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36. This thread is mildly disturbing because...
Fri Jun 2, 2017, 06:07 PM
Jun 2017

Megyn Kelly has become gainfully employed by someplace other than Fox News. I hope she didn't bring her white Jesus and Santa with her.

now we get the normalization of putin...who sounded exactly like donald trump today spanone Jun 2017 #1
I agree that the language tone and message FarPoint Jun 2017 #19
No surprise they use the same authoritarian language sharedvalues Jun 2017 #78
When Trump orders our Pentagon to JOIN with Putin and invade Sweden, this interview Eliot Rosewater Jun 2017 #27
Megyn is a beautiful woman, but that is a weird outfit to wear for work Justice Jun 2017 #2
hahaha vlyons Jun 2017 #10
Usually I watch PBS on Sundays, too. This week is fundraising time, though csziggy Jun 2017 #52
I'm sure the Russians have seen more of her. Probably placed her in a wired room with shower cams. TheBlackAdder Jun 2017 #48
Is it? Egnever Jun 2017 #50
Really? Is this how one dresses for a professional interview? jrthin Jun 2017 #3
She's going to her prom right afterward. Squinch Jun 2017 #5
It really irritates me that the cable news shows make their female anchors The Velveteen Ocelot Jun 2017 #4
Still wearing her Fox News wardrobe I guess. Dustlawyer Jun 2017 #7
But Fox isn't the only one. The Velveteen Ocelot Jun 2017 #13
I feel like she made this decision alwaysinflux Jun 2017 #28
I know our local stations get a clothing allowance and Dustlawyer Jun 2017 #38
They do have Rachel take off her glasses and put on makeup mucifer Jun 2017 #61
I think Rachel wears jeans and a t shirt greymattermom Jun 2017 #76
and weird makeup and contact lenses. But, that's not a bad compromise mucifer Jun 2017 #77
Is that a black bra strap on her left shoulder? left-of-center2012 Jun 2017 #80
Does she think she's still at Fox and Ailes is still her boss? jrthin Jun 2017 #6
I knew we were in trouble a long time ago when newsies devolved into celebrities. n/t miyazaki Jun 2017 #8
yo, dude in the foreground, her eyes are up there. nt geek tragedy Jun 2017 #9
To answer your question, NO. I saw a preview of her interview yesterday and saw this outfit and politicaljunkie41910 Jun 2017 #11
Her dress doesn't excuse sexual harassment mythology Jun 2017 #44
Would it be ok for HR to have a chat with her? dhol82 Jun 2017 #55
Bullshit. Corporations have dress codes. Unless you're working at Enron elehhhhna Jun 2017 #64
Dibs on the bullshit. It wouldn't excuse rape or assault, which is a crime, politicaljunkie41910 Jun 2017 #82
I used to watch the program "House" question everything Jun 2017 #83
The irony is that when Gretchen Carlson resigned, blaming Ailes, Kelly defended him question everything Jun 2017 #69
They can push anything they want malaise Jun 2017 #12
This is... Mike Nelson Jun 2017 #14
why should I care what she wears or how she looks? Voltaire2 Jun 2017 #15
Why? Because it shows how the TV "news" business still seems to consider The Velveteen Ocelot Jun 2017 #17
It seems to be borderline slut shaming to me. Voltaire2 Jun 2017 #21
Not at all. The point is that the men are allowed to dress like professionals The Velveteen Ocelot Jun 2017 #23
How do you know Megyn didn't choose to wear that? NobodyHere Jun 2017 #26
I'm betting she did decide alwaysinflux Jun 2017 #29
How so Egnever Jun 2017 #51
Manipulating their what though? Does wearing a revealing cocktail dress during the day elehhhhna Jun 2017 #60
If you can't figure that out Egnever Jun 2017 #67
Okay don't clarify. elehhhhna Jun 2017 #68
Oh, Lord. You really said that. Squinch Jun 2017 #73
I don't know whether or not she did, but my gripe goes beyond her. The Velveteen Ocelot Jun 2017 #32
Obviously, this is how she chooses to present herself question everything Jun 2017 #45
it is exactly about that because what if Rachel MAddow wanted to wear her casual clothes JI7 Jun 2017 #72
Not even close. But good try. Squinch Jun 2017 #35
It's entirely inappropriate in a professional setting elehhhhna Jun 2017 #58
Since you're the only person who mentions the word slut, elehhhhna Jun 2017 #65
This thread is mildly disturbing because... dchill Jun 2017 #36
Yes! This exactly! Though her prom dress is pretty creepy too. Squinch Jun 2017 #74
If anybody wants to be taken serious in his/her job, he/she should avebury Jun 2017 #54
More like she's working the carpet at the Grammys elehhhhna Jun 2017 #62
Exactly. I can't tell you how many professional women in my work world reacted LuckyLib Jun 2017 #81
Where are the mics hidden? Those lamps look suspicious. chelsea0011 Jun 2017 #16
Who is she being paid by, to conduct today's interview ? OnDoutside Jun 2017 #18
NBC "News" (nt) question everything Jun 2017 #46
I believe we will find out she probably got something for hosting the on stage OnDoutside Jun 2017 #70
The weather ladies here in Miami tavernier Jun 2017 #20
Yes, but they need to recruit Yanet Garcia Awsi Dooger Jun 2017 #25
Also in Minnesota. And it is strange to see them wearing sleevless tight dresses question everything Jun 2017 #47
I've been in the Miami NBC studio tavernier Jun 2017 #57
I can only hope it fails miserably. The world had enough hacks. nt Guy Whitey Corngood Jun 2017 #22
Seems weird. That's more nighttime attire. Not a serious power suit to Interview onecaliberal Jun 2017 #24
She looks like she's at a cocktail party mcar Jun 2017 #30
I'm not watching ebbie15644 Jun 2017 #31
I am positive that MeganK is completely aware of the inappropriateness of her attire... MedusaX Jun 2017 #33
Someone alerted on this OP Mosby Jun 2017 #34
Lots o' trolls out there. Squinch Jun 2017 #37
Why shouldn't they? They are all NBC programs. Auntie Bush Jun 2017 #39
Lawrence O'Donnell is also and they don't advertise for him and he still gets high ratings JI7 Jun 2017 #71
I assume they paid a lot of money to get Kelly and Auntie Bush Jun 2017 #79
So, your theory is a network is promoting their new show? FSogol Jun 2017 #40
I refused to watch even one minute of Greta &... Little Star Jun 2017 #41
This has got to be the worst TV show rockfordfile Jun 2017 #42
That's how you dress to interview a head of state??? WoonTars Jun 2017 #43
I will NEVER, NEVER, NEVER watch her EVER. eom a kennedy Jun 2017 #49
NEVER Beakybird Jun 2017 #63
not a professional outfit if you ask me. trueblue2007 Jun 2017 #53
That outfit doesn't exactly scream "I want to be taken seriously as a journalist" EffieBlack Jun 2017 #56
I've heard Andy Lack's pet programs are not doing so well lovemydogs Jun 2017 #59
If Mel Brooks were directing this, Megyn would walk up after the men were Tanuki Jun 2017 #66
Not as much as CNN pushes Anthony Bourdain's program oberliner Jun 2017 #75
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