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Fri Mar 10, 2017, 11:41 PM Mar 2017

Ready to Play Nice? No Fucking Way! [View all]

There has been much discussion of late as to who voted for Trump and why, and what the attitude of Democrats should or shouldn’t be with respect to those who did.

Many have expressed anger, frustration, even hatred towards Trump supporters. Others have expressed varying degrees of sympathy for those who they feel were misled into supporting such an odious candidate, those who have been systematically brainwashed by FOX-News and RW radio, and/or those who simply vote Republican as a matter of course, without giving any thought to who it is they are supporting.

Some have encouraged reaching out to those who, despite their initial support of Trump, will inevitably become victims of his policies. Others have stated without hesitation that such reaching-out is a dead end, and any efforts in that regard are simply an exercise in futility.

For what it’s worth, here’s my two cents.

From the outset of Trump’s campaign, he presented himself as a boorish bully, a self-agrandizing braggart devoid of what is generally referred to as “any socially redeeming value”. His lack of knowledge about how our government operates and the responsibilities of a POTUS were fully on display. Not once did he demonstrate a scintilla of intelligence – in fact, quite the opposite; his every statements was, without exception, an incoherent tirade of gibberish demonstrative of someone incapable of stringing two sentences together that made any sense whatsoever.

So you have to ask yourself: What kind of person thinks the country should be led by a man who repeatedly demonstrates his lack of intellect? What kind of person thinks that a man who doesn’t know anything about even the bare basics of running a nation is somehow well-suited to doing so?

Throughout his campaign, Trump never shied away from lying – not exaggerating, not fudging the numbers, not stretching the truth, but out-and-out lying about things that were easily debunked.

So you have to ask yourself: What kind of person wants a president who can’t be trusted to tell the truth, even about things that are so readily disproven?

Trump’s temper, and his endless need to lash-out at anyone who he perceived as having crossed him, became the stuff of legend long before Election Day. His “tweets” were rife with vitriol, paranoia, and a total lack of self-control.

So you have to ask yourself: What kind of person thinks that someone who can’t control his own temper – a temper which can be triggered by any perceived slight, any unflattering word, any untoward remark – should be put in a position where he can distance us from our allies, spark an international incident fraught with dire consequences, or even start a nuclear war?

The list goes on – and so do the questions: What kind of person thinks that a president, who represents us on the world stage, should be someone who openly mocks the disabled, brags about “grabbing pussies”, disrespects minorities, disparages immigrants, and promotes the idea that people of certain religious beliefs are a threat to our nation’s safety and well-being?

What kind of person who had access to the information about Trump’s scams – like refusing to pay his debts to hard-working Americans, collecting money for his “charitable” foundation which he then took for his personal use, scamming people through his bogus “university” – decided he was trustworthy enough to hold the highest position in the country?

The answer may seem simplistic, but it is, IMHO, the only answer that makes sense.

The kind of person who voted for Trump is either a fellow bigot/racist/misogynist, a person who doesn’t give a fuck what havoc is wreaked on the nation and the world as long as those damned libruls don’t have a say, a person who believes that as long as the people they despise are persecuted, they don’t care if everyone suffers along with them, a person who is as mentally unhinged as the delusional idiot they voted for, a person whose hatred is so all-consuming, they can’t see anything beyond it – and/or a person who is just too god-damned stupid to have noticed all of the above.

There is always the chance that those who were misled, those who put their faith in the Limbaughs and the Breitbarts, those who are now about to suffer the consequences of their own actions, will regret their choice the minute it hits home – in other words, the minute they realize that the suffering they wished on others is about to befall themselves.

But the fact remains that they voted to put a known bigot, racist, misogynistic, lying incompetent in the Oval Office – and whatever excuses they offer after-the-fact, one is left to wonder whether their regret stems from an honest reassessment of their actions, or merely a too-little-too-late mea culpa in light of having been caught in the trap they so gleefully set for others.

In view of this so-called “president’s” actions, now that he is firmly ensconced in the office so many happily elevated him to, I am as skeptical of Johnny-come-lately penitents as I am of criminals who only regret their crimes when they’ve been caught red-handed, and have no defense to offer other than having fallen in with a bad crowd that they foolishly trusted to their own detriment.

For me, the jury is still out – and will remain out for a very long time to come.

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Ready to Play Nice? No Fucking Way! [View all] NanceGreggs Mar 2017 OP
Just love your thoughts...wanted to tell u...thanks ... pbmus Mar 2017 #1
You said it perfectly. Thank you for that. A lot of trump supporters have money so they dont think caroldansen Mar 2017 #28
Yeah, my boss comes from $$ and her husband is a chief of surgery. lark Mar 2017 #56
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There is no common ground. RoadhogRidesAgain Mar 2017 #5
Uh, those two things--abortion and immigration. sprinkleeninow Mar 2017 #23
In case you havent noticed NanceGreggs Mar 2017 #17
+1000 smirkymonkey Mar 2017 #33
+ another 1000! COLGATE4 Mar 2017 #36
Oh, yes indeed, Nance. brer cat Mar 2017 #42
As always, volstork Mar 2017 #48
righteous anger! LiberalLovinLug Mar 2017 #52
OK, lets work on this one. Hispanics did not vote in high numbers for Trump. I was Jim Beard Mar 2017 #18
I'll reach across the aisle. lpbk2713 Mar 2017 #6
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I will always distrust and will never forgive those who voted against Hillary ... *AND* ... NurseJackie Mar 2017 #37
I know Trump voters who"chose" to ignore all these truths mcar Mar 2017 #38
Sadly many of those "trump voters" were in fact "Clinton haters". George II Mar 2017 #39
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As someone already said, Republicans would never, repeat never, vote for Hillary Clinton... Talk Is Cheap Mar 2017 #61
I am not interested ... NanceGreggs Mar 2017 #62
I am assuming that by 'you' in 'if you don't want to be called a deplorable', you mean "one doesn't" Talk Is Cheap Mar 2017 #66
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Yes, I think the Dem message ... NanceGreggs Mar 2017 #69
My original post said "messaging", but I did write 'message' in the last post. Talk Is Cheap Mar 2017 #70
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I really believe a lot of these Trump supporters really wanted to foist HELL on the rest of us. airplaneman Mar 2017 #64
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If someone heard some of the stuff about Trump, like the bizarre Vietnam interview PatrickforO Mar 2017 #76
Ratings by whom though. If they vote, they will give InfoWars Alice11111 Mar 2017 #78
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The idiots can tell me unity is more important than equality... LanternWaste Mar 2017 #81
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