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the only way that would have happened is if Trump was a completely different person which means JI7 Feb 2017 #1
It would be hard to imagine that white nationalistic rhetoric playing out very well in our base. Tiggeroshii Feb 2017 #2
I will take "Fuck That Rapey Monster" for $1 Alex. LOL Lib Feb 2017 #3
That option is now available :) Tiggeroshii Feb 2017 #8
LOLZ LOL Lib Feb 2017 #28
He could not possibly win a Democratic primary. mahina Feb 2017 #4
I see what you're doing. NurseJackie Feb 2017 #5
This is dumb. Of course not. He could never be our candidate bravenak Feb 2017 #6
No. Because he would still have the same wrong values and wrong thinking. caroldansen Feb 2017 #7
If you ask.... Simon_Moon Feb 2017 #9
Dude, I know you just joined today. FYI people can see who you vote for in polls seaglass Feb 2017 #18
FUCK NO! Are you kidding? Do you really think we're all that stupid? kysrsoze Feb 2017 #10
If he was obnoxiously left wing, had secret ties to Denmark and Noam Chomsky was his puppet master.. NewDealProgressive Feb 2017 #11
Sorry, I can't vote for anybody who hates my half of the human race Warpy Feb 2017 #12
If If If RandySF Feb 2017 #13
Fuck no, but that scenario never would have happened. BlueStater Feb 2017 #14
Of course not. Vinca Feb 2017 #15
Same stances, same bigoted, sexist, bullying buttmunch? Umm... no. WePurrsevere Feb 2017 #16
What else could we change about him? Warren DeMontague Feb 2017 #17
sed ŝi retpoŝtojn! dawg Feb 2017 #20
... Warren DeMontague Feb 2017 #21
I have a good friend who really speaks Esperanto ismnotwasm Feb 2017 #25
I could be wrong, but I'd think those meetings have got to be a bit lonely, these days. Warren DeMontague Feb 2017 #29
No. dawg Feb 2017 #19
If my grandmother had four wheels Cirque du So-What Feb 2017 #22
He could never have won a Democratic primary with his views. Demsrule86 Feb 2017 #23
lol ismnotwasm Feb 2017 #24
Non sequitur. procon Feb 2017 #26
He is a con man. drray23 Feb 2017 #27
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