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8. Our parents, church, and school...
Reply to KG (Reply #1)
Thu Jul 5, 2012, 08:35 AM
Jul 2012

...all train us to obey authority figures or else we are punished.
We are brainwashed to "fit in".

Our parents treat us not as people but as property when we are young.

Church threatens us with Hell.

I worked at an elementary school and witnessed a kindergarten teacher drag a kid outside and berate him by saying, "All the other kids are behaving so why aren't you". In other words ingraining into this child that he must succumb to peer pressure yet, in a few years, he was taught "just say no" to peer pressure.

we live in a nation of sheep. we do and believe whatever we're told. KG Jul 2012 #1
Precisely Sherman A1 Jul 2012 #2
Yep, raised from birth to be sheep! And many to vote to maintain their RKP5637 Jul 2012 #3
Uh-oh... chervilant Jul 2012 #7
not just sheep Locrian Jul 2012 #4
Which is the worst part of this all...... SammyWinstonJack Jul 2012 #44
Our parents, church, and school... SHRED Jul 2012 #8
Welcome To The Machine. Ikonoklast Jul 2012 #31
Well that's depressing. liberalmuse Jul 2012 #20
And so many sheeple will shout down those hifiguy Jul 2012 #39
"Kreider is either extremely well-compensated for his time or he has another source of income" HiPointDem Jul 2012 #5
I doubt it, the authour of this piece is being dishonest pschoeb Jul 2012 #10
i love Tim's work but i always wondered how he lived off of doing one cartoon a week, which dionysus Jul 2012 #42
i'd bet the cabin a/o apartment belong to the family. his resume isn't indicative of income HiPointDem Jul 2012 #49
Electrician, MRI technician, auto mechanic, etc. KurtNYC Jul 2012 #6
One of my daughters is exboyfil Jul 2012 #12
Nice. Good luck to both of them KurtNYC Jul 2012 #17
That is paradise on earth. liberalmuse Jul 2012 #22
NZ was a neoliberal test case. Incomes of 96% of the population were lower in 1996 than in 1981. HiPointDem Jul 2012 #52
NZ is stupefyingly beautiful hifiguy Jul 2012 #40
Well, sir, you have nailed it on the head. Flatulo Jul 2012 #14
I had a friend who was a consultant..... tpsbmam Jul 2012 #24
Good grief, so sorry for your friend and her loved ones. Flatulo Jul 2012 #25
I'm so sorry both for you & your friend, and for the fact that I know of several Egalitarian Thug Jul 2012 #50
I'm also an Engineer waddirum Jul 2012 #34
You're lucky to be in a job that will allow that. Flatulo Jul 2012 #37
I think the worst thing about working free Flatulo Jul 2012 #46
+ fucking 1 nashville_brook Jul 2012 #53
Oh yeah, I know that trick too. Why get you a faster processor when Flatulo Jul 2012 #58
omg...that's what they do here w/off hours shit nashville_brook Jul 2012 #59
"the out-dated college to salaried position tunnel." TahitiNut Jul 2012 #19
Most of those lower level managerial positions liberal arts grads Warpy Jul 2012 #54
Exactly right. lumberjack_jeff Jul 2012 #27
First vocational schools can also run nadinbrzezinski Jul 2012 #29
MRI Technician -- Pay (per AMA) Low: $48,371 medium: $62K High: $83K KurtNYC Jul 2012 #41
Yes and there are debts incurred going to school nadinbrzezinski Jul 2012 #48
An MRI tech will position you inside the machine, KurtNYC Jul 2012 #55
You wait, we are already outsoourcing X-Ray and other image interpretation nadinbrzezinski Jul 2012 #57
im pretty lucky Garion_55 Jul 2012 #9
Three months off per year should be mandatory. nt Flatulo Jul 2012 #26
Tim Kreider's "leisurely lifestyle" DaveJ Jul 2012 #11
K&R! Omaha Steve Jul 2012 #13
k/r marmar Jul 2012 #15
baaaa flamingdem Jul 2012 #16
Modern Times TheMastersNemesis Jul 2012 #18
A classic! KansDem Jul 2012 #35
The slaves were indoctrinated The Wizard Jul 2012 #21
And so many knowingly work to continue the trend. raouldukelives Jul 2012 #23
It was the ascendence of the MBA in American corporations that Flatulo Jul 2012 #28
i remember it well -- along with the introduction of the phrase 'wage inflation'. nt xchrom Jul 2012 #30
Oh yeah, I heard that one right before a 5 year stretch w/o an increase. Flatulo Jul 2012 #33
A 19th century political economist had an interesting theory about this DBoon Jul 2012 #32
He wouldn't have to work so hard at being a cartoonist if more people wanted to buy his stuff. Nuclear Unicorn Jul 2012 #36
k&r Starry Messenger Jul 2012 #38
Nobel Peace Prize to Tim Kreider! Democrats_win Jul 2012 #43
I had an insight about work some years ago that utterly changed my life.... mike_c Jul 2012 #45
Article from 1884 that's incredibly relevant - Useful Work vs. Useless Toil drokhole Jul 2012 #47
marking for future reference. nt Deep13 Jul 2012 #51
So my boss can have a HUGE house, fancy car and beach house? prole_for_peace Jul 2012 #56
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