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Sun Mar 5, 2017, 07:30 PM
Mar 2017

As he has never cared when destroying the lives and businesses of other people for the past thirty-five plus years.

This is the salient point. HE DOES NOT CARE, NOR WILL HE EVER CARE.

Trump either doesn't care that their businesses are hurting or he's gloating about it. no_hypocrisy Mar 2017 #1
A bit of both, I suspect, if he's aware at all of the situation. Probably can't worry his very SammyWinstonJack Mar 2017 #3
Oh, he's aware. The Sheriff met with him personally to discuss the problem, had his picture taken monmouth4 Mar 2017 #7
WOW. He's hideous, then. SammyWinstonJack Mar 2017 #13
I think we already knew that. (n/t) thesquanderer Mar 2017 #55
I would love for someone at the electric company to accidentally knock off power to Mara-Gulag Maraya1969 Mar 2017 #60
I'd prefer it to be ... littlemissmartypants Mar 2017 #69
I could never be for the death penalty. I think that unleashes a bad part of my mind that is better Maraya1969 Mar 2017 #78
That is exactly right. I remember the "flag" he had in the front of Mar-a-Lago (unbelievably big, monmouth4 Mar 2017 #5
Probably hoping he can steal up properties surrounding on the cheap. sunonmars Mar 2017 #9
Yes, that would be par for the course. trusty elf Mar 2017 #10
Drump just cares about lining his pockets and doesn't care about them... iluvtennis Mar 2017 #49
$3million goes to #TraitorTrump every weekend he goes to Mar-a-lago... iluvtennis Mar 2017 #54
He's sticking it to the taxpayers too, for millions,every time he goes there. notdarkyet Mar 2017 #56
Yeah he doesn't care titaniumsalute Mar 2017 #2
And, these people also cannot use their boats any more obamanut2012 Mar 2017 #30
I had no clue.. thank you for this, monmouth Cha Mar 2017 #4
YW Cha. I know it sounds petty with all of the problems in the world, but when it takes an hour for monmouth4 Mar 2017 #6
It doesn't sound petty at all. Businesses are being affected.. Cha Mar 2017 #8
The pussy grabbers, they're everywhere. littlemissmartypants Mar 2017 #66
"Were going broke: West Palm Beach business owners want Trump to spend weekends somewhere else" Cha Mar 2017 #68
Exactly. littlemissmartypants Mar 2017 #70
"want 45 to find somewhere else to go?" Scarsdale Mar 2017 #11
He could try staying at the White House at bit more for starters. n/t Zing Zing Zingbah Mar 2017 #21
They just need to build a mini golf course over the former First Lady's garden Pluvious Mar 2017 #23
Nah, I'd just as soon let him go to his dacha on the Black Sea... JHB Mar 2017 #27
He does no work. All he does is tweet, watch TV, and appear at a few ceremonial photo ops. nt tblue37 Mar 2017 #72
He should go to work JustAnotherGen Mar 2017 #12
But you forget... Pluvious Mar 2017 #24
To him Camp David would be Mendocino Mar 2017 #41
He won't go to Camp David. SeattleVet Mar 2017 #71
K & R malaise Mar 2017 #14
Thanks for the info. kstewart33 Mar 2017 #15
Yeah, it sucks all right and I live here. Ligyron Mar 2017 #16
I'm downtown in WPB on Flagler. It doesn't actually affect this part of town too much but I think monmouth4 Mar 2017 #17
Hi neighbor! Ligyron Mar 2017 #19
Dixie Hwy is a main artery. People either leave work early, leave later than usual (on a Friday!!) monmouth4 Mar 2017 #36
Hi neighbor! Another weekend has passed and all seems calm right now. Let's see what happens next. monmouth4 Mar 2017 #52
When you turn on the national news and there's PBI airport filling the whole screen Ligyron Mar 2017 #76
Agree with all you say. Everytime I hear "President" I think of Obama. Never, ever will I think of monmouth4 Mar 2017 #77
Worth Ave is just up the road stillcool Mar 2017 #31
Must be Worth, not familiar with Lake Worth Ave..It's the proximity to County Rd which closes for a monmouth4 Mar 2017 #32
MAL is on County Road which runs across Worth Ave., the reason for the closure until he is secure..n monmouth4 Mar 2017 #33
Trump: 'I would rarely leave the White House' keithbvadu2 Mar 2017 #18
he was lying. imagine that! Takket Mar 2017 #20
To be fair to The Groper... Pluvious Mar 2017 #25
Saw on MSNBC the local small airport is losing $30,000 nolabear Mar 2017 #22
I'll bet they voted for the guy though. TeamPooka Mar 2017 #65
Palm Beach County voted for Hillary by a 16-point margin CreekDog Mar 2017 #74
There have been media reports on this the last 2 weeks that I know of. Hope they continue and riversedge Mar 2017 #26
Late Sat. Bannon joined Trump in Florida-to huddle on how to handle Trumps lies about Obama riversedge Mar 2017 #28
He came from PBI during rush hour on Friday afternoon obamanut2012 Mar 2017 #29
Palm Beach is very repub, nowadays, not happy repubs..LOL..n/t monmouth4 Mar 2017 #35
hahaha yes obamanut2012 Mar 2017 #42
When they bitch just tell them "you voted for this." Doreen Mar 2017 #44
Lots of old money there redstateblues Mar 2017 #62
I've got who lives there and reports the same thing. Atman Mar 2017 #34
I saw a report yesterday with a man who does helicopter tours. herding cats Mar 2017 #37
How sad is that..nt monmouth4 Mar 2017 #38
It's a tourist based economy, and trump is killing it. herding cats Mar 2017 #39
I'm hoping he wants to golf every weekend and stays out of the city... bettyellen Mar 2017 #45
He is already hurting US tourism. LisaM Mar 2017 #57
I'm confused Dan Mar 2017 #40
PBC, Broward, and Miami-Dade are ery heavily blue, so no, we didn't obamanut2012 Mar 2017 #43
Palm Beach needs renewable energy. smilodon populator Mar 2017 #46
K&R... spanone Mar 2017 #47
DOES. NOT. CARE. disalitervisum Mar 2017 #48
Yep dembotoz Mar 2017 #50
A little more patience is required Turbineguy Mar 2017 #51
Just saw this on The Obama Diary.. Cha Mar 2017 #53
He isn't going to care. leftyladyfrommo Mar 2017 #58
tell him to buy a dacha in Russia joe_stampingbull Mar 2017 #59
Here's the story of how he got it. A bully and a sleaze from the very LuckyLib Mar 2017 #61
ROFLMAO. The Trojan Horse is incredibly rude and self-centered. I am sorry for the locals... Hekate Mar 2017 #63
He should go to Moscow and spoon with Putin. muntrv Mar 2017 #64
Great post monmouth4. littlemissmartypants Mar 2017 #67
TYVM..n/t monmouth4 Mar 2017 #75
NYers Dorian Gray Mar 2017 #73
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