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2. Some already have at Trump's rallies.
Sat Feb 25, 2017, 01:28 AM
Feb 2017

The Donald egging them on. Those who believe anyone regardless of mental or criminal history should be able to own arsenals of deadly weapons have a penchant for violence. A couple years ago, I was passing through an Arizona town. Rootin Tootin cow boy brought his dogs into the dog park, packing bilateral heat, two pistols ready to draw. He started spouting RW radio conspiracy crap, showing signs of anger and instability. About 20 other people and their pups were exiting somewhat hastily. At the point this nutjob started in on "Ah think all them lib rolls jest oughta be lined up and shot"...
I leashed Caleb and soon he was the only one left fuming to himself.
Yes there are many Trump fans that are one neuron snap away from going totally postal. Just give it time.

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