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11. Thank you so much for that concise explanation, I wish
Mon Mar 6, 2017, 09:40 AM
Mar 2017

more people understood that, and how the process was radically accelerated under the Reagan administration.

Good observations roscoeroscoe Mar 2017 #1
It's because capitalism, left to its own devices, creates the society that the Republicans' masters ProfessorPlum Mar 2017 #2
I have but one word to offer to your description of the future Friend or Foe Mar 2017 #10
Thank you so much for that concise explanation, I wish disalitervisum Mar 2017 #11
It's why GHWBush called Reagan's tax structure ProfessorPlum Mar 2017 #16
Absolutely. My first thought on waking this a.m. was "are we just going to let them kill everything JudyM Mar 2017 #13
More concise terms you're saying that is no actual effective party working for the common person? nolabels Mar 2017 #15
I suppose it depends on your definition of "effective" ProfessorPlum Mar 2017 #17
I agree but would also say.... nolabels Mar 2017 #18
What happens when there's no one left to buy Crunchy Frog Mar 2017 #19
on that day, my dear Frog, the sky will open up, ProfessorPlum Mar 2017 #20
n/t babylonsister Mar 2017 #3
Amen to that! kentuck Mar 2017 #4
I don't believe they even want to govern Victor_c3 Mar 2017 #6
K & R SunSeeker Mar 2017 #5
It began a long time ago mountain grammy Mar 2017 #7
They've gone from greedy unscrupulous bastards to raving meth-addled sadists. lagomorph777 Mar 2017 #8
Wow! Paul Krugman is right on the money! Nitram Mar 2017 #9
The Gang that Could Not Shoot Straight Scarsdale Mar 2017 #12
The authoritarian mindset that comprises a republican Nac Mac Feegle Mar 2017 #14
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