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I do remember, and fuck Jill Stein (excuse my language) LisaM Feb 2017 #1
FJS and FDT The Polack MSgt Feb 2017 #6
The media needs to apologize to HRC for holding her to a higher standard than him. Candide350 Feb 2017 #7
We saw an election leftynyc Feb 2017 #18
Close, Lefty ProfessorGAC Feb 2017 #23
That too leftynyc Feb 2017 #44
+ a bajillion!!!!!! eom BlueMTexpat Feb 2017 #101
+1 nt ProudProgressiveNow Feb 2017 #42
Just posted on Otero County Dems...my party fb page duhneece Feb 2017 #112
I wish I could claim credit leftynyc Feb 2017 #114
Wherever you 'got' it from...YOU remembered it duhneece Feb 2017 #115
I was so stunned after leftynyc Feb 2017 #118
I just love you so much right now... duhneece Feb 2017 #119
LOL - I'm blushing (n/t) leftynyc Feb 2017 #120
Welcome to DU, Candide350! calimary Feb 2017 #78
And not just Jill Stein and her cult of followers... NBachers Feb 2017 #15
Yep. calimary Feb 2017 #22
Yep bhusar Feb 2017 #51
Jeebus falcon cripes The Polack MSgt Feb 2017 #111
Thanks bhusar Feb 2017 #117
What you said.... Tarheel_Dem Feb 2017 #19
Post removed Post removed Feb 2017 #92
Just because some folks can't handle the truth doesn't mean we are gonna stop talking about it. nt JTFrog Feb 2017 #95
K&R. Thanks for posting. Arkansas Granny Feb 2017 #2
thank you for that very timely reminder. niyad Feb 2017 #3
but did she have emails ?!? / sarcasm uponit7771 Feb 2017 #4
She's right of course. panader0 Feb 2017 #5
But a whole lot of people thought they were "equally bad." (nt) ehrnst Feb 2017 #28
Will someone please jam this down the throat of Chris Matthews? n/t cynatnite Feb 2017 #8
And Mrs. Greenspan!! Va Lefty Feb 2017 #10
I wish she'd come out and say, "I fucking tried to warn you, but you wouldn't listen!" herding cats Feb 2017 #9
me too-- that would be great Fast Walker 52 Feb 2017 #21
Once he gets impeached... herding cats Feb 2017 #72
Indeed. The "yeah, but Hillary..." excuse for not supporting her last November was BULLSHIT. calimary Feb 2017 #24
That they did. herding cats Feb 2017 #73
One or two weeks before the election I was with a group of friends for board games and chat.... Hekate Feb 2017 #125
Great point. "Happy NOW?" calimary Feb 2017 #128
She could have a TV show with that title for the next four years! She was right about that (rats)! Akamai Feb 2017 #71
She could, but she's not about attention. herding cats Feb 2017 #74
I don't think she should rule out that idea. She might move trump on important issues. But you're Akamai Feb 2017 #116
People knew exactly what they were voting for when they voted for Trump. Rex Feb 2017 #11
++++++++ JHan Feb 2017 #12
I agree. Rex Feb 2017 #14
Plus a million hibbing Feb 2017 #39
He talked about internment camps, defaulting on the debt and using nukes MrPurple Feb 2017 #79
This is true. There were no illusions. WYSIWYG. VOX Feb 2017 #77
And despite all the Hillary bashing from all sides... maddiemom Feb 2017 #94
K&R mcar Feb 2017 #13
K&R DesertRat Feb 2017 #16
Great Piece in another forum about her not owing anyone an apology ehrnst Feb 2017 #17
YES! maddiemom Feb 2017 #33
Isn't this "rehashing the primaries?" n/m Ned Flanders Feb 2017 #38
No charlyvi Feb 2017 #54
No. ehrnst Feb 2017 #60
No, Ned, it is not Hekate Feb 2017 #85
Yes! mcar Feb 2017 #56
"Ungrateful wrecks" NastyRiffraff Feb 2017 #65
AMEN this is said as forcefully as I put it and so much better Hekate Feb 2017 #84
Excellent piece. nt JTFrog Feb 2017 #99
Is there a dump Chris Matthews movement? SleeplessinSoCal Feb 2017 #20
He's often annoying but to be fair, these days he finally gets it. JHan Feb 2017 #25
Yes! I agree Sleepless. MontanaMama Feb 2017 #45
Before we try that one, we FIRST need to get rid of Greta Van FoxNews. calimary Feb 2017 #70
I likely won't watch her. Can't watch Tweetie anymore. SleeplessinSoCal Feb 2017 #76
Fuck everyone who did not vote for this woman. TeamPooka Feb 2017 #26
K&R smirkymonkey Feb 2017 #27
Where are the Clintons now? Doodley Feb 2017 #29
As far as I'm concerned, maddiemom Feb 2017 #36
It isn't about them "owing us," but they have a significant following. Doodley Feb 2017 #40
I agree that we NEED the Clintons and have no doubt they'll continue to be there for us. maddiemom Feb 2017 #53
What you say is of paramount importance triron Feb 2017 #57
At some point, even the Clintons get Progressive dog Feb 2017 #93
Why should she say one thing on behalf of anyone?? MontanaMama Feb 2017 #48
