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152. Reality Winner--It's right in front of our faces
Tue Jun 6, 2017, 08:03 PM
Jun 2017

She's being given a cover for her contribution.

Speaks three rare languages, a previous intel operative in the Air Force.

Didn't cover her tracks to the Intercept (lol)

She's a contractor, not NSA. I guess they want her.

Wow awesomerwb1 Jun 2017 #1
see my post below janterry Jun 2017 #8
"NSA notes that the attacks could have had an impact on voting tallies. " L. Coyote Jun 2017 #43
Very reliable in some ways... defacto7 Jun 2017 #81
I Know One Thing War Is A Racket Jun 2017 #124
Isn't that crazy??!! WE went from being pinko commies to elitists and the Repubs went from kerry-is-my-prez Jun 2017 #145
Karmic Wheel War Is A Racket Jun 2017 #154
How reliable this is The Intercept? still_one Jun 2017 #2
The report is confirmed by CBS janterry Jun 2017 #7
Thanks. Very interesting. Smoking gun? still_one Jun 2017 #10
This needs more MSM coverage! n/t AntiFascist Jun 2017 #23
Mother Jones has an article too. L. Coyote Jun 2017 #46
Salon: "Russia attempted to hack U.S. voting software days before election: NSA document" L. Coyote Jun 2017 #58
Intercept is the publication that Jeremy Scahill helped start. Volaris Jun 2017 #62
It's Very Reliable IMO War Is A Racket Jun 2017 #121
There is a reason the French don't allow electronic voting dalton99a Jun 2017 #3
Well, cov-muthafuckin-fefe njhoneybadger Jun 2017 #4
Lol! LOL Lib Jun 2017 #111
K & R democrank Jun 2017 #5
So this was a known (and failed?) attempt. What about unknown and/or successful attempts? LonePirate Jun 2017 #6
I've read several times on Du that the head of NSA is emulatorloo Jun 2017 #12
Agree. I'm sure there is more that we don't know and they don't want us to know. iluvtennis Jun 2017 #114
Covfefe, indeed! Cracklin Charlie Jun 2017 #9
Link to original Intercept article: enough Jun 2017 #11
I'm not much into conspiracies... Cyrusvirus Jun 2017 #13
If MI, PA and WI were tampered with, chances are high that FL and NC were as well. LonePirate Jun 2017 #19
Not sure about PA berksdem Jun 2017 #51
Exactly DeminPennswoods Jun 2017 #78
I think Erie County was BumRushDaShow Jun 2017 #88
As Michael Moore told us before the election. Duppers Jun 2017 #96
lol, Still is.. disillusioned73 Jun 2017 #142
FL for sure. Hillary lost a 400K+ lead in less than two minutes after results were advertised. iluvtennis Jun 2017 #115
+1,00000000 AND this is why we still have a GOP majority in the Senate and maybe the House Maraya1969 Jun 2017 #34
I too have thought this based on vote totals cilla4progress Jun 2017 #127
Me either Nwgirl503 Jun 2017 #35
love that analogy...ur absolutely right about the look on his face on Nov 8th iluvtennis Jun 2017 #116
According to WI results, Ron Johnson made up Greybnk48 Jun 2017 #36
I never will understand that one. Seemed so odd. Justice Jun 2017 #41
yep.... dhill926 Jun 2017 #89
In light of Roger Stone's recent accusation that Walker & Co fixed at least 5 elections... Native Jun 2017 #135
Might as well move to another dictatorship where you really can't vote. kerry-is-my-prez Jun 2017 #147
I remember election night BadgerMom Jun 2017 #40
I basically collapsed cilla4progress Jun 2017 #128
Re: Panic attack DangerousRhythm Jun 2017 #131
I know... cilla4progress Jun 2017 #136
+ 1 million! Madam45for2923 Jun 2017 #44
Welcome to DU...that would explain the crazy numbers in WI, PA and Michigan. Demsrule86 Jun 2017 #95
K and r Achilleaze Jun 2017 #14
NO! it's not possible!!... oh wait, of course it's possible, and probable. nt TheFrenchRazor Jun 2017 #15
Kick orangecrush Jun 2017 #16
as many of us has known since election night, this election was stolen. NRaleighLiberal Jun 2017 #17
...in so many ways its almost impossible to identify. Alice11111 Jun 2017 #21
