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Very curious about this! manicraven Feb 2017 #1
Not only was the door closed, but it was in a marybourg Feb 2017 #2
FBI Director James Comey leaving meeting w/ Senate Intel Committee. bathroommonkey76 Feb 2017 #37
ALL the intel Senators? or just the Repub ones? annabanana Feb 2017 #3
Schumer and Warner were supposed to be there. Can't find a list. nt JTFrog Feb 2017 #7
They were both there titaniumsalute Feb 2017 #46
Sorry. FWIW Bob Loblaw Feb 2017 #20
Here you go Moosepoop Feb 2017 #26
It was in a Cone of Silence? mcar Feb 2017 #29
. Kittycow Feb 2017 #32
Sorta ;-) Moosepoop Feb 2017 #38
Maxwell Smart was way ahead of his time! mcar Feb 2017 #39
Yeah, but... Moosepoop Feb 2017 #41
... mcar Feb 2017 #42
Thanks MP Bob Loblaw Feb 2017 #45
I know someplace like that - Mar-A-Lago!!! Ms. Toad Feb 2017 #49
How many democrats were invited? fun n serious Feb 2017 #4
I Heard That Schumer Was In Attendance....nt global1 Feb 2017 #8
Article mentions Warner being there kiranerys Feb 2017 #43
I'm not going to the link.. it looks like the Senate Intel Committee so Cha Feb 2017 #5
I read earlier that Schumer was there. shraby Feb 2017 #6
Thanks shraby! Cha Feb 2017 #9
CNN reported earlier that the FBI was not going to charge Flynn... kentuck Feb 2017 #10
Just a thought - maybe they turned Flynn tinrobot Feb 2017 #22
Members of a gang support each other-----till they don't Doitnow Feb 2017 #28
I'm thinking he agreed to testify against whoever told him what to say. Shrike47 Feb 2017 #23
I don't think Trump is aware enough to do that - Bannon, maybe? kiranerys Feb 2017 #44
BYO Sodium Pentothal C_U_L8R Feb 2017 #11
I can just see it ProudLib72 Feb 2017 #12
kicksies blogslut Feb 2017 #13
they need to give that information to the public, we need transparency VaBchTgerLily Feb 2017 #14
Don't know if it was about Russia. None of the Senators said anything, nor did Comey Bernardo de La Paz Feb 2017 #15
At the first link in the OP, the reporter said that Comey came out of the meeting, Tanuki Feb 2017 #18
Nice analogy! thx . . . . nt Bernardo de La Paz Feb 2017 #19
http://www.cnn.com/2017/02/17/politics/comey-russia-senate/index.html titaniumsalute Feb 2017 #47
Coney should be under investigation. Nt NCTraveler Feb 2017 #16
FLUSH! ffr Feb 2017 #17
What needs to be flushed... Fritz Walter Feb 2017 #35
If Rubio is confident tavernier Feb 2017 #21
Maybe he's just trying to distance himself from the criminals. Shrike47 Feb 2017 #24
little marco had dinner with blotus demtenjeep Feb 2017 #25
For sure BainsBane Feb 2017 #31
+1 dalton99a Feb 2017 #48
They were all grim, according to reports mcar Feb 2017 #27
In my cynicism, if Comey is concerned it is because he is worried about his own ass. still_one Feb 2017 #33
all this means is trump/comey/putin all got their stories straight Takket Feb 2017 #30
* this * bunnies Feb 2017 #36
Hmmm I see Marco said "influence".....yes and it will be finished with collusion. TrekLuver Feb 2017 #34
Oh, yes, there will be a "thorough bipartisan investigation" whose result will be DFW Feb 2017 #40
Why is Comey so tight lipped now? ck4829 Feb 2017 #50
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