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Tue Apr 25, 2017, 02:48 PM Apr 2017

Feminists have the uncomfortable position [View all]

Of feeling a lot of "I told you so"--if not saying it.

All the arguments, here and elsewhere about patriarchy, rape culture, what it means to walk through life as a female-who in many instances is not regarded as fully human, especially when it comes to women of color. From the dismissing of terms such as "yellow fever" to the animalistic portrayals of the black female body.

To the disingenuous defense of certain words when used against women (I'm not talking censorship, I'm talking meaning) in the context of a hostile culture.

Arguments about what pornagraphy and prostitution mean, in terms of outcome--putting aside all bullshit "morality" arguments--these are situations that objectify the female body, and subjugate it to restricted economic agency.

We had warnings--4Chan, MRA's, white supremacists assholes--all that seemingly rotten structure in the backwash of the internet suddenly now has integral structure.

Has the female body ever had independent agency? Our rights have been under fire my entire life. It should come as no surprise that there are those who want to keep those rights as a salable bargaining chip. All things female are for sale in our culture.
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Thank you! I honored to be the first to "DU-Rec" this wonderful post. NurseJackie Apr 2017 #1
thank you!! heartfelt k and r niyad Apr 2017 #2
Very true. herding cats Apr 2017 #3
So true and the impacts are ever evolving... when I read that AI has been found to have racist bettyellen Apr 2017 #4
Usually AI is based on statistical algorithms. Lucky Luciano Apr 2017 #48
If the algorithms are based on outcomes influenced by racism bettyellen Apr 2017 #53
AI is still in its infancy. Lucky Luciano Apr 2017 #59
Well it's off to a scary start- much more diversity is needed and these companies bettyellen Apr 2017 #63
The programming is less likely to be the problem. Lucky Luciano Apr 2017 #66
If programmers didn't realize their inputs reflect bigoted ideas then programmers lack of awareness bettyellen Apr 2017 #67
The programmers don't make the inputs. Lucky Luciano Apr 2017 #70
Okay, someone is choosing what the AI works with- who would that be? bettyellen Apr 2017 #72
Bingo. Lucky Luciano Apr 2017 #73
Well they wouldn't be making these mistakes if they had a diverse crew in the first place- bettyellen Apr 2017 #74
Post removed Post removed Apr 2017 #5
Dude IronLionZion Apr 2017 #7
Got a live one here! BumRushDaShow Apr 2017 #8
Oh my! sheshe2 Apr 2017 #10
MiRT is running slow today apparently. BumRushDaShow Apr 2017 #12
Or the jury. I'm assuming someone flagged this guy. n/t Decoy of Fenris Apr 2017 #13
I alerted. BumRushDaShow Apr 2017 #18
Gotcha. Decoy of Fenris Apr 2017 #23
So did I TeapotInATempest Apr 2017 #25
Alerted IronLionZion Apr 2017 #28
The larger question is why it took that long, I think. Decoy of Fenris Apr 2017 #33
Fewer people online this time of day IronLionZion Apr 2017 #40
Fair enough. Decoy of Fenris Apr 2017 #43
They'll get em. ismnotwasm Apr 2017 #20
The delay speaks volumes unfortunately. BumRushDaShow Apr 2017 #30
Loser, all the way BainsBane Apr 2017 #32
I alerted. sheshe2 Apr 2017 #21
oh dear, it looks like I missed all the fun!! niyad Apr 2017 #79
Yeah.... sheshe2 Apr 2017 #81
and I bet we can guess a couple that it might have been. they are like fungus, they niyad Apr 2017 #83
Mirt seems to know them well. sheshe2 Apr 2017 #84
I always miss the cray cray JHan Apr 2017 #39
I always keep it around for those curious BumRushDaShow Apr 2017 #42
Thank you for preserving this as evidence of what we too often deal with here towards women (nt) ehrnst Apr 2017 #54
A little SHART for our afternoon viewing mcar Apr 2017 #56
He made his last stand. He tried to insult a woman online. JHan Apr 2017 #58
Omfg! Lotusflower70 Apr 2017 #76
I saved it as well! sheshe2 Apr 2017 #82
hmmmm, that sounds so damned familiar. obviously one of our socks. niyad Apr 2017 #85
Oh my. ismnotwasm Apr 2017 #11
Message auto-removed Name removed Apr 2017 #17
Poor baby. ismnotwasm Apr 2017 #22
Message auto-removed Name removed Apr 2017 #27
Pleas get the help you need. johnp3907 Apr 2017 #31
You sound so scared. johnp3907 Apr 2017 #24
Message deleted by DU the Administrators jumptheshadow Apr 2017 #19
Bye. johnp3907 Apr 2017 #15
Nice. You signed up today TeapotInATempest Apr 2017 #16
Look at this whiney guy! BlancheSplanchnik Apr 2017 #29
K&R BumRushDaShow Apr 2017 #6
I've been thinking of Andrea Dworkin ismnotwasm Apr 2017 #9
thank you for posting this. again, this one needs to be its own OP niyad Apr 2017 #80
4chan means women have it worse now than 20, 30, 40 years ago? snooper2 Apr 2017 #14
No, I'm just musing over the fact ismnotwasm Apr 2017 #26
Exactly, these are symptoms TeapotInATempest Apr 2017 #38
No, many of us have had it better Warpy Apr 2017 #36
4chan is a nothing but a hub of male dorks TNLib Apr 2017 #52
Best description of 4chan I have seen in a while Egnever Apr 2017 #78
Thank you for this ism. sheshe2 Apr 2017 #34
Our government is fixing to legislate economic and/physical murder BlancheSplanchnik Apr 2017 #35
I remember a Seinfeld episode BigmanPigman Apr 2017 #41
I shout that I'm a feminist TO the ones giving me the negative feedback. Squinch Apr 2017 #60
You know I know!! Years of fighting them. Many boston bean Apr 2017 #37
The election of Someone like Donald Trump ismnotwasm Apr 2017 #50
I am consistently amazed that a majority of women voted for Trump. Ligyron Apr 2017 #62
I think what the Free Speech Brigade doesn't realize... Initech Apr 2017 #44
IMHO there's a difference between "speech" BumRushDaShow Apr 2017 #47
I got in a fun argument on Twitter ismnotwasm Apr 2017 #51
Message auto-removed Name removed Apr 2017 #45
K & R!!!! 50 Shades Of Blue Apr 2017 #46
Thank you, ism. brer cat Apr 2017 #49
Well said! mcar Apr 2017 #55
And what we do with our own bodies is sacred. I chose not to have children and have been japple Apr 2017 #57
Wonderful, ism, as always. I wish there were some kind of "superrec" Squinch Apr 2017 #61
Well stated. Ligyron Apr 2017 #64
K&R betsuni Apr 2017 #65
Love it. Thanks for posting. :) n/t Zing Zing Zingbah Apr 2017 #68
I would love to know what life is like not having to worry every day how you could be damaged. Starry Messenger Apr 2017 #69
Another big K&R NastyRiffraff Apr 2017 #71
A great deal of my rage right now is tavalon Apr 2017 #75
And yet Lotusflower70 Apr 2017 #77
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