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22. L. Patrick Gray redux.
Thu Jan 12, 2017, 04:04 PM
Jan 2017

I just can't quite figure out Comey. It seems that by his nature he was honest even if a R. But L. Patrick Gray had the same rep and he obstructed justice in the Watergate investigation. Of course, nothing happened to him. except some investigations until the furor quieted down. It seems that once you leave it's ok. That's the way Washing toon works. He actually burned evidence. There must be something in the Republican mind that ethics and professionalism always take a back seat to tribal loyalty. The cynical side of me says they never appoint anyone they don't have control over. Blackmail comes to mind. Between the RNC and the Russians they could find some dirt on about anyone. Being in the party is almost an indictment in my book and Obama didn't understand the true nature of the Republican tribe because he was never in it. You can bet that any appointees have a large secrete dossier somewhere hanging over their head. I know it sounds like conspiracy crap, which I loathe, but I can think of no other explanation. Both Gray and Comey had reputations for honesty and professionalism but folded under pressure. The alternative is that the authoritarian mind always bows to power.
It's not really important at this stage, because the deed is done and the fascists have the reins. A new Department of Justice OIG will be installed and the whole thing will fade into history once the public is bored with it and returns to their sports entertainment. The only thing left is mockery and resistance.

in what regards ? drray23 Jan 2017 #1
Comey is under investigation for eight days? BeyondGeography Jan 2017 #2
+1 uponit7771 Jan 2017 #5
It's more like WTF LeftInTX Jan 2017 #9
Well, it pisses Comey off BeyondGeography Jan 2017 #10
This investigation Pantagruel Jan 2017 #3
Why now??? triron Jan 2017 #4
Wow, just in time! hatrack Jan 2017 #7
WaPo has headline Sparkly Jan 2017 #6
+1, the whole election story including the emails and the MiniPoot collusion Comey is in the center uponit7771 Jan 2017 #8
Investigation tentacles will lead them to the Giulliani/NY FBI cabal. oasis Jan 2017 #11
That is what is way way back in the distant reaches of my hopeful brain.. pangaia Jan 2017 #16
Better late than never, I guess. n/t GoCubsGo Jan 2017 #12
I hope they look into the statements made by Rudy Giuliani on having inside information and then Thinkingabout Jan 2017 #13
MSNBC is reporting that some of the investigation is going to be about the FBI leaking TO CLINTON Grey Lemercier Jan 2017 #14
Its about time! world wide wally Jan 2017 #15
It just occurred to me disalitervisum Jan 2017 #17
Trump and the Trumpzis will squash this as soon as they take power. hadEnuf Jan 2017 #18
Nothing to get excited about. Window dressing to a clusterfuck. RiverStone Jan 2017 #19
Finally! mcar Jan 2017 #20
Comey is pond scum and lacks any professional or other ethics Gothmog Jan 2017 #21
L. Patrick Gray redux. Scruffy1 Jan 2017 #22
It will not be easy for trump to stop this investigation Gothmog Jan 2017 #23
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