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Do you live in a red state [View all] DemocratSinceBirth May 2017 OP
Blue district in a blue state... Wounded Bear May 2017 #1
Michigan...moved here from VA, and found they are MORE racist here! angstlessk May 2017 #2
A red state that is trying hard to be redder of the reddest and is trying to outdo itself LeftInTX May 2017 #3
I live in California and those areas who benefited the most by the ACA voted for chump kimbutgar May 2017 #4
I live in WI. old guy May 2017 #5
Not going to be easy for us if they gut O-care and replace it with the mess they passed today. wildeyed May 2017 #6
Feature, not a bug... Wounded Bear May 2017 #12
The economy has changed. wildeyed May 2017 #19
Left Florida janterry May 2017 #7
Yes. Wisconsin. n/t Greybnk48 May 2017 #8
I do now (PA). nt liberaltrucker May 2017 #9
I'm hoping for a bounce back in PA... Wounded Bear May 2017 #14
Me, too liberaltrucker May 2017 #18
Yes, Georgia. n/t Different Drummer May 2017 #10
No, thank god! I live in a very blue city in a very blue state. smirkymonkey May 2017 #11
Live in Kentucky standingtall May 2017 #13
Home of Pence, right here. Shandris May 2017 #15
Well, you did get rid of him... Wounded Bear May 2017 #20
Texas. Nt LostOne4Ever May 2017 #16
I live in Pennsyltucky. yortsed snacilbuper May 2017 #17
No. (New York) EarthFirst May 2017 #21
Yes blueinredohio May 2017 #22
Can't get anymore red than Oklahoma. Behind the Aegis May 2017 #23
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