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107. He does care about it that's why he's doing it
Sun Apr 2, 2017, 08:16 PM
Apr 2017

They want to destroy the career federal workforce, which stands as an informal check on unbridled executive power. This is one of their stated campaign goals. What better way than to just not fill the positions.

Completely agree c-rational Apr 2017 #1
He is a disaster for this country. Demsrule86 Apr 2017 #2
And if not that, the walking back of almost every advance MineralMan Apr 2017 #4
Worse than Reagan and Reagan was pretty fucking dumb. Eliot Rosewater Apr 2017 #59
Reagan at least had some smart people around him. JPPaverage Apr 2017 #62
and Reagan was a patriot...not a smart one, and a patriot that had no problem Eliot Rosewater Apr 2017 #66
Iran on the other hand exboyfil Apr 2017 #102
Can't source this now... zentrum Apr 2017 #110
yes! IMHO, Reagan stole that election with the hostage dirty trick. He also appointed Scalia. diva77 Apr 2017 #111
forgot to add Reagan's famous quote about the government diva77 Apr 2017 #114
Yeah, surely guilty of that. And even though he did that, and it was treason, he was still Eliot Rosewater Apr 2017 #113
What makes it worse is that he actually believes he's the smartestperson in a room malaise Apr 2017 #3
His sheer arrogance, which has no factual foundation, MineralMan Apr 2017 #5
Narcissism and a sense of entitlement on steroids malaise Apr 2017 #7
Exactly PatSeg Apr 2017 #9
I think he has probably always believed that he is "superior." MineralMan Apr 2017 #10
Oh yes PatSeg Apr 2017 #13
Well, he keeps trying to convince himself. MineralMan Apr 2017 #14
Yes, it is very frightening PatSeg Apr 2017 #28
Delusional Scarsdale Apr 2017 #54
I figure PatSeg Apr 2017 #77
Yep malaise Apr 2017 #17
Like an animal PatSeg Apr 2017 #33
We can hope malaise Apr 2017 #34
See post #70. I'm afraid that could possibly happen. n/t RKP5637 Apr 2017 #71
Ain't that true about his "sense of entitlement." I thought Republicans... Beartracks Apr 2017 #67
Well PatSeg Apr 2017 #84
Ding ding we have a malaise Apr 2017 #89
He's ate up with it Major Nikon Apr 2017 #15
Indeed malaise Apr 2017 #18
So it appears. MineralMan Apr 2017 #30
Because at this point everybody in the room is telling him just that Jonny Appleseed Apr 2017 #31
Very delicately put, I must say. MineralMan Apr 2017 #53
agreed - W wasn't smart NewJeffCT Apr 2017 #94
And that keeps him from learning anything. TNNurse Apr 2017 #99
The most dangerous type of error exboyfil Apr 2017 #103
While this is true enough . . . MousePlayingDaffodil Apr 2017 #6
I expect our nation's leaders to be better than that, really. MineralMan Apr 2017 #8
Under our constitutional system . . . MousePlayingDaffodil Apr 2017 #90
Well, I don't really rely on books that are thousands of years old, MineralMan Apr 2017 #91
This was posted earlier from Ben Franklin. ananda Apr 2017 #11
Old Ben was a wise fellow. MineralMan Apr 2017 #12
Way too many people are giving this... 3catwoman3 Apr 2017 #56
His appointees are interested in destroying the agencies they lead IronLionZion Apr 2017 #16
You're right. Leadership positions in many agencies and MineralMan Apr 2017 #22
WH Office of Science and Technology had 24 staffers under Obama ... hatrack Apr 2017 #115
What keeps me up at night is this: what will he do when he is confronted with an actual Still In Wisconsin Apr 2017 #19
Since Trump appears to react by instinct, it's very likely that he MineralMan Apr 2017 #23
You worked in the intel business right? Still In Wisconsin Apr 2017 #38
I did, yes. MineralMan Apr 2017 #41
That's comforting to know, actually. Still In Wisconsin Apr 2017 #46
I was far from highly placed, but I did see that in practice. MineralMan Apr 2017 #50
He is very much like Bush, Jr.; the GOP is using the same playbook as before Crash2Parties Apr 2017 #20
I think he's much worse than Bush. Still In Wisconsin Apr 2017 #21
He is something like Bush, but his associates are as ignorant MineralMan Apr 2017 #24
I don't think they are so ignorant, but rather that they are exceedingly greedy. Crash2Parties Apr 2017 #85
Bush surrounded himself with knowledgeable people, some of them from his father's administration secondwind Apr 2017 #49
If there is a lesson to be learned from any of this, it is, I think, that mnhtnbb Apr 2017 #25
