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65. It's just what they wanted because now they don't have to commit
Fri Mar 24, 2017, 04:13 PM
Mar 2017

to anything. that's what having no vote at all means. Not one single congressman has to go on the record.

I think that's a problem for our form of government. I think more voting, not less, is the answer.

It's going down - bill pulled [View all] malaise Mar 2017 OP
Shoulder to shoulder. We are stronger together. #resist LaydeeBug Mar 2017 #1
It appears Trump is so worried that he is going to spend another.... usaf-vet Mar 2017 #26
I heard he was staying in DC thi weekend. nt LaydeeBug Mar 2017 #33
bench warrant? SummerSnow Mar 2017 #35
I hope you are right malaise. from your mouth to god's ears still_one Mar 2017 #2
If so it is a celebrations for human beings. Eliot Rosewater Mar 2017 #3
agenda enid602 Mar 2017 #37
🍀 Kimchijeon Mar 2017 #4
Is this for real? madokie Mar 2017 #5
For Real malaise Mar 2017 #66
All right madokie Mar 2017 #69
Which is better mainstreetonce Mar 2017 #6
I think theyll cancel the vote malaise Mar 2017 #8
I agree mainstreetonce Mar 2017 #13
NOtice how they're all now saying malaise Mar 2017 #67
If it goes down, it's not because GOPers think it is too harsh. It will go down because they want Hoyt Mar 2017 #7
True, but however it goes down will be great! Caliman73 Mar 2017 #11
It'll be fake insurance, and all that it won't cover will be in fine print or AnotherMother4Peace Mar 2017 #15
They'll have to try and use it to find out what's in it. Ligyron Mar 2017 #32
It sounds like the latest revisions... regnaD kciN Mar 2017 #29
I got to tell you Mal jodymarie aimee Mar 2017 #9
Seeing how pissed Ryan was yesterday voteearlyvoteoften Mar 2017 #10
Mine too I was lmao! coco22 Mar 2017 #23
keg enid602 Mar 2017 #39
Join the line malaise Mar 2017 #51
I hope so. I hope evil does not prevail meadowlark5 Mar 2017 #12
Ryan is definitely more face-punchable than Trump. Trump's just crazy. Ryan's Evil. byronius Mar 2017 #25
McConnell and Ryan are both Lucifer and Satan combined. They're easily the most despicable of all. Initech Mar 2017 #43
Totally agree! meadowlark5 Mar 2017 #48
yes bigtree Mar 2017 #14
Beautifully stated malaise Mar 2017 #16
I hope so. It's not over until it's over. IronLionZion Mar 2017 #17
You're right-- can we be "cautiously optimistic?" ailsagirl Mar 2017 #20
I'm being caustically optimistic. pablo_marmol Mar 2017 #21
hee-hee!! Better still ailsagirl Mar 2017 #31
Then blotus will throw another tantrum ailsagirl Mar 2017 #18
they need to damage the ACA further before their replacement gets popular support 0rganism Mar 2017 #19
Healthcare is the Republican equivalent of collateral damage from drone strikes. gordianot Mar 2017 #28
I'm watching the House right now. ginnyinWI Mar 2017 #22
when you offer up a shit bill, you get a shitty response. spanone Mar 2017 #24
Twump Twitter tantrum in 3...2...1... meow2u3 Mar 2017 #27
The number of "no" votes is CLIMBING Idoru Mar 2017 #30
F*ck Trump Care shenmue Mar 2017 #34
In flames, I hope. suffragette Mar 2017 #36
"The Art of the Deal" now available at bargain basement prices!!! OldRedneck Mar 2017 #38
The Fart of a Deal or The Art of a Con malaise Mar 2017 #40
I have never longed for a big old crash more. nolabear Mar 2017 #41
GOP source malaise Mar 2017 #49
I wish I'd been there. Ivanka must be singing him a lullaby as we speak. nolabear Mar 2017 #55
Like rats feeling a sinking ship: Saviolo Mar 2017 #42
Aw shucks Yo_Mama_Been_Loggin Mar 2017 #44
Love the wealthcare malaise Mar 2017 #50
Is it over? I haven't been able to follow the news. Oh happy day if it is. aikoaiko Mar 2017 #45
Isn't it kind of sweet disalitervisum Mar 2017 #46
Ha! Gotta keep the haters united. 58Sunliner Mar 2017 #54
And the 'black guy' beat him again malaise Mar 2017 #68
Malaise? Like the Titanic? yuiyoshida Mar 2017 #47
Biglier malaise Mar 2017 #52
Ah I see... yuiyoshida Mar 2017 #70
tRump the ass will try to float out on a lifeboat while giving the rest the deathboat. n/t RKP5637 Mar 2017 #53
They just recessed subject to the call of the chair BumRushDaShow Mar 2017 #56
Bill pulled malaise Mar 2017 #57
Just saw all the announcements. BumRushDaShow Mar 2017 #58
The spin is even more delish malaise Mar 2017 #59
Watching BumRushDaShow Mar 2017 #60
Twitler should have learnt the lesson of Hitler, you can't fight on too many fronts at one time. OnDoutside Mar 2017 #61
What I don't get is that the Con is trying to hae it both ways malaise Mar 2017 #62
Art of the deal 101 - see who blinks first :) OnDoutside Mar 2017 #64
Recommended. H2O Man Mar 2017 #63
It's just what they wanted because now they don't have to commit disalitervisum Mar 2017 #65
Bill Pulled....says all that ever needs to be said....thank you for your report... Stuart G Mar 2017 #71
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