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Can you say inflation? onecaliberal Jan 2017 #1
Not only that mercuryblues Jan 2017 #3
Good points. I hope they do too. onecaliberal Jan 2017 #7
I thought Mexico was paying for the wall C_U_L8R Jan 2017 #2
They can start paying the 20% and LOSE $500.00 per year.... Bengus81 Jan 2017 #4
Apparently they don't do math so good. C_U_L8R Jan 2017 #10
"You hear that republicans? You've been Trumped ." irisblue Jan 2017 #8
Please !! C_U_L8R Jan 2017 #12
I just tweeted that ss a hashtag. irisblue Jan 2017 #14
You'll take my guacamole when you pry it out of my cold, dead hands mainer Jan 2017 #5
Dumb move to tax. Xolodno Jan 2017 #6
Do they tax our imports? alllove Jan 2017 #9
IF You tax their exports. They will do the same to American exports Thrill Jan 2017 #19
Do they tax U.S based companies when we export our products to them? alllove Jan 2017 #21
Here: etherealtruth Jan 2017 #22
My question doesn't pertain to NAFTA alllove Jan 2017 #25
NAFTA allows some but not all HoneyBadger Jan 2017 #36
Apparently they tariffed 89 goods in 2009 due to trucking limits jmg257 Jan 2017 #38
It certainly gets more complicated the more we dig into our trade deals with other countries alllove Jan 2017 #40
i wouldn't mind a tax, but the money should not be wasted on a wall. nt TheFrenchRazor Jan 2017 #11
That's my view also alllove Jan 2017 #13
Brilliant. Why don't you explain the benefits of slapping a 20% tax and Maru Kitteh Jan 2017 #16
Do they tax any of our imports ? alllove Jan 2017 #18
No they do not etherealtruth Jan 2017 #23
So you're saying anything exported by U.S based compaines into Mexico pay no tax to Mexico? alllove Jan 2017 #27
Did you read the info at the link? etherealtruth Jan 2017 #35
Is this part correct from your link? alllove Jan 2017 #39
Do you know what a VAT tax is? Are you conflating VAT taxes with tariffs? etherealtruth Jan 2017 #43
I know the difference between the two I'm just illustrating alllove Jan 2017 #44
I don't think it illustrates that at all ....? etherealtruth Jan 2017 #45
I'm not comparing the two alllove Jan 2017 #47
????? etherealtruth Jan 2017 #49
I never compared them alllove Jan 2017 #50
The phrase "Trump's economic advisors" should have tipped you off. DanTex Jan 2017 #55
Trump is too lazy to negotiate anything. gordianot Jan 2017 #33
Too lazy and stupid etherealtruth Jan 2017 #37
Then answer it your damn self. Maru Kitteh Jan 2017 #26
I don't understand everything I read at Mexico gov website alllove Jan 2017 #34
US trade with Mexico is the third largest and one of the most evenly balanced. grantcart Jan 2017 #17
Go to Mexicos gov website and read what they tax the U.S on in imports alllove Jan 2017 #20
No I actually went to Mexico and looked setting up a factory there grantcart Jan 2017 #31
Everyone should read your post Worktodo Jan 2017 #48
It's a tax on the poor. The less money you make the more of it you spend. DemocratSinceBirth Jan 2017 #24
And who do you think pays for this tax? TrekLuver Jan 2017 #51
Does this apply to tequila? If so, then no. aikoaiko Jan 2017 #15
I'm with you on that, but Mezcal is important too. Hoyt Jan 2017 #52
I support Lithos Jan 2017 #28
They would immediately tax our corn and destroy the Midwestern economy. hrmjustin Jan 2017 #29
Linsey Graham disapproves as well! DODI Jan 2017 #30
Tariffs Are, By Definition, Regressive ProfessorGAC Jan 2017 #32
I'd be for a 10% one dedicated to further subsidize the ACA. hollowdweller Jan 2017 #41
It's a violation of the NAFTA. roamer65 Jan 2017 #42
You're the only one I think who gets it. n/t cynatnite Jan 2017 #57
Trade wars will be disastrous for the USA. Blue_true Jan 2017 #46
That is a big fear. Our military won't help us if everyone in the world hates greedy Americans. Hoyt Jan 2017 #53
We will lose to China, while Russia attempts to absorb Europe. yardwork Jan 2017 #60
Ford's biggest selling car the Fusion is assembled in Mexico. Chevy Silvarado trucks doc03 Jan 2017 #54
I guess Ford might be forced then to relocate all their operations back to the U.S alllove Jan 2017 #56
You don't just put an auto factory on a truck and haul it doc03 Jan 2017 #58
What if Mexico retaliates and slaps a fifty percent tariff on our exports? DemocratSinceBirth Jan 2017 #59
Message auto-removed Name removed Jan 2017 #61
What if Mexico retaliates and slaps a fifty percent tariff on our exports? DemocratSinceBirth Jan 2017 #62
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