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3. I chose "other". It's real but I suspect citizens must act
Sat Mar 11, 2017, 01:15 AM
Mar 2017

to force something gets done about it.

They just fired all 46 Obama appointed US Attorneys

Some here feel this is why

Comey helped get Trump elected so we have no idea if the FBI is going to give this a fair shake or bury it like they did last fall.

Trump, Flynn. Pence, Spicer, etc. They're all flagrantly lying their heads off.

The evidence is massive and piling up:


Or watch Rachel Maddow's work on this story

I'm sure many folks could add to the above.

Michael Moore or others probably have more formulation of thoughts on what to do about this.

But unlike during Nixon's time, the GOP controls the House, Senate, Supreme Court soon and the Oval Office. If things were normal and proper, an independent counsel would have been appointed last fall or summer. So the help we might normally get to provide a check and balance is not coming any time soon.

Relentless media. Massive protests. Maybe a general strike are the sorts of things it's going to take. Even then, it might not be enough.

I think it's an operation started Turbineguy Mar 2017 #1
I think RoadhogRidesAgain Mar 2017 #2
I chose "other". It's real but I suspect citizens must act Jarqui Mar 2017 #3
I don't know Chitown Kev Mar 2017 #4
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