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Mon Feb 27, 2017, 10:25 PM Feb 2017

Rachel - dropping the bomb tonight.. [View all]

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Money-laundering...THATS why ...follow the money.

e.g. Wilbur Ross , just confirmed , was Vice chair of Bank of Cyprus...who?...what do they do?...OMG I think the lid is coming off.

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It's very interesting and Jane Austin Feb 2017 #1
It's reckless for any of these psychos to have been confirmed. DK504 Feb 2017 #31
I vote for this! +++ BlancheSplanchnik Feb 2017 #113
+ 1,000 Achilleaze Feb 2017 #73
The Reputin party is marching over the cliff. lagomorph777 Feb 2017 #88
I think she and Eichenwald get the Pulitzers after he's impeached. Norbert9 Feb 2017 #2
My thoughts exactly... Blue_playwright Feb 2017 #81
,,,but it's mostly the chior thats listening. Alice11111 Feb 2017 #92
It's getting juicy C_U_L8R Feb 2017 #3
It's like we're living in a spy novel. ButSeeYa Feb 2017 #4
Not with the depth Jane Austin Feb 2017 #6
She's a late-night show with an elite audience. :) Hortensis Feb 2017 #75
No, the rest of them are too worried about being called fat or ugly or being left out of pressers uponit7771 Feb 2017 #10
Or not having a job anymore nolabels Feb 2017 #64
She's got the PhD. History, I believe. nt pnwmom Feb 2017 #11
Doctorate in political science, murielm99 Feb 2017 #40
She earned a Doctor of Philosophy (DPhil) in politics at the University of Oxford csziggy Feb 2017 #42
Her dissertation is considered the model for Oxford dissers. kstewart33 Feb 2017 #70
She is completely brilliant! csziggy Feb 2017 #77
The penalty will take the form of a general unsecured claim in Trump Taj Mahal's bankruptcy. Justice Feb 2017 #87
It is like a novel, and I can't look away. She must have babylonsister Feb 2017 #14
If I could stand to live in a big city... 2naSalit Feb 2017 #60
Thank you! ButSeeYa Feb 2017 #62
Rhodes Scholar - She's smart LeftInTX Feb 2017 #15
You mean she's a foreigner? pangaia Feb 2017 #19
No LeftInTX Feb 2017 #21
Sorry, guess I left out the sarcasm thingy pangaia Feb 2017 #25
Aww!!!!! LeftInTX Feb 2017 #28
By gosh ! pangaia Feb 2017 #29
No one else is doing there jobs. They are all looking away to not see the facts. UCmeNdc Feb 2017 #66
Dictionary? jodymarie aimee Feb 2017 #107
A dearth of journalists perhaps? denbot Feb 2017 #111
Thank you! ButSeeYa Feb 2017 #117
Makes perfect sense. dalton99a Feb 2017 #5
It's jaw-dropping stuff! NT Adrahil Feb 2017 #7
This is a good segment. Connecting the dots to Trump and Putin SummerSnow Feb 2017 #8
Watching and Wondering Ccarmona Feb 2017 #9
republicans mnmoderatedem Feb 2017 #43
Greed Power Evil mucifer Feb 2017 #56
Here's graph of connections & excellent in-depth article about Ross & Bank of Cyprus, et. al. Bernardo de La Paz Feb 2017 #12
This needs its own OP please? nt pkdu Feb 2017 #20
this could keep anyone interested tied up for the rest of your life, I'd guess Gabi Hayes Feb 2017 #27
Own thread and another resource Bernardo de La Paz Feb 2017 #39
Trump, into it for mega millions to Deutsche Bank, sells the mansion he bought Gabi Hayes Feb 2017 #24
check this out.....who knows how accurate, but some of this was repeated by Rachel: Gabi Hayes Feb 2017 #37
Can you source the graph, please? Most interesting, madamesilverspurs Feb 2017 #33
Yes - this does warrant its own OP Achilleaze Feb 2017 #74
"So this is the fundamental question: Hortensis Feb 2017 #79
I would like to see Kushner and his connections added neohippie Feb 2017 #86
Russia connections are a prerequisite for a cabinet post. Amaryllis Feb 2017 #13
Maybe Putin's picking them Alice11111 Feb 2017 #95
Finding I am entertaining many things I would have thought conspiracy theories a few years ago. Amaryllis Feb 2017 #106
remnick (sp?) talking about buyer's remorse in russia over trump winning... Gabi Hayes Feb 2017 #16
Remnick also told her that Russia is having buyer's remorse concerning Trump octoberlib Feb 2017 #17
repubs won't do anything about this.... dhill926 Feb 2017 #18
While I doubt they would impeach Trump I have to say that this is not evidence or atleast nothing cstanleytech Feb 2017 #23
not just tRump KT2000 Feb 2017 #54
