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Response to JHan (Reply #56)

I am sorry nycbos Mar 2017 #1
I am sorry DefenseLawyer Mar 2017 #8
True that. I think many have buyer's remorse. Woo them back. n/t Beartracks Mar 2017 #30
Very well said. Rather than shrink the pool of possible Democratic voters, guillaumeb Mar 2017 #76
Unless we decide to hate them even more fervently Tiggeroshii Mar 2017 #134
Maybe they need to reach out to us... lame54 Mar 2017 #175
Just not true because many areas that went overwhelmingly for Obama twice, switched to trump. That manicraven Mar 2017 #31
Exactly. They voted for Obama twice but suddenly they're racists? SMC22307 Mar 2017 #63
They voted for... tonedevil Mar 2017 #77
Some did, not all. SMC22307 Mar 2017 #81
No, all did. Every one of them. Orrex Mar 2017 #107
Consider the source of their news, though. JudyM Mar 2017 #158
I see very little to suggest that they are potential voters next time around Orrex Mar 2017 #172
Recognizing that a decent chunk of the voters have a below-average IQ (more on 45's side than not), JudyM Mar 2017 #182
Great analysis. However I do think we can peel away a bit more than 5% of Deplorables. DemocratSinceBirth Mar 2017 #203
At what point... tonedevil Mar 2017 #208
You paint with a broad brush and in so doing deny the details. KPN Mar 2017 #137
No I can not... tonedevil Mar 2017 #207
I hear you and understand you. At the same time, I don't agree with your position KPN Mar 2017 #217
Ninety three percent of Obama voters voted for Hillary. DemocratSinceBirth Mar 2017 #82
With your attitude, Democrats will get NO WHERE, EVER. elleng Mar 2017 #44
Exactly! Democrats will be a lost party into the future. Democrats need to support everyone. Trump RKP5637 Mar 2017 #51
Yes indeed. elleng Mar 2017 #57
Dump did NOT mislead them NastyRiffraff Mar 2017 #199
You're into Reality.. nothing wrong with that Attitude. Cha Mar 2017 #126
Hillary only got the votes of 2/3rds of Asians and Hispanics. Yo_Mama Mar 2017 #205
Yup this nt riderinthestorm Mar 2017 #219
Cause Russia had nothing to do with Clinton's loss? I'm sick of the ignore Russia crowd uponit7771 Mar 2017 #2
And, comey.. and voter Purging and Suppression.. Cha Mar 2017 #73
how quickly they forget. by 2020 it will be ancient history. nt TheFrenchRazor Mar 2017 #97
It's weird, isn't it. But I guess it's hard for people to accept they were manipulated by wikileaks bettyellen Mar 2017 #115
Some of us are sick of the everything is hunky dory, Hillary/we won the popular vote crowd. KPN Mar 2017 #139
Strawman... No one is even attempting to feign perfection but you. Just not going to ignore reality uponit7771 Mar 2017 #180
No it's not. If there is a straw man, it's that KPN Mar 2017 #191
Another strawman, no one is saying the only reason she lost was cheating but you uponit7771 Mar 2017 #193
BS -- you aren't reading many posts then. KPN Mar 2017 #194
Im reading yours and the minimizing of Russia's effect on the election uponit7771 Mar 2017 #195
BS again. I have never minimized any of that stuff ... KPN Mar 2017 #196
False in its face, your strawmen ... Not mine uponit7771 Mar 2017 #197
Okay, you win. KPN Mar 2017 #198
No, putting all the eggs in the Russia basket is a mistake. alarimer Mar 2017 #166
We agree, that's why they had Comey and voter suppression as a back up uponit7771 Mar 2017 #181
Sanders means well .. ananda Mar 2017 #3
+1 bluedye33139 Mar 2017 #40
There are a small percent of them we might be able to peel off, maybe 10% -20%. DemocratSinceBirth Mar 2017 #85
Even 10% would be plenty. Jim Lane Mar 2017 #112
I don't suggest calling them Deplorables to their face. DemocratSinceBirth Mar 2017 #114
When you call them that on a public board, you're calling them that to their faces. (n/t) Jim Lane Mar 2017 #124
Censoring myself is not something I can do. DemocratSinceBirth Mar 2017 #155
I disagree. Some are lost causes, but many are not. KPN Mar 2017 #140
