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L. Coyote

(51,129 posts)
Wed May 3, 2017, 09:53 AM May 2017

***** COMEY Testifies - Senate Judiciary - LIVE May 3 2017 ***** [View all]

Expect a partisan hearing, Republicans wanting to cyber lynch President Obama to politicize #TrumpRussia and Dems wanting to know more about the #TrumpRussia investigation.

Also on C-SPAN https://www.c-span.org/video/?427708-1/fbi-director-james-comey-face-renewed-questioning-russia-probe

Also on PBS Newshour http://www.pbs.org/newshour/rundown/watch-live-fbi-director-comey-testify-senate-judiciary-committee/

Also on NY Times YouTube channel.

FBI Director James Comey will testify before the Senate Judiciary Committee in a hearing on FBI oversight on Wednesday, one day after both President Donald Trump and former Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton criticized him.

The hearing before the Judiciary Committee, which is slated to start around 10 a.m., will not directly deal with the FBI's investigation of potential coordination between the Trump campaign and Russia, though senators plan to ask the FBI director about it, the Associated Press reports.
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Thanks. Starts in 6 minutes. lamp_shade May 2017 #1
thanks bdamomma May 2017 #2
My prediction is he will be as evasive as hell, and his testimony will be a nothing burger. Thanks still_one May 2017 #3
Senate Judiciary Committee members....... lamp_shade May 2017 #4
Get Ready To Hear The Phrase, "I Can't Comment On An Ongoing Investigation" Ad Nauseum ChoppinBroccoli May 2017 #5
He can't comment, per FBI protocol, UNLESS those comments are against a Democrat. MoonRiver May 2017 #47
Will noun/verb/9/11 be implicated malaise May 2017 #6
Not expecting much out of this but Al Franken awesomerwb May 2017 #7
TheHill: FBI Director Comey back in spotlight L. Coyote May 2017 #8
Grassley spinning away malaise May 2017 #9
exactly. bdamomma May 2017 #13
Waiting for some one else to speak malaise May 2017 #17
Grassley "wild conspiracy theories" attack on Russia Dossier for his opening. What politics? L. Coyote May 2017 #10
I want to hear Senator Whitehouse bdamomma May 2017 #11
ridiculous Grassley speculating all over the place bigtree May 2017 #12
and attacking Hillary jpak May 2017 #15
I wish he would shut up instead of blathering. Not a Sculpin Beauregard May 2017 #20
The opening statement is the soundbite opportunity, making the political media. L. Coyote May 2017 #31
"We can't wait until this is all over." Grassley ... "partisan smear campaign" L. Coyote May 2017 #14
Grassley: ISIS, Gays, Terrorists, bombs, violent crimes, threats, L. Coyote May 2017 #21
Feinstein can be brutal. I'm looking forward to her statement next. lamp_shade May 2017 #16
I'm going to die of boredom from Grassley before DF gets a turn. LOL Lib May 2017 #19
Fuck your obfuscation Grassley. LOL Lib May 2017 #18
And now it's TERRAH TERRAH TERRAH - go after them! jpak May 2017 #22
I'm confused Kber May 2017 #23
It's the annual over site meeting.... SticksnStones May 2017 #25
Ah - thanks! Kber May 2017 #28
Thanks for confirming my thoughts. LOL Lib May 2017 #29
.. SticksnStones May 2017 #33
That's still classified and will only be discussed in a closed hearing. L. Coyote May 2017 #39
I love it. LOL Lib May 2017 #55
It's an ANNUAL oversight hearing of the FBI is how I understand it. LOL Lib May 2017 #26
This is the Judiciary Comm. Oversight hearing. All aspects of FBI under review. L. Coyote May 2017 #27
Feinstein, a voice of reason and a big jump in IQ too. "BIG October Surprise" L. Coyote May 2017 #24
we'll need some intellect on our side today bigtree May 2017 #30
here we go again bdamomma May 2017 #32
Comey - Mo' Betta Terrah and genital mutilation jpak May 2017 #34
Sounds like Comey has a really good caffeine dealer. He's quite animated. Questions begin. L. Coyote May 2017 #35
Republicans are more itcfish May 2017 #36
Flynn would still be the Russia's National Security Advisor if the evidence wasn't leaked. L. Coyote May 2017 #38
Of Course itcfish May 2017 #91
I only wish Grassley bdamomma May 2017 #37
ATTN Chuck Grassley Botany May 2017 #40
Comey looks and sounds nervous The Blue Flower May 2017 #41
Feinstein fingers Comey on email anouncement jpak May 2017 #42
Is anyone buying this load of hooey? SticksnStones May 2017 #43
I'm buying that he rehearsed this lame excuse burger over and over and over. L. Coyote May 2017 #57
Exactly!!! The earnestly raised eyebrows... SticksnStones May 2017 #61
It would be interesting to compare his first and second wringing of the hands. Verbatim? L. Coyote May 2017 #124
Boy his speech is amazingly pressured. He's massively uncomfortable. nolabear May 2017 #44
phony-baloney story from Comey about his interference into the election bigtree May 2017 #45
Exactly! There's plenty that he CONCEALS SticksnStones May 2017 #53
why all this rehash???? bdamomma May 2017 #46
Grassley is on the 'distraction and obfuscation' train. yallerdawg May 2017 #48
Comey animated response - Feinstein now grilling about search warrant jpak May 2017 #49
So much caffeine it seems like cocaine! L. Coyote May 2017 #52
"Why was it necessary to announce 11 days before an election" you were bombing the election? L. Coyote May 2017 #50