Thats true but on the other hand we need to be careful about not turning this into a cstanleytech Feb 2017 #57
that is what Nunes said today KT2000 Feb 2017 #61
Even if do make some kind of FAKE attempt to investigate.......... nolabels Feb 2017 #65
All the forces included are huge, ours included. Hortensis Feb 2017 #85
FAKE is right. Listen to these guys. They are fighting legit Alice11111 Feb 2017 #96
I wonder how many times it takes for the average Joe or Jane to find out........... nolabels Feb 2017 #109
New category of liars. Condescending. Agenda is why he Alice11111 Feb 2017 #112
I'm actually starting to worry about Rachel's safety. I hope she'd got bodyguards. TrollBuster9090 Feb 2017 #22
Unless she has evidence of money laundering rather than a suspicion of it I doubt she is anymore cstanleytech Feb 2017 #26
She has circumstantial evidence cilla4progress Feb 2017 #30
Very circumstantial at that as all she has is one rich guy knowing other rich guys which isnt cstanleytech Feb 2017 #59
TB, last night, watching the segment, I was thinking the exact same thing. kstewart33 Feb 2017 #71
After watching Putin have his critics murdered in every city from Moscow to LONDON... TrollBuster9090 Mar 2017 #118
I learned from Rachel tonight Botany Feb 2017 #32
how in HELL did the dems let this slimeball Ross glide through without so much Gabi Hayes Feb 2017 #35
The Democrats have no power to stop anyone. Demsrule86 Feb 2017 #83
Why did 20 dems plus King vote for him? femmocrat Feb 2017 #94
She or Obama would be burned alive...still may be Alice11111 Feb 2017 #97
I missed her show. drm604 Feb 2017 #34
Here it is. femmedem Feb 2017 #44
I'm watching the midnight rerun of her show now. drm604 Feb 2017 #58
Me 2, but im going to try to watch the recorded version Alice11111 Feb 2017 #98
k&r n/t lordsummerisle Feb 2017 #36
Threads All Over colsohlibgal Feb 2017 #38
Pence is awful, but not as certifiable crazy, not as agressive,& Alice11111 Feb 2017 #100
I guess I will record it and watch it later, missed it Kimchijeon Feb 2017 #41
There are almost too many pieces of the puzzle to keep track. Grammy23 Feb 2017 #45
I feel similarly triron Feb 2017 #49
This was posted on DU a few days ago...some good links kentuck Feb 2017 #46
Is there some way to prosecute money laundering and/or election tampering through the ICC/UN meadowlander Feb 2017 #47
Slime on Slime Sebasdad22 Feb 2017 #48
kick for visibility triron Feb 2017 #50
It's up on You Tube Danascot Feb 2017 #51
Excellent -- I am really looking forward to this! anneboleyn Feb 2017 #52
That is the first 20 minutes. Here's the whole hour. Danascot Feb 2017 #55
It's on now as a repeat so am watching Kimchijeon Feb 2017 #53
DCReport broke the story DeminPennswoods Feb 2017 #63
Cyprus has been the Russian Cayman Islands for a long time DFW Feb 2017 #67
Yet... Mike Nelson Feb 2017 #68
I hope Rachel has a bodyguard. She's getting dangerously close to exposing the whole plan. Vinca Feb 2017 #69
Odddly, she& Flynn. Russians want to keep him quiet Alice11111 Feb 2017 #101
k & r Achilleaze Feb 2017 #72
Fox news quotes their prime time hosts as if gospel but Watchfoxheadexplodes Feb 2017 #76
This show (Monday 2-27-17) is a MUST WATCH. annabanana Feb 2017 #78
Well thre were 20 Democrats that voted for Ross to be confirmed INdemo Feb 2017 #80
You know I am getting pretty sick of those that refuse to undersand Demsrule86 Feb 2017 #84
They can vote for or against. JudyM Feb 2017 #89
And it matters not which one they do in most votes. Demsrule86 Feb 2017 #90
Party line voting won't carry the day, but it makes a statement. JudyM Feb 2017 #91
It matters a lot oldcynic Feb 2017 #115
This is going to be huge and it shows how deeply Trump is embedded with the Russians. Demsrule86 Feb 2017 #82
K & R They_Live Feb 2017 #93
saw a tape of some of that gopiscrap Feb 2017 #99
knr triron Feb 2017 #102
knr triron Feb 2017 #103
knr triron Feb 2017 #104
Rachel's bloodhounds are hot on the Russian trail of drumpf and co.. democratisphere Feb 2017 #105
K&R red dog 1 Feb 2017 #108
Rachel is the only thing keeping me sane! 44fan4life Feb 2017 #110
K&R nt ProudProgressiveNow Feb 2017 #114
knr triron Feb 2017 #116
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