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6. Not going to be easy for us if they gut O-care and replace it with the mess they passed today.
Thu May 4, 2017, 06:57 PM
May 2017

I am self-employed. No serious preexistings, but my insurance is already sky high. Sigh. It is sad to be forced to leave an entrepreneurial job where I earn good money and create value for the community because I can't afford it anymore because of HEALTH INSURANCE! But that is where I am heading.

This is why red states fail. They punish their creative class so we take our skills and and go pay taxes in places where we are appreciated. Sick of having my taxes taken, my votes stolen and nothing in return except insults. Fuck it. It gets really old. And fuck the state leaders who get GREAT state health insurance but screw me on mine.

So much worse for those on a fixed income who lack the resources to leave or find other employment. Those people will suffer more than necessary. Some will die.

Do you live in a red state [View all] DemocratSinceBirth May 2017 OP
Blue district in a blue state... Wounded Bear May 2017 #1
Michigan...moved here from VA, and found they are MORE racist here! angstlessk May 2017 #2
A red state that is trying hard to be redder of the reddest and is trying to outdo itself LeftInTX May 2017 #3
I live in California and those areas who benefited the most by the ACA voted for chump kimbutgar May 2017 #4
I live in WI. old guy May 2017 #5
Not going to be easy for us if they gut O-care and replace it with the mess they passed today. wildeyed May 2017 #6
Feature, not a bug... Wounded Bear May 2017 #12
The economy has changed. wildeyed May 2017 #19
Left Florida janterry May 2017 #7
Yes. Wisconsin. n/t Greybnk48 May 2017 #8
I do now (PA). nt liberaltrucker May 2017 #9
I'm hoping for a bounce back in PA... Wounded Bear May 2017 #14
Me, too liberaltrucker May 2017 #18
Yes, Georgia. n/t Different Drummer May 2017 #10
No, thank god! I live in a very blue city in a very blue state. smirkymonkey May 2017 #11
Live in Kentucky standingtall May 2017 #13
Home of Pence, right here. Shandris May 2017 #15
Well, you did get rid of him... Wounded Bear May 2017 #20
Texas. Nt LostOne4Ever May 2017 #16
I live in Pennsyltucky. yortsed snacilbuper May 2017 #17
No. (New York) EarthFirst May 2017 #21
Yes blueinredohio May 2017 #22
Can't get anymore red than Oklahoma. Behind the Aegis May 2017 #23
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