3
Fantastic...... MyOwnPeace Jun 2017 #4
Trump was grooming w/talks of I hope, I demand loyalty BS. Madam45for2923 Jun 2017 #5
Exactly! "I hope we have sex" when said by a boss to an employee isn't just about "hope" is it. anneboleyn Jun 2017 #19
and why did the "I hope" convo have to happen with 2 of them alone if it was so innocent? Madam45for2923 Jun 2017 #22
I read this opinion piece this morning at breakfast and was just about to post it mnhtnbb Jun 2017 #6
I worried about Comey's family Marthe48 Jun 2017 #7
That's not how Trump works. PoindexterOglethorpe Jun 2017 #10
that's how his deplorables work Skittles Jun 2017 #15
yes Marthe48 Jun 2017 #25
We don't know what he does Marthe48 Jun 2017 #26
That'll come soon enough ... Benedict Donald is a wanna be gangster YCHDT Jun 2017 #12
"you have a nice family. . . would be a shame if anything happened to them. . . . " niyad Jun 2017 #14
I agree. Trump was threatening Comey. Comey intimidates the SHIT out of baby Trump anneboleyn Jun 2017 #20
Neither Trump nor the people around him . . . OldRedneck Jun 2017 #8
In his whole life Trump just takes what he wants Mr. Evil Jun 2017 #9
it is and i had not looked at it from the same perspective. barbtries Jun 2017 #11
And then there's McCain's reaction cagefreesoylentgreen Jun 2017 #13
SPOT ON!!!!! niyad Jun 2017 #16
K&R Scurrilous Jun 2017 #17
There should something empowering about this analysis, AND BlancheSplanchnik Jun 2017 #18
What I said last night: it was a seduction scene. All the men with good reputations now soiled... Hekate Jun 2017 #21
Using the "power" of being physically present in the Oval Office, Ilsa Jun 2017 #23
In the meantime few GOPers at the hearing try to minimize the situation! Madam45for2923 Jun 2017 #24
I can't even post this on my FB anymore. Have young relatives. So sad the Pres of USA is so Potty trueblue2007 Jun 2017 #27
This message was self-deleted by its author Pacifist Patriot Jun 2017 #28
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