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True Dough

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6. Rachel is going to run off with Van Jones
Wed Mar 15, 2017, 02:39 AM
Mar 2017

They're going to start a brainwashing cult in Death Valley, churning out Republicans by the hundreds of thousands. Watch for the story in the National Enquirer!

Her mistake was in hyping it 90 minutes beforehand on twitter.... scheming daemons Mar 2017 #1
True brettdale Mar 2017 #3
She Tweeted it was from 2005. WinkyDink Mar 2017 #68
Did you pay attention to what DC Johnston said The Velveteen Ocelot Mar 2017 #2
Rachel is going to run off with Van Jones True Dough Mar 2017 #6
Every Republican wants to eliminate the AMT oberliner Mar 2017 #58
............. JHan Mar 2017 #4
Some of these threads tonight... BannonsLiver Mar 2017 #5
Rachel is just a slave to ratings like everyone else on TV news world wide wally Mar 2017 #7
It was probably hyped more than it deserved to be, The Velveteen Ocelot Mar 2017 #8
My whole point brettdale Mar 2017 #12
It wasn't "nothing." The Velveteen Ocelot Mar 2017 #13
Not in a 100 million trillion years Justice Mar 2017 #9
I believe her heart is in the right place. DemocratSinceBirth Mar 2017 #10
I am more interested in what his source of income is. lapfog_1 Mar 2017 #11
And that's why we need the complete tax returns. The Velveteen Ocelot Mar 2017 #16
Even then, his tax attorneys are smart enough not to name a source of income 'Russian Bribes." Hoyt Mar 2017 #33
74% of the public wants to see full returns.... bettyellen Mar 2017 #47
You talking about the August 2016 poll? He still got elected, they must not cared much. Heck, Hoyt Mar 2017 #50
Nope- Rachel and I are talking about why we need to see his income sources and who he's is debt to bettyellen Mar 2017 #56
You are correct, there was also a poll in January. But he was still elected, so I will stick with Hoyt Mar 2017 #61
That's why Rachel did a show on why we should care, silly. bettyellen Mar 2017 #72
Would love to be wrong. But even if someone connects all those dots, Trump's supporters won't care. Hoyt Mar 2017 #74
It doesn't matter what they think. It matters that there's huge support growing to subpoena his bettyellen Mar 2017 #75
. BainsBane Mar 2017 #14
What the wha...? pnwest Mar 2017 #15
I'm glad that i dropped csble. CentralMass Mar 2017 #17
Sorry that everybody didn't get a cookie. longship Mar 2017 #18
Well, no, she only announced that after Twitter went wild over her first tweet. Azathoth Mar 2017 #19
I saw it too. longship Mar 2017 #20
Donald got a big cookie Azathoth Mar 2017 #21
Nice try. longship Mar 2017 #24
Eh, Trump also 'disagrees' with the CBO Azathoth Mar 2017 #25
Adorable spin leftynyc Mar 2017 #35
That's quite the unsupported allegation you call a fact, regardless of your impressionism... LanternWaste Mar 2017 #55
really? take a look on the internet.....anywhere frankieallen Mar 2017 #71
I love that song. Warren DeMontague Mar 2017 #29
This sounds like something from trumpland rockfordfile Mar 2017 #22
No. Give it time. Rome was not built in a day. It's the first step. Watch and wait. And keep caroldansen Mar 2017 #23
I know folks feel some kind of way but this is the funniest thing I've read in a while.. lol . lol. JHan Mar 2017 #26
I just think people are not thinking about the full import underthematrix Mar 2017 #27
I guess it was up to someone to post the stupidest OP of the day. JTFrog Mar 2017 #28
+1000 Pachamama Mar 2017 #43
She suggested he leaked them himself, but she overhyped. Alice11111 Mar 2017 #30
First, Get Ready To Be Attacked Just For Asking Questions... LovingA2andMI Mar 2017 #31
That's a ridiculous post from someone who admits to not having watched her show for the last OnDoutside Mar 2017 #32
Huh umm.... LovingA2andMI Mar 2017 #34
Ummm Rachel DID enhance the story, by putting it in context, in a step by step manner. It is not OnDoutside Mar 2017 #36
Like the DNC emails on Wikileaks? BainsBane Mar 2017 #41
Your bias is both creative and imaginative... LanternWaste Mar 2017 #57
And such a "Bias"... LovingA2andMI Mar 2017 #60
Rachel is a Republican..... DFW Mar 2017 #37
I think she's a liberal who became a well paid television personality DefenseLawyer Mar 2017 #38
No, she is not. How silly. cwydro Mar 2017 #39
I have serious doubts as to weather GWC58 Mar 2017 #40
She is a very firm progressive. always has been. sarah FAILIN Mar 2017 #42
yeah that is probably a big part of it Kimchijeon Mar 2017 #44
2016 returns NewRedDawn Mar 2017 #45
She is a member of NBC and THEY gave us Trump more than any other network. They want RATINGS LaydeeBug Mar 2017 #46
No and these threads are getting ridiculous TNLib Mar 2017 #48
LOL! mcar Mar 2017 #49
Well, Trump is not the billionaire he claims to be C_U_L8R Mar 2017 #51
Ah, now I understand some of the other posts I've been seeing today. herding cats Mar 2017 #52
WTF? Ilsa Mar 2017 #53
Seems she didn't have time to review it. Must've gotten a call it was coming... brush Mar 2017 #54
Does green cheese smell better on Mercury, and is it as wonderful to bathe in as alleged? LanternWaste Mar 2017 #59
She works for a huge corporate media conglomerate-NBC-which is owned by Comcast. jalan48 Mar 2017 #62
True. But no. She is trying to turn the world around on a string show. It was overplayed. The Wielding Truth Mar 2017 #78
What a dumb post Dem2 Mar 2017 #63
She may have hyped it..but the asshole in the WH had to responded to it.... Historic NY Mar 2017 #64
Wow. DemocratSinceBirth Mar 2017 #65
lol no fishwax Mar 2017 #66
So shooting yourself in the foot is a GOOD thing now? You're going to dis the Squinch Mar 2017 #67
Ratings. They must of been Huge frankieallen Mar 2017 #69
Could liberals go for more than a day without shooting themselves in the foot? Paladin Mar 2017 #70
Could some DUers actually be that dumb? Hekate Mar 2017 #73
This was not a non-story Zambero Mar 2017 #76
She wanted to get people to watch TexasBushwhacker Mar 2017 #77
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