The founding fathers relied on the other two branches of MineralMan Apr 2017 #27
The Founding Fathers probably never imagined a world full of nuclear weapons. mnhtnbb Apr 2017 #32
That is most certainly true. They could not have imagined MineralMan Apr 2017 #36
I agree. Stand strong. caroldansen Apr 2017 #26
We must all stand strong. If Trump cannot be removed MineralMan Apr 2017 #29
I completely agree and strongly suspect Trump is illiterate as well as lacking in knowledge Vinca Apr 2017 #35
Oh, he is literate, but chooses not to read. MineralMan Apr 2017 #39
There was a video clip a while back that showed Trump in a deposition re one of his lawsuits. Vinca Apr 2017 #44
He may not have had his reading glasses. MineralMan Apr 2017 #47
And yet, Trump is just a mirror reflection of tens of millions of Americans Mr. Ected Apr 2017 #37
Half of the population has an IQ lower than 100. MineralMan Apr 2017 #42
Spot on, Mineral Man. Mr. Ected Apr 2017 #51
Wrong. .The most dangerous thing about Trump is his attitude beachbum bob Apr 2017 #40
He listens only to those who appear to agree with his assessment of himself. MineralMan Apr 2017 #43
Not unusual for some one who thinks they are never wrong beachbum bob Apr 2017 #45
You must be mistaken. He told us himself he's one of the smartest men in the world. nt Honeycombe8 Apr 2017 #48
I heard that. Somehow, I couldn't bring myself to believe it. MineralMan Apr 2017 #52
Much like Reagan and Bush the Lesser. guillaumeb Apr 2017 #55
Brilliant post k & R. I read 45 has never read a bio of a former potus. bronxiteforever Apr 2017 #57
Thanks. MineralMan Apr 2017 #60
Well said! PinkTiger Apr 2017 #109
Damn Skippy! MrScorpio Apr 2017 #93
well... D_Master81 Apr 2017 #58
No doubt you are correct. MineralMan Apr 2017 #61
He didn't frighten Republican party, in fact they support him & continue to cover for russia "thing" Sunlei Apr 2017 #63
You're right. They are using him. Trump is a willing tool, because MineralMan Apr 2017 #68
Unfit. Republicans knew their candiditates life history and used/use it. Sunlei Apr 2017 #80
A tool is only as capable as the hand that controls it. MineralMan Apr 2017 #86
Further, Trump's ignorance makes him vulnerable to deception. MineralMan Apr 2017 #64
Ignorance and arrogance... 3catwoman3 Apr 2017 #65
Yes, it is a dangerous combination. MineralMan Apr 2017 #69
The dope is a dupe... 3catwoman3 Apr 2017 #92
I'm constantly bothered that he has access to the nuclear codes and might start a nuclear RKP5637 Apr 2017 #70
That is a real concern, of course. MineralMan Apr 2017 #73
Agreed PatSeg Apr 2017 #83
His mission is to paralyze for the takeover bucolic_frolic Apr 2017 #72
He would not understand that, so it is not "his" mission. MineralMan Apr 2017 #76
I read too many Robert Ludlum novels bucolic_frolic Apr 2017 #87
don't think its ignorance as much as him being a sociopath and probably a psychopathy. nt elmac Apr 2017 #74
Yes, I suspect you're right. But, I'm not all that certain that Trump MineralMan Apr 2017 #78
In trying to find a silver lining to comfort myself with and I did come up with a couple of world wide wally Apr 2017 #75
I'm completely unable to predict anything at this point. MineralMan Apr 2017 #82
What's even more terrifying? raven mad Apr 2017 #79
Prepare yourself. They're about to be nuked even further. MineralMan Apr 2017 #88
Yeah, our state Repukes just cut another 5 -15%. Ignorance is bliss, right? raven mad Apr 2017 #116
Not surprising at all. MineralMan Apr 2017 #117
MM, a worse giggle (ironic and nasty) - raven mad Apr 2017 #118
Yep loyalsister Apr 2017 #100
To the mix, add the attention span of a gnat dalton99a Apr 2017 #81
Remember the two ragged children murielm99 Apr 2017 #95
Profound malaise Apr 2017 #96
Excellent reference! MineralMan Apr 2017 #104
And he has no interest in educating himself Rhiannon12866 Apr 2017 #97
And previous presidents have reached out to their predecessors Rhiannon12866 Apr 2017 #98
He has no respect for anything. stopbush Apr 2017 #101
add a HUGE dollop of PETTY. pansypoo53219 Apr 2017 #105
He is the monster from of our media. Scruffy1 Apr 2017 #106
He does care about it that's why he's doing it disalitervisum Apr 2017 #107
And he has dementia. L. Coyote Apr 2017 #108
Ignorant and incurious pfitz59 Apr 2017 #112
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