Yes. We've all known. Control-Z Jun 2017 #28
"...that no one will ever talk about restitution for Hillary and the country" mhw Jun 2017 #39
I agree with every last word. Control-Z Jun 2017 #52
The ones who talk loudest against it reveal what they are. mhw Jun 2017 #60
The Republican Party must not be continually rewarded for theft of Electoral Coll. by appointing Bernardo de La Paz Jun 2017 #63
+ Thank you. An interesting read mhw Jun 2017 #68
Yes, we need to #revote iluvtennis Jun 2017 #117
#PaperBallots from here on. mhw Jun 2017 #120
Agreed on paper ballots. iluvtennis Jun 2017 #125
Gorsuch too cilla4progress Jun 2017 #129
Indeed. Everything gets reversed. Every exec order he signed. mhw Jun 2017 #130
That's probably going to happen SCantiGOP Jun 2017 #140
That's what SHOULD happen mhw Jun 2017 #143
K & R nt Cadfael Jun 2017 #18
Trump LOVES Russia. vkkv Jun 2017 #20
Here is a better link. The Raw Story one doesn't work. pnwmom Jun 2017 #22
Where is Lady Bug? She has been on this from the beginning...of course I think we all knew this. nt Dream Girl Jun 2017 #24
Electoral College phooey!.... should be Electoral Calamity! Kleveland Jun 2017 #25
I could recommend,CASAMIGOS-100% Anejo Agave from Jalisco pangaia Jun 2017 #56
Anejo is my favorite type, by far! Kleveland Jun 2017 #101
There is an excellent Mexican place in my small town. pangaia Jun 2017 #107
The Snowden crowd ain't gonna like this... Blue_Tires Jun 2017 #26
Why do we need to be "suspicious as hell?" about The Intercept? YoungDemCA Jun 2017 #86
Because they're Hillary-hating Putinist tools? Blue_Tires Jun 2017 #134
To me, even if this is true, it's no "bombshell." GoCubsGo Jun 2017 #27
Especially when their dumb asses have stood behind him like this so far !!! YCHDT Jun 2017 #33
And the Constitutional remedy is..... Mr. Ected Jun 2017 #29
Actually, there are at least three. Bernardo de La Paz Jun 2017 #72
Yes, but all 3 paths lead through Congress Mr. Ected Jun 2017 #93
If Democratics tie them to toxic Republican Pres Trump well enough to damage 2018 & 2020 chances. nt Bernardo de La Paz Jun 2017 #99
Correct, and if they did SCantiGOP Jun 2017 #141
could have impact vote tallies......what we've all felt for KewlKat Jun 2017 #30
K&R musette_sf Jun 2017 #31
And is it possible that the GOP knew this and made sure they won the Senate? kimbutgar Jun 2017 #32
Yes. That's why McConnel did all he could to keep Garland from the SC. mhw Jun 2017 #47
I think that's really the only reasonable explanation for his stalling renate Jun 2017 #77
Trump said the election was rigged. GeorgeGist Jun 2017 #37
I honestly don't think he was trolling Nevernose Jun 2017 #45
Yup, true, right on down the line. Rollo Jun 2017 #112
Yep, that's the truth there. Dumpty is a master at transferring things attributable to him to others iluvtennis Jun 2017 #118
This is not new. It was even in MSM before election: Amaryllis Jun 2017 #38
I don't understand the difference (don't have time to read the whole thing right now), deurbano Jun 2017 #53
I guess it depends on how you define vote tallying. Obama said it didnt affect that but I never Amaryllis Jun 2017 #74
Oh yeah, agree with that. deurbano Jun 2017 #80
Registration tampering can affect vote tallies dragonlady Jun 2017 #83
And even MSM reported widespread hacking into voter reg databases by Russia several Amaryllis Jun 2017 #103
They stole the elections malaise Jun 2017 #42
Yup. The question is who in power will finally acknowledge this given that it might be difficult suffragette Jun 2017 #144
K & R! Mountain Mule Jun 2017 #48
Stephen Spoonamore, a Republican, is an expert in electronic vote and credit card hacking. Dustlawyer Jun 2017 #49
Of course *45 & KGOP knew... Hell, Sechin (Rosneft) knew in June ... also why *45 so sensitive about MedusaX Jun 2017 #50
