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Keep it up! They though they had arrived on Easy Street but TexasProgresive Feb 2017 #1
They are handling this far worse than Democrats handled the Tea Party bravenak Feb 2017 #2
This message was self-deleted by its author Eliot Rosewater Feb 2017 #27
Way to go Bozeman. Wellstone ruled Feb 2017 #51
The commercials against him could be brutal, if we want bravenak Feb 2017 #53
that pic is great. irisblue Feb 2017 #16
They need to dog him everyday...every single day. n/t dixiegrrrrl Feb 2017 #3
Him and all of his buddies need this bravenak Feb 2017 #4
Lulz. Dark n Stormy Knight Feb 2017 #74
Perhaps .. cannabis_flower Feb 2017 #77
That's really the type I usually send, but they only ever send form letters Dark n Stormy Knight Feb 2017 #91
Shaming them is the only thing that works on these shameful creatures. Cracklin Charlie Feb 2017 #5
They can't take it, lol! bravenak Feb 2017 #6
It would appear that they have no choice in the matter. Cracklin Charlie Feb 2017 #7
"You work for us" was the chant. guillaumeb Feb 2017 #8
They are all feeling th heat bravenak Feb 2017 #9
Near my area in Illinois, GOP Representative Peter Roskam guillaumeb Feb 2017 #10
They need to confront him in public bravenak Feb 2017 #13
Tha is nothing new... 3catwoman3 Feb 2017 #26
Good! It's about time constituents start holding their feet to the fire. smirkymonkey Feb 2017 #11
Love seeing this aimed at Repub Sens and Reps... Wounded Bear Feb 2017 #12
I think it will bravenak Feb 2017 #14
Many months away... Wounded Bear Feb 2017 #15
There is so much more to his than 2naSalit Feb 2017 #20
Not to mention the EPA and the dept of education are pretty much on the block bravenak Feb 2017 #22
Here we have a pretty decent D governor who re-elected last year... 2naSalit Feb 2017 #31
Hell, we have nothing much good going on up here bravenak Feb 2017 #32
A lot of the dumb shits didn't realize that the closing of the monster "Dough Nut Hole" in Medicare Jim Beard Feb 2017 #37
Yep. I remind the ones I know personally. bravenak Feb 2017 #38
YOU WORK FOR US forgotmylogin Feb 2017 #17
I hope it does, they seem to forget bravenak Feb 2017 #18
It's the best point to make. Besides "shame!" JudyM Feb 2017 #66
Dang, wish I had known about it, I could have been there. 2naSalit Feb 2017 #19
You are in that area? bravenak Feb 2017 #23
Indeed. That isn't going to be the end of it by any measure. 2naSalit Feb 2017 #33
They posted a list of town halls at dkos bravenak Feb 2017 #34
Thanks, I'll check it out! 2naSalit Feb 2017 #35
Perhaps one way to find out.... Delmette2.0 Feb 2017 #90
Cool project- thanks for the link! TygrBright Feb 2017 #71
This is getting very interesting very rapidly. I know my rep will simply threaten us. Don Young bravenak Feb 2017 #72
I think the group could have used you. snappyturtle Feb 2017 #73
He is a cowardly douchebag. nt SunSeeker Feb 2017 #21
I hope he loses his job bravenak Feb 2017 #24
... SunSeeker Feb 2017 #30
You work for us not your damn party! Initech Feb 2017 #25
Lulz, I guess he's not such a big tough guy when confronted with his constituents. JHan Feb 2017 #28
They be running for the next thing smoking to get away from 'the people' bravenak Feb 2017 #29
Well said, JH Cha Feb 2017 #57
They're really running scared, lol. They thought they could come in, run roughshod catbyte Feb 2017 #36
They always think that bravenak Feb 2017 #44
My red state senators are hiding hibbing Feb 2017 #39
Mine are hiding too, lol bravenak Feb 2017 #43
Well they can run but they can not hide! sheshe2 Feb 2017 #48
It's funny how cocky they are until they get home bravenak Feb 2017 #55
KNR Thank you! Lucinda Feb 2017 #40
Badger state julmur Feb 2017 #41
Good job! They do work for us and need to know it! bravenak Feb 2017 #42
I still can't believe Johnson won. catbyte Feb 2017 #45
Welcome to DU. I left Wisconsin 20 years ago and moved to right-wing rzemanfl Feb 2017 #47
wecome to DU gopiscrap Feb 2017 #92
Some links: mahatmakanejeeves Feb 2017 #46
"Phooey!" says Daines tenorly Feb 2017 #49
K&R ck4829 Feb 2017 #50
Snowflake nini Feb 2017 #52
What's Daines so afraid of, blotus? Cha Feb 2017 #54
He's embarassed as hell, so is Chaffetz. bravenak Feb 2017 #56
We'll see how his constituents like being called "paid protestors".. at Cha Feb 2017 #58
Even their republican constituents love having obamacare bravenak Feb 2017 #59
Yeah, they miscalculated again. This is the age of the Cha Feb 2017 #60
Yeah, we dont need freedomworks to tell us how to do it bravenak Feb 2017 #61
This jerk, Daines, ran against my college friend, Kim Gillan, mnhtnbb Feb 2017 #62
She should try her luck this next cycle bravenak Feb 2017 #63
She was HHS Region 8 Administrator under Obama, but has just retired. mnhtnbb Feb 2017 #64
YAY BOZEMAN!!!! If that chickenshit has the gonads to come out of his hidey hole Maru Kitteh Feb 2017 #65
I hope you guys catch it on video! bravenak Feb 2017 #67
Link Wray and His Raymen said it best: "Run Chicken Run!" NBachers Feb 2017 #68
"constituents decided to put together a welcome party..." ailsagirl Feb 2017 #69
Just awesome orangecrush Feb 2017 #70
Fucking coward Yo_Mama_Been_Loggin Feb 2017 #75
They are embarassing themselves. They seem to have forgotten how they treated Dems bravenak Feb 2017 #76
You reap what you sow mcar Feb 2017 #78
This shit is hilarity. They really forgot how shitty they have been for years. So entitled bravenak Feb 2017 #79
Mass amnesia mcar Feb 2017 #80
Oh, its definitely the hypocrisy bravenak Feb 2017 #81
Yeah mcar Feb 2017 #82
I seriously imagine doing all kinds of mean things bravenak Feb 2017 #83
I want bad things to happen to them mcar Feb 2017 #84
Me too. I really want their own people to turn on them viciously bravenak Feb 2017 #85
Seems like it's already happening mcar Feb 2017 #86
It feels like three decades bravenak Feb 2017 #87
He deserves the break mcar Feb 2017 #88
I know. It sure is sad that I feel so sad that obama doesnt miss us like we miss him, lol bravenak Feb 2017 #89
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