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19. The economy has changed.
Thu May 4, 2017, 07:55 PM
May 2017

Hardly anyone works at the same career for a lifetime, much less the same company. It is all contract work and gigs and small businesses now. And small business adds more to local economies too. Jobs and profits don't get outsourced the way big companies do. Corporate talent isn't taxed as extravagantly, but they sill want good public schools and nice public amenities. Things the GOP despises. Cities and states who can attract the talent win because that creates more jobs and increase the local tax base. The ones that don't are dying.

The GOP doesn't care. They would rather let their states die economically than change or risk getting voted out of power. Lets be real. Most of us mobile workers don't vote the 'right' way. If you are mentally and emotionally flexible enough to navigate the perils of self employment successfully, rigid RW ideology probably doesn't appeal. So they are driving us out by making it too expensive and uncomfortable to stay, I guess. Killing the goose who laid the golden egg, IMO, but you can't reason with them.

Do you live in a red state [View all] DemocratSinceBirth May 2017 OP
Blue district in a blue state... Wounded Bear May 2017 #1
Michigan...moved here from VA, and found they are MORE racist here! angstlessk May 2017 #2
A red state that is trying hard to be redder of the reddest and is trying to outdo itself LeftInTX May 2017 #3
I live in California and those areas who benefited the most by the ACA voted for chump kimbutgar May 2017 #4
I live in WI. old guy May 2017 #5
Not going to be easy for us if they gut O-care and replace it with the mess they passed today. wildeyed May 2017 #6
Feature, not a bug... Wounded Bear May 2017 #12
The economy has changed. wildeyed May 2017 #19
Left Florida janterry May 2017 #7
Yes. Wisconsin. n/t Greybnk48 May 2017 #8
I do now (PA). nt liberaltrucker May 2017 #9
I'm hoping for a bounce back in PA... Wounded Bear May 2017 #14
Me, too liberaltrucker May 2017 #18
Yes, Georgia. n/t Different Drummer May 2017 #10
No, thank god! I live in a very blue city in a very blue state. smirkymonkey May 2017 #11
Live in Kentucky standingtall May 2017 #13
Home of Pence, right here. Shandris May 2017 #15
Well, you did get rid of him... Wounded Bear May 2017 #20
Texas. Nt LostOne4Ever May 2017 #16
I live in Pennsyltucky. yortsed snacilbuper May 2017 #17
No. (New York) EarthFirst May 2017 #21
Yes blueinredohio May 2017 #22
Can't get anymore red than Oklahoma. Behind the Aegis May 2017 #23
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