Hekate to Bernie:YOU take care of the Trump voters!The rest of us are hanging on by our fingernails Hekate Mar 2017 #4
Does he mean grovel and apologize? I'm not taking the post that way. manicraven Mar 2017 #33
They WON. They got everything they thought they wanted. Sorest bunch of winners in the land. Hekate Mar 2017 #62
Bernie is taking care of their feelings. He's going to them with the message the Democratic Party KPN Mar 2017 #143
We never did live in an idyllic world nolabels Mar 2017 #152
It would have been 5 million but for voter suppression Cary Mar 2017 #34
Yep. It should be unacceptable. kerry-is-my-prez Mar 2017 #50
HELL yes! Hekate Mar 2017 #52
Hekate to Bernie:YOU take care of the Trump voters!The rest of us are hanging on by our fingernails. LenaBaby61 Mar 2017 #54
We have the superior product Cary Mar 2017 #74
Mahalo Hekate.. we don't need any more lectures from BS.. Tom & Keith have this.. Cha Mar 2017 #127
+1 Skidmore Mar 2017 #169
You're Welcome, Skidmore Cha Mar 2017 #171
That's BS. Nobody wants you or anyone to grovel to anybody. You know that. KPN Mar 2017 #142
Has he lost his mind? bravenak Mar 2017 #5
Just what we need right now, more friendly fire, just what the doctor ordered. JHan Mar 2017 #56
Post removed Post removed Mar 2017 #96
So you think any suggestion of how to improve our tactics is "attacking us"? Jim Lane Mar 2017 #86
Oh. So I should try to kowtow to folks who voted to deport my relatives, because????? bravenak Mar 2017 #95
No. What you should do is stop with the idiotic straw-man arguments. Jim Lane Mar 2017 #102
There are several responses a liberal can make towards trump voters JHan Mar 2017 #116
Of those responses, I reject pandering. I also reject dismissing and ignoring. Jim Lane Mar 2017 #135
No it was not a strawman.. JHan Mar 2017 #141
You've misunderstood my argument about the straw man Jim Lane Mar 2017 #211
I know we agree on the basics but the point is focus: JHan Mar 2017 #212
Great post! Right on., Thanks for taking the time to articulate that so well. KPN Mar 2017 #145
Good points and well made. mountain grammy Mar 2017 #177
Like we need any lectures from BS.. Tom & Keith got this Cha Mar 2017 #129
No. KPN Mar 2017 #144
STFU! Perez and Ellison only just got started. KittyWampus Mar 2017 #6
Bernie, a request. kstewart33 Mar 2017 #7
+1 bluedye33139 Mar 2017 #42
Why? Talk Is Cheap Mar 2017 #69
Good question. KPN Mar 2017 #146
+1000. Paladin Mar 2017 #93
What am I supposed to do for them? world wide wally Mar 2017 #9
Yes DemocratSinceBirth Mar 2017 #10
Lulz nt Quayblue Mar 2017 #46
this..nt heaven05 Mar 2017 #80
There was probably a time standingtall Mar 2017 #11
They hate brown people, Bernie. Adrahil Mar 2017 #12
50 state strategy. Thought it was popular. bunnies Mar 2017 #13
And it will be again Cirque du So-What Mar 2017 #17
Howard Dean actually implemented that strategy but many Sanders supporters turned on him KittyWampus Mar 2017 #27
Dean was very good as the DNC chair. Caliman73 Mar 2017 #48
Do you really want allies to 'shut up'? Talk Is Cheap Mar 2017 #70
Allies do not constantly trash sheshe2 Mar 2017 #83
What if what he is saying is absolutely correct? Talk Is Cheap Mar 2017 #90
Constantly trashing our DEMOCRATIC PARTY is not the way to go. sheshe2 Mar 2017 #94
Sanders statement wasn't so harsh... Talk Is Cheap Mar 2017 #98
He did not "want to cut social security". bettyellen Mar 2017 #117
This message was self-deleted by its author emulatorloo Mar 2017 #147
That is a false BainsBane Mar 2017 #167
Yep Go Vols Mar 2017 #213
He sees Democratic lawmakers everyday BainsBane Mar 2017 #165
Yeah, me too gratuitous Mar 2017 #19
You make a good point. I was 100% behind Hillary in the Primary Blue_true Mar 2017 #39
True that Lotusflower70 Mar 2017 #84
I think you're mistaken. lapucelle Mar 2017 #128
+1!!! THIS Dustlawyer Mar 2017 #60
Interesting observations Lotusflower70 Mar 2017 #87
Agree! mountain grammy Mar 2017 #179
