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7. No. Because he would still have the same wrong values and wrong thinking.
Sun Feb 26, 2017, 04:30 AM
Feb 2017

He has literally torn families apart. He has deported people by tearing mothers literally away from their children and their babies. Many of them came to this country to give their children a better life. They needed to bring their family to safety and to a better life. We are lucky to have been born here. They came here for a better life and for hope. Why should they be torn away from their family because someone with no compassion was in the white house. We all know that Hillary should be there. She has all the experience, knowledge and compassion that makes for a truly great leader.

the only way that would have happened is if Trump was a completely different person which means JI7 Feb 2017 #1
It would be hard to imagine that white nationalistic rhetoric playing out very well in our base. Tiggeroshii Feb 2017 #2
I will take "Fuck That Rapey Monster" for $1 Alex. LOL Lib Feb 2017 #3
That option is now available :) Tiggeroshii Feb 2017 #8
LOLZ LOL Lib Feb 2017 #28
He could not possibly win a Democratic primary. mahina Feb 2017 #4
I see what you're doing. NurseJackie Feb 2017 #5
This is dumb. Of course not. He could never be our candidate bravenak Feb 2017 #6
No. Because he would still have the same wrong values and wrong thinking. caroldansen Feb 2017 #7
If you ask.... Simon_Moon Feb 2017 #9
Dude, I know you just joined today. FYI people can see who you vote for in polls seaglass Feb 2017 #18
FUCK NO! Are you kidding? Do you really think we're all that stupid? kysrsoze Feb 2017 #10
If he was obnoxiously left wing, had secret ties to Denmark and Noam Chomsky was his puppet master.. NewDealProgressive Feb 2017 #11
Sorry, I can't vote for anybody who hates my half of the human race Warpy Feb 2017 #12
If If If RandySF Feb 2017 #13
Fuck no, but that scenario never would have happened. BlueStater Feb 2017 #14
Of course not. Vinca Feb 2017 #15
Same stances, same bigoted, sexist, bullying buttmunch? Umm... no. WePurrsevere Feb 2017 #16
What else could we change about him? Warren DeMontague Feb 2017 #17
sed ŝi retpoŝtojn! dawg Feb 2017 #20
... Warren DeMontague Feb 2017 #21
I have a good friend who really speaks Esperanto ismnotwasm Feb 2017 #25
I could be wrong, but I'd think those meetings have got to be a bit lonely, these days. Warren DeMontague Feb 2017 #29
No. dawg Feb 2017 #19
If my grandmother had four wheels Cirque du So-What Feb 2017 #22
He could never have won a Democratic primary with his views. Demsrule86 Feb 2017 #23
lol ismnotwasm Feb 2017 #24
Non sequitur. procon Feb 2017 #26
He is a con man. drray23 Feb 2017 #27
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