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WOW just WOW Zoonart May 2017 #1
That's what the republican party under Trump is. workinclasszero May 2017 #4
Agreed, he clearly overstepped his bounds by what he did and he needs to be held accountable. nt cstanleytech May 2017 #15
This fucker needs to feel the wrath dalton99a May 2017 #2
Typical sleaze tactics used by the GOP. lpbk2713 May 2017 #3
I expect more and more of this Va Lefty May 2017 #5
Are we a third world dictatorship yet? workinclasszero May 2017 #6
Soon, very soon,,,I posted some info about this district.. Stuart G May 2017 #11
Yup workinclasszero May 2017 #19
his name and actions should be spread far and wide luvMIdog May 2017 #7
The bank has a weak response on its Facebook page More_Cowbell May 2017 #8
I wrote to my congresscritters about this neeksgeek May 2017 #9
I sure hope this asshole, Frelinghusen, is defeated in the next election. Stuart G May 2017 #10
Opponent Mikie Sherrill is a former Navy pilot, ex-federal prosecutor and a mother of four Justice May 2017 #16
I hope you are correct..got to remember Mikie Sherrill..11th Cong Dist..New Jersey Stuart G May 2017 #17
Likewise Yo_Mama_Been_Loggin May 2017 #20
Message auto-removed Name removed May 2017 #21
That letter is so against blue-wave May 2017 #12
From what I read..she was not fired, she resigned. Stuart G May 2017 #13
constructive termination - basically frozen out - forced to resign Justice May 2017 #14
I sure hope the good people of NJ get ahold of this doozie. What a POS!!! AgadorSparticus May 2017 #18
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