I agree Johonny Mar 2017 #21
No, they're not. At least not all of them. SMC22307 Mar 2017 #61
who said it wasn't? And when Howard Dean entered the 'race' for DNC chair KittyWampus Mar 2017 #26
Another good point. If we spend more time and resources Blue_true Mar 2017 #64
Exactly - everyone on this freaking board was a fan of this approach bullwinkle428 Mar 2017 #168
But Bernie said it so... bunnies Mar 2017 #186
whatever... stillcool Mar 2017 #14
Love ya Bern, but we're in the middle of a street-fight right now... VOX Mar 2017 #15
When they stop ignoring themselves, then I will stop ignoring them. nikibatts Mar 2017 #16
Of course that's not actually what he said melman Mar 2017 #18
- Bigredhunk Mar 2017 #24
No. sheshe2 Mar 2017 #88
- Bigredhunk Mar 2017 #121
Huff is known for sensationalizing an article on their front page. sheshe2 Mar 2017 #122
- Bigredhunk Mar 2017 #123
And, thank you for that, Bigredhunk Cha Mar 2017 #125
just read the whole piece. Sanders has a whole spiel quoted where he attacks the Democratic party. KittyWampus Mar 2017 #29
Post removed Post removed Mar 2017 #55
Completely Agree Occulus onyxw Mar 2017 #119
Are there not enough voters with common sense and brain cells? ecstatic Mar 2017 #20
Exactly! Phoenix61 Mar 2017 #104
There are legit reasons to speak to the swing voters who went for Trump. Dawson Leery Mar 2017 #22
Agreed. The true Pro-Trump voters will likely never vote Democratic. Freethinker65 Mar 2017 #45
I don't disagree with him TexasBushwhacker Mar 2017 #23
I agree. The people who voted for Obama (some twice) are not racist. They just had not felt any of manicraven Mar 2017 #41
Nope sorry. sheshe2 Mar 2017 #91
So we cede the PNW, New England, Minnesota and Colorado? cemaphonic Mar 2017 #136
That's a good way to keep losing, mathematically. alarimer Mar 2017 #170
Post removed Post removed Mar 2017 #25
Post removed Post removed Mar 2017 #100
Ok. How do we love them? Let's count the ways: (1) Build the wall, (2) Kill Obamacare, (3) ... dalton99a Mar 2017 #28
Simmer down, folks, he's calling for the 50 state strategy Warpy Mar 2017 #32
Which Democrat is not aware we need a 50 state strategy? Hasn't Ellison and Perez talked about this? JHan Mar 2017 #35
Has Perez actually done anything about it? Warpy Mar 2017 #37
When was the vote* again? JHan Mar 2017 #43
Perez and Ellison are touring together starting on March 24th. JTFrog Mar 2017 #65
Thank you, Frog! Cha Mar 2017 #72
You don't know what you're talking about.. please try to keep up and quit Cha Mar 2017 #71
I insulted no one. I asked if he's done anything about it. Warpy Mar 2017 #99
you haven't been paying attention or you wouldn't have thrown your Cha Mar 2017 #106
I see. You'd rather insult than answer. Warpy Mar 2017 #109
You're the one who insulted Tom Perez and Keith Ellison.. I've been keeping Cha Mar 2017 #110
Perez is a life-long Democrat who is now DNC chair. LuvLoogie Mar 2017 #75
Some here dislike ideas that work when they come from a particular source Occulus Mar 2017 #59
Oh do they? what ideas are those? For our Cha Mar 2017 #151
No standingtall Mar 2017 #38
Umm...that's not correct. Studies are stating otherwise. manicraven Mar 2017 #49
False standingtall Mar 2017 #53
"only 7 percent of Obama voters flipped to support Trump, and the real number could be even less" dalton99a Mar 2017 #58
Yes! Spot on! We lost 910 seats! We do need better outreach! manicraven Mar 2017 #47
Post removed Post removed Mar 2017 #79
Consider the worst Democrat in office right now, Manchin (D-WV) Warpy Mar 2017 #103
Democrats Tom Perez and Keith Ellison have this.. I'm Cha Mar 2017 #89
+1000000! SammyWinstonJack Mar 2017 #111
yeah okay. JHan Mar 2017 #36
Glad to see you agree. SMC22307 Mar 2017 #66
Most people do, there's already an acknowledgement we need to become a party of local government... JHan Mar 2017 #68
I prefer a party that doesn't value a few thousand white male Republicans BainsBane Mar 2017 #159