Wonder if this is why some WI disctricts had more Repug votes and voters in county? lark Jun 2017 #54
Different systems. Ms. Toad Jun 2017 #69
Remember Detroit? 300+ precincts could not be counted, because the numbers didn't match up. putitinD Jun 2017 #76
And over 15 vote county machines in Detroit/surrounding areas breaking down on election night..hooey iluvtennis Jun 2017 #119
Detroit has enough Democratic votes in it to carry Michigan for the Democrats, as it has reliably putitinD Jun 2017 #133
Reports the probability of Trump winning those 3 states and several counties bucolic_frolic Jun 2017 #55
It's always been obvious to some of us. ananda Jun 2017 #57
It certainly is staring us in the face. L. Coyote Jun 2017 #59
This has nothing directly do with the vote tallies. Ms. Toad Jun 2017 #67
I had a post or two hidden for suggesting the very thing. sandensea Jun 2017 #61
+ a million. mhw Jun 2017 #73
Thanks. sandensea Jun 2017 #102
Yes sandensea, A tragedy. mhw Jun 2017 #110
MSNBC - Greta van Susteren just led off with this story! Goodheart Jun 2017 #64
WOW! Not watching her show but its at least a start anyway. mhw Jun 2017 #70
Change the current voting system... Portland_Anni Jun 2017 #65
Yes, I' am your side....CHANGE THE INSECURE LEVEL SO THIS WON'T HAPPEN AGAIN!! onecent Jun 2017 #71
You know, this sabotage just fits in logically... Portland_Anni Jun 2017 #82
I said this months before that what was being classified was underthematrix Jun 2017 #66
Gun meet smoke McCamy Taylor Jun 2017 #75
They're covering it on CNN right now (3:30 Pacific Time). BigmanPigman Jun 2017 #79
I've said this from day 1, all they had to get was the programmer sarah FAILIN Jun 2017 #84
Oh my covfefe coeur_de_lion Jun 2017 #85
The leaker has been arrested. The_jackalope Jun 2017 #87
Our government undermines public faith in government. CentralMass Jun 2017 #90
They're charging her ten years in the pen! FailureToCommunicate Jun 2017 #105
Hopefully she can hold out til 2021 Tarc Jun 2017 #138
The big question we have been asking ourselves for over 16 years DFW Jun 2017 #91
The people do if and when they have had enough. CentralMass Jun 2017 #92
This is something I have long suspected but have had no evidence for... jimlup Jun 2017 #94
Like I always say .... LenaBaby61 Jun 2017 #97
Exactly. nt Honeycombe8 Jun 2017 #106
We are like the citizens of Russia, etc. who can only look on while those in power continue to "fix" kerry-is-my-prez Jun 2017 #146
K&R Scurrilous Jun 2017 #98
the citizens of this country need to DEMAND.......... Takket Jun 2017 #100
agreed on all three. nt TheFrenchRazor Jun 2017 #123
I thought we knew this already. wildeyed Jun 2017 #104
Several analysts have been clear that this DID NOT INVOLVE HACKING VOTING MACHINES... brooklynite Jun 2017 #108
proving a negative is hard, especially when there is zero evidence to support these analysts. nt TheFrenchRazor Jun 2017 #122
The intercept? Sigh. BootinUp Jun 2017 #109
Definitively states Russian General Staff Main Military Intelligence Directorate actors responsible wishstar Jun 2017 #113
PAPER BALLOTS! burrowowl Jun 2017 #126
We have a victim here you all are ignoring SHRED Jun 2017 #132
"The NSA notes that the attacks could have had an impact on voting tallies." Botany Jun 2017 #137
KKKKKKK & RRRRRRR.... spanone Jun 2017 #139
An act of war against the USA by Putin's workinclasszero Jun 2017 #148
if true, would this not constitute an act of war? nt Javaman Jun 2017 #149
One more piece of a well coordinated multi pronged attack kyburbonkid Jun 2017 #150
My, my SusanaMontana41 Jun 2017 #151
Reality Winner--It's right in front of our faces disalitervisum Jun 2017 #152
the actual harm is done where votes are tallied Rene Jun 2017 #153
most interesting! triron Jun 2017 #155
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