If so many independents and Democrats... yallerdawg May 2017 #62
Mother fucker Botany May 2017 #51
Yup jpak May 2017 #54
I can't watch anymore Botany May 2017 #56
DF: you didn't have a warrant for Weiner's laptop SticksnStones May 2017 #58
Comey's voice register indicates when he's lying flamingdem May 2017 #59
I got the same impression, very rehearsed, retrospective rationalization and totally dishonest. L. Coyote May 2017 #68
I can't watch a stream... 2naSalit May 2017 #75
crap bdamomma May 2017 #60
Orrin Hatch's job is to be sooo boring that everyone tunes out the hearing. L. Coyote May 2017 #63
That's soon to be President Hatch SticksnStones May 2017 #64
Feinstein pathetically dropped the ball Goodheart May 2017 #65
She introduced the lie of questionīng on her time Skidmore May 2017 #77
Comey's a really bad actor. tavernier May 2017 #66
Cell phones? Botany May 2017 #67
Leahy "You said absolutely nothing on the Trump" ... "No question that had a great effect." L. Coyote May 2017 #69
A Scorecard: here's who sits on this committee SticksnStones May 2017 #70
This is going to get a lot more interesting as they drill down. Also, more spin from Rs. L. Coyote May 2017 #71
Naturally they use this to lay out their agenda against her. nolabear May 2017 #72
Can we just say Fuck You John Cornyn and leave it at that? SticksnStones May 2017 #73
Cornyn attacking Hillary- apologizing for Comey's blabbermouth jpak May 2017 #74
Ugh, these Republicans are so revolting. OliverQ May 2017 #76
I hope Ms Klobuchar speaks some actual sense. nolabear May 2017 #78
I am MAJORLY NAUSEOUS over Comey's evasiveness. Lint Head May 2017 #79
Oh christ Lindsey Botany May 2017 #80
Far more likely it was the Republicans doing the dirty tricks. L. Coyote May 2017 #82
no real difference between the republicans and russians Botany May 2017 #85
"There's no Anthony Weiner statute." "Maybe there should be." L. Coyote May 2017 #81
Graham is all over the place! yallerdawg May 2017 #83
Agree +100 nt iluvtennis May 2017 #92
Almost seems like Sen. Whitehouse might have been... dchill May 2017 #84
Can't say it enough: SticksnStones May 2017 #86
Yep, but they want to talk about "leaks" and emails instead. GMAFB iluvtennis May 2017 #93
HellO Senator Franken. nolabear May 2017 #87
Crap, my feed just cut out. Blue screen says "AP clients only". n/t woodsprite May 2017 #88
OP already updatedwith new feed. See below too. L. Coyote May 2017 #90
One of the YouTube channels just cut out. PBS is still playing LIVE L. Coyote May 2017 #89
Sasse (R) made a pretty remarkable point supported by Comey. yallerdawg May 2017 #94
Franken is doing a great job using his time, Comey "I can't answer." L. Coyote May 2017 #95
Let's hope he doesn't keep dragging his feet mvd May 2017 #119
Flake just filling the time with airy questions SticksnStones May 2017 #96
Comey: "good troll armies" needed to push back. LOL. Oxymorons for Truth? L. Coyote May 2017 #97
This asshole John Kennedy... LOL Lib May 2017 #98
Cruz bullshit line: "hundreds or thousands of classified e-mails" They just won't quit lying! L. Coyote May 2017 #99
Cruz: "Willful blindness of the Obama administration to radical Islamic terrorism." terror terror L. Coyote May 2017 #100
Was that about the ignored PDB titled "Bin Laden Determined to Strike US"? .....Oh, wait. WinkyDink May 2017 #123
I detest that crooked faced slime ball. LOL Lib May 2017 #102
Welcome to DU. athena May 2017 #109
Thanks I will delete. LOL Lib May 2017 #114
Let's just skip over the previous admission by Comey... yallerdawg May 2017 #101
Still trying to crucify Clinton and also trying to make Comey look dirty. LOL Lib May 2017 #103
Comey and IRS. yallerdawg May 2017 #104
any thoughts on huma abedin sending emails okieinpain May 2017 #105
She was using the laptop for her printer device. There were ZERO emails marked classified. L. Coyote May 2017 #107
well they keep saying it so one of those senators on the panel okieinpain May 2017 #110
The idea is to not make this more partisan or politicize it, so no push back on Rs doing so. L. Coyote May 2017 #122
Grassley is so inept LOL Lib May 2017 #106
He's been called the most intellectually challenged member of congress. L. Coyote May 2017 #108
He's a genius where he comes from. dchill May 2017 #118
Image comes to mind, Russian troops invade Washington while Republicans hold a new e-mail hearing. L. Coyote May 2017 #111
Wow, ruining HRC's momentum to the Presidency was REALLY hard for Comey SticksnStones May 2017 #112
Eleven days before the election... yallerdawg May 2017 #113
Now the trolls are trying to frame the FBI for working with the Russians to defeat trump LOL L. Coyote May 2017 #115
Leahy focusing on rise in hate crimes, R's focused on e-mails instead. Says it all. L. Coyote May 2017 #116
Sounds like he was motivated to get revenge against Loretta Lynch for her "meeting" R B Garr May 2017 #117
That was the capper! dchill May 2017 #120
Yes, but so what? What did Comey see as a federal CRIME there, let alone one involving HRC?! He's a WinkyDink May 2017 #126
C-SPAN coverage ends with great photo-op... yallerdawg May 2017 #121
Potential silver lining: If and when Comey brings down the hammer (and sickle) on Trump, nobody can WinkyDink May 2017 #125
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