I agree with Senator Sanders - Dems need to be in the red states as well. Talk Is Cheap Mar 2017 #67
Tom and Keith have this.. Democrats Perez, Ellison embark on unity tour Cha Mar 2017 #78
Democrats HAVE neglected parts of this country democrank Mar 2017 #92
Maybe Trump voters should show some reasons why they should be paid attention to! hrmjustin Mar 2017 #101
I bet most people calling for us liquid diamond Mar 2017 #105
Well said. What we need to go after the 47% who didn't vote for one reason or another still_one Mar 2017 #113
NO!!!. Everyone who voted for trump knew he was a racist, sexist, and xenophobe, and they still_one Mar 2017 #108
There are plenty of people who voted for Obama and chose tRump. Should we give up on their future JudyM Mar 2017 #164
The future isn't a trump supporter. The 47% who didn't vote are still_one Mar 2017 #178
So voting for 45 is a litmus test for voters we should appeal to? Forget the ones who voted Obama? JudyM Mar 2017 #183
Where we need to focus is on the 47% who didn't bother to vote. That is where still_one Mar 2017 #184
Yawn. Starry Messenger Mar 2017 #118
I don't want anything to do with them gwheezie Mar 2017 #120
Good Thread CitizenZero Mar 2017 #130
Post removed Post removed Mar 2017 #131
They voted for Trump. It's just a normal mistake anybody makes. Like dropping a baby on its' head. Tiggeroshii Mar 2017 #132
Hey Bernie! Stop worrying about Trump voters and worry about Russia for a change leftofcool Mar 2017 #133
I can worry about more than one thing -- and Bernie is smarter than I am. (n/t) Jim Lane Mar 2017 #138
This message was self-deleted by its author JTFrog Mar 2017 #162
I have never heard Bernie mention Russian interference BainsBane Mar 2017 #163
And we have yet ANOTHER straw man. Jim Lane Mar 2017 #210
Let BS go after the racist, misogynistic, homophobes.. Our Dems are doing Cha Mar 2017 #150
Preach the truth Bernie! KPN Mar 2017 #148
Is Bernie ever going to mention the million or so BainsBane Mar 2017 #161
You create a false choice. In my opinion, KPN Mar 2017 #188
You go after those racist, homophobic, misogynistic, bigoted, assholes, BS.. Our Cha Mar 2017 #149
He needs to come to the NJ -7th district JustAnotherGen Mar 2017 #153
I'm uninterested in what a white, male, non-Dem Senator from a racially-homogenized state has to msanthrope Mar 2017 #154
It's a fair point. 50-state strategy was the way to go. Orsino Mar 2017 #156
I don't know, he couldn't even get his BoBers to vote for the Democrat, not seeing seaglass Mar 2017 #157
Isn't that the truth. BainsBane Mar 2017 #160
Good point kcr Mar 2017 #174
+1 Jamaal510 Mar 2017 #216
I don't have to give bigotry a chance. ismnotwasm Mar 2017 #173
The position he has that he's presumably using for all of these "town halls" and appearances... George II Mar 2017 #176
You're correct! It's NOT going to work... NurseJackie Mar 2017 #185
pretty clear to me forjusticethunders Mar 2017 #204
I do not disagree with you at all. NurseJackie Mar 2017 #209
So, according to the good Senator, I am to extend heaven05 Mar 2017 #187
+1,000,000,000 ismnotwasm Mar 2017 #189
you are welcome heaven05 Mar 2017 #221
+1000 sheshe2 Mar 2017 #218
thank you heaven05 Mar 2017 #220
Trump voters are racist haters and religious fanatics workinclasszero Mar 2017 #190
A number of them are single issue voters. Anti-choice being a major culprit. ismnotwasm Mar 2017 #192
Bingo workinclasszero Mar 2017 #214
It's strategy, not sympathy! LAS14 Mar 2017 #200
Only progressive policies can save us now Fluke a Snooker Mar 2017 #201
Christ, not this shit again... Nope, sorry... Blue_Tires Mar 2017 #202
I don't want to neglect them MFM008 Mar 2017 #206
After they pulled this shit yesterday? Hell no!! Initech Mar 2017 #215
How Many of Us Say These Things on Consrvative Sites? Tom the Mechanic Mar 2017 #222
K and R Hassin Bin Sober Mar 2017 #223
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