She cared enough about the threat of Trump during the campaign. Doodley Feb 2017 #50
I am saying that she did more than most people are willing to do. MontanaMama Feb 2017 #58
What exactly are YOU doing, Doodley? It is now up to US. Hekate Feb 2017 #86
Unlike many who continue to trash her here today. nt JTFrog Feb 2017 #96
In what way? Specifically? And does that go for Jimmy Carter as well? (nt) ehrnst Feb 2017 #100
And she still gets criticized for making this election too much about HIM pnwmom Feb 2017 #30
Yep, and it should always have been about HIM. JHan Feb 2017 #52
K&R gademocrat7 Feb 2017 #31
there is another speech AlexSFCA Feb 2017 #32
MSNBC and Hillary pamdb Feb 2017 #34
Yep, and not just them. All of political media lost their minds. JHan Feb 2017 #47
Yeah, I remember vividly and I am still... Guilded Lilly Feb 2017 #35
And since Hillary DID win the MAJORITY of America's vote rocktivity Feb 2017 #37
kick Blue_Tires Feb 2017 #41
This Hekate Feb 2017 #87
Great speech, thanks for the copy. But that was August. Ned Flanders Feb 2017 #43
That doesn't fly with me. We all got fair warning about Trump. JHan Feb 2017 #46
+ 1 charlyvi Feb 2017 #55
Bravo bhusar Feb 2017 #110
She's been rejected by the "progressive movement" The Sand Reckoner Feb 2017 #59
Bingo. nt JTFrog Feb 2017 #62
Not adhering to the manifesto is Thoughtcrime. ehrnst Feb 2017 #63
Thank you. nt trc Feb 2017 #81
+1 uponit7771 Feb 2017 #98
I still reject her, but recognize her past and potential future contributions Ned Flanders Feb 2017 #121
As I said, find your own role model. She doesn't owe you shit. The Sand Reckoner Feb 2017 #127
No, she rejected us... Ned Flanders Feb 2017 #123
Nice try at spin The Sand Reckoner Feb 2017 #126
Ooh, I've never had "ilk" before. Ned Flanders Feb 2017 #129
More elaborate tap dancing, with no substance The Sand Reckoner Feb 2017 #131
What part of "I love Obama" was indirect? Ned Flanders Feb 2017 #132
No you didn't, but I doubt you'll admit it. The Sand Reckoner Feb 2017 #133
Dang, I can't keep up. Ned Flanders Feb 2017 #134
I see you've given up trying to respond with facts and logical arguments The Sand Reckoner Feb 2017 #135
I refuse to argue with drunks and 45 supporters Ned Flanders Feb 2017 #136
And yet here you are The Sand Reckoner Feb 2017 #137
Ned, she had our backs her whole life. Did you ever have hers, even once? Hekate Feb 2017 #88
I had her back until she attacked Obama, back in '08 Ned Flanders Feb 2017 #122
Okay, got that. Your candidate must channel YOUR thoughts, which are stellar & of big things.... Hekate Feb 2017 #124
No need to be snarky. Obama rocks! Ned Flanders Feb 2017 #130
KNR Lucinda Feb 2017 #49
K&FuckingR! nt JTFrog Feb 2017 #61
To the media and everyone else who was more concerned about "emails": Jamaal510 Feb 2017 #64
I want ALL past elected Dems benld74 Feb 2017 #66
This is now on us. Get moving. Join Indivisible. DO something. Hekate Feb 2017 #89
Good to see this Edina Feb 2017 #67
Thanks Edina. I agree with you. Welcome here. Madam45for2923 Feb 2017 #68
Welcome to DU, Edina!! Great first post!! I am glad that DU has emerged as a relatively pro-Hillary StevieM Feb 2017 #80
Males. n/t fleabiscuit Feb 2017 #82
Yeah, I never joined during the election because I thought this place was inherently anti-Hillary. butdiduvote Feb 2017 #91
Thanks do much for this OP and the reminder of HER words! Madam45for2923 Feb 2017 #69
Mahalo for Hillary speaking out on trump BEFORE the Election. A true Progressive Indeed! Cha Feb 2017 #75
Well Chris didn't grasp how abnormal Trump was... JHan Feb 2017 #106
British PM, David Cameron rode off into the sunset after the Brexit vote. oasis Feb 2017 #83
KICK Cha Feb 2017 #90
This is the Hillary that I like. I would support this Hillary ... Fantastic Anarchist Feb 2017 #97
This message was self-deleted by its author athena Feb 2017 #108
Who is clamoring for Hillary to speak up? KPN Feb 2017 #102
Yes, I've seen some asking her to, not just on here... JHan Feb 2017 #104
What she has done is enough. Let Kaine and Bernie lead the charge hollowdweller Feb 2017 #103
Every Democratic politician has to lead in their district/state.. JHan Feb 2017 #105
Wouldn't surprise me if Trump moved to arrest her....if only as a distraction radhika Feb 2017 #107
No it's not too alarmist at all.. Trump is authoritarian, that scenario might be his wet dream. JHan Feb 2017 #109
She needs to go on a program and discuss her malaise Feb 